Sam Trammell’s Finale Revelation with People

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samtrammell5“There’s somebody that’s in major, big, big trouble,”Sam Trammell said on talking about the finale episode.

Sam Trammell recently spoke to PEOPLE about working with Anna Paquin, Charlaine Harris, and his frequent nude scenes on the show. And obviously, he spilled out a little info about the anticipated finale.

Sam claimed that towards the end of the first season, people started paying extra attention to him. But now it has drastically changed. He said,

“I definitely started getting recognized a little bit here and there … but this season it’s every single day and it’s really cool. People are just really passionate. They’re like, ‘I love the show,’ or ‘I love your character.’ It feels so good.”

He revealed that he didn’t know about his character’s shape-shifting abilities nor was he familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse novels. In fact, it was Alan Ball who told him about his character’s capability, which made him decide to buy and read the books – to further his research about his shape-shifting character.

And doing all those nude scenes were “no-sweat” for him. Sam said has done full frontal nudity three or four time on a stage, which for him, is more than what he’s doing on the show. Yet awkwardness still crawls up in his veins.

“But it’s a little more awkward for me than everyone else because most everybody else, when they’re naked it’s because they’re having sex and they’re in a closed set. For me, it’s because I was just an animal and I turned into a human and I could be anywhere. It’s always like I’m in the middle of outside in front of everyone and I’m standing there or running. Seeing yourself run while you’re naked is the worst.”

About Charlaine Harris, he noted she’s familiar to him.

“She’s very familiar to me because she’s from Arkansas and lives in Arkansas. She’s had three kids and she’s like a regular mom, but she writes these crazy books. And she’s got a massive following. She’s really smart and savvy … very well spoken and very articulate.”

Moreover, he described his working relationship with Anna Paquin as a funny one because they mess around a lot. He even furthered this by saying,

“She likes to hit me because she knows I can’t hit her back. She’s very much somebody you can joke around with and give a hard time and she’ll give you a hard time right back so it’s a very comfortable and fun relationship.”

Also, he admired Paquin’s ability in showing a vulnerable side of herself when the cameras roll, saying: “It’s beautiful to watch because she just channels her inner self out with such ease.”

Regarding the season finale, Sam didn’t say much, but here is the statement that he made:

“You can expect a major character — I’m not going to give it away and say if someone dies or not — but there’s somebody that’s in major, big, big trouble. Also, I’ll say it’s going to be very surprising and it’s going to set up some cliffhangers for next year.”


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  • Carol Lawrence

    Sam winds up nude quite a bit, but he has a fine looking butt. I doubt the ladies mind one bit. He is a fine actor and I really enjoy his character.

  • Lizzie 1701

    Yes, I think it is Bill as well. There is a scene in the finale video clip which has Bill lying down with Sookie comforting him. Now, I am sure she is not in the wedding dress or the lilac dress from the dance scene – the clip is so fast I can’t deem to pause it to have a good look. So, it may be it is from a different scene altogether!

    I second Altonio above in his comments.

  • antonio

    I’m glad to read many of these interviews with the cast.I find it interesting to read about how they feel about all of this.
    Sam Trammel is 1 of my favorite characters,also Sookie,Bill,Eric,Pam his gf,Terry,Tara,Lafayette another of my faves! I cant stand Maryanne but her part is very well acted nonetheless! I wish Mr. Ball and the cast and crew Much continued success!! Thanks for a great if not strange year!!
    I believe this show will garner more viwers and fans than the Sopranos!! Steph,Anna, Sam Rutina,Ryan Deborah You are all Awesome!! Best Wishes!!

  • antonio

    I have a couple of questions I’d like to post here:
    1: Since Daphne is also a shape shifter,like Sam, why couldnt Maryanne use Her for her bizarre ritual?? Why Sam??
    2: on the TB poster~~~which is Awesome BTW~~~ Sam is shown with bloody scars on his wrist about 3 of them…What’s That about??
    He is not a were who was infected by a werewolf and must suffer the curse he is a Shifter who learned this skill and evolved it into something. So WHY the scars??

    • Shana

      In regards to the poster & Sam’s scratches. I figure that each of the character’s poses, and the placement of the blood/scratches are intentional and all have a purpose. Looking back on season 2, you can kindof figure out what each means

      Sam having scratches on his arm represents being attacked, he also has his arm raised in a protective way.. so it shows he was trying to protect himself from being attacked.

      Jason’s hands are bleeding, representing fighting, which he’s done most of season 2

      Tara’s arm is bleeding but if you look closer, it’s at her own hands. Her fingers are digging into her skin… like her biggest battle is with herself.

      Maryann’s finger is bleeding like life/death are at her fingertips. Whatever she touches spills blood

      Sookie’s bitemarks..obvious.

      Eric and Bill both have bloody mouths but I’m trying to figure out the significance of the placement. I could be reading into this too far but it seems there’s a reason why Bill’s is at the corner of his mouth, like he was punched and not because he had fed. I dont know.

      Those are just my theories

  • jay

    This is just my opinion. I think something is going 2 happen 2 bill.. He wont die!..If AB interview is anything 2 go by.. He mentions mississpi vampz, russel edgington. Debbie Pelt and her boyfirend who is helpn sookie (alcide)… These inidcate something will happen 2 bill, (book readers know) and this will be the seasons cliffhanger..
    I think they may even work in the eric and sookie dynamic in2 the finale.. I just feel they left the last eric/sookie interaction so abruptly. We dont really know what happened after the roof top/godric scene… It wouldnt surprise me that they have left out anything to do with eric/sookie the last few episodes, on purpose.. Just 2 revisit it in a major way 4 the finale.. I dont think it will be anything 2 do with sookies dreams, instead something more serious to do with bill. Throw in the presence of sophie ann, which makes it all the more interesting. Cant wait 4 next year!!

  • Dee

    Kinda disheartening to see that the finale is just two days away. I hope they don’t kill off Sam or someone major in the series.