Sam Trammell’s Finale Revelation with People

September 11, 2009 by  

samtrammell5“There’s somebody that’s in major, big, big trouble,”Sam Trammell said on talking about the finale episode.

Sam Trammell recently spoke to PEOPLE about working with Anna Paquin, Charlaine Harris, and his frequent nude scenes on the show. And obviously, he spilled out a little info about the anticipated finale.

Sam claimed that towards the end of the first season, people started paying extra attention to him. But now it has drastically changed. He said,

“I definitely started getting recognized a little bit here and there … but this season it’s every single day and it’s really cool. People are just really passionate. They’re like, ‘I love the show,’ or ‘I love your character.’ It feels so good.”

He revealed that he didn’t know about his character’s shape-shifting abilities nor was he familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse novels. In fact, it was Alan Ball who told him about his character’s capability, which made him decide to buy and read the books – to further his research about his shape-shifting character.

And doing all those nude scenes were “no-sweat” for him. Sam said has done full frontal nudity three or four time on a stage, which for him, is more than what he’s doing on the show. Yet awkwardness still crawls up in his veins.

“But it’s a little more awkward for me than everyone else because most everybody else, when they’re naked it’s because they’re having sex and they’re in a closed set. For me, it’s because I was just an animal and I turned into a human and I could be anywhere. It’s always like I’m in the middle of outside in front of everyone and I’m standing there or running. Seeing yourself run while you’re naked is the worst.”

About Charlaine Harris, he noted she’s familiar to him.

“She’s very familiar to me because she’s from Arkansas and lives in Arkansas. She’s had three kids and she’s like a regular mom, but she writes these crazy books. And she’s got a massive following. She’s really smart and savvy … very well spoken and very articulate.”

Moreover, he described his working relationship with Anna Paquin as a funny one because they mess around a lot. He even furthered this by saying,

“She likes to hit me because she knows I can’t hit her back. She’s very much somebody you can joke around with and give a hard time and she’ll give you a hard time right back so it’s a very comfortable and fun relationship.”

Also, he admired Paquin’s ability in showing a vulnerable side of herself when the cameras roll, saying: “It’s beautiful to watch because she just channels her inner self out with such ease.”

Regarding the season finale, Sam didn’t say much, but here is the statement that he made:

“You can expect a major character — I’m not going to give it away and say if someone dies or not — but there’s somebody that’s in major, big, big trouble. Also, I’ll say it’s going to be very surprising and it’s going to set up some cliffhangers for next year.”


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