Sam Trammell at the 2009 Scream Awards

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trammelltruebloodspikeRebecca Murray recently got a chance to interview Sam Trammell on the red carpet of the 2009 Scream Awards for her online Hollywood movies blog. Trammell was nominated for Breakthrough Performance at the awards show but lost out to Twilight’s, Taylor Lautner. During Rebecca’s interview, Trammell talks about how much he enjoys playing his character, Sam Merlotte, and how he is very into where his character is headed for season 3.

Sam will find himself on a journey to discover who his biological parents are and Trammell doesn’t foresee this storyline ending well for Sam. Rebecca also discussed the possibility of Sam eventually finding true love on the show. Trammell expressed that he certainly hoped so because he feels the character is a good guy and deserves that in his life.

Rebecca also discussed Sam’s abilities as a shapeshifter. Trammell admits it was a weird element for him but he has a lot of fun with it now. Trammell was also asked if he had a problem with all the nudity that is involved in the show. Trammell says he has no problems with the nude scenes. He has done it a lot and feels it isn’t a big deal anymore.

We would like to send a special thank you to Rebecca Murray for sharing this wonderful interview with us. If you would like to see the video of her interview with Sam Trammell you can go here.

SOURCE:  Rebecca Murray

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  • antonio

    I think its just Awesome that Sam Trammell would give a Shout-Out to All of Us Fans of True Blood on the night of the awards!
    ” This Is the Raddest Group I’ve Ever seen here at the Greek!”
    One thing I admire about Sam is that he seems Very Excited and Passionate about his work on TB. I believe Some of that Enthusiasm passes over to the fans,too! With Sam,Alex And Steph All their Excitement and Energy Is Infectious! They seem like they Really Love being on the show!! I think its Inspiring to see Sam SO Positive and Psyched up Even though he lost to a “kid”!!
    Bravo Sammy!!!
    Congrats to ALL the TB Cast and to AB!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • antonio

    I apologize for being a little overzealous in my defense of Sam.
    I’d ask you to excuse me.

  • antonio

    Sam Trammell lost to Taylor Lautner?? What a F****ng Rip-Off!!
    Excuse Me here,But I think that HE deserved to Win!! OK Perhaps TL Did show some mettle in bulking up for New Moon,As Most of the film revolves around his character and Bella Swan falling in love in the absence of Edward Cullen. However, Sam Trammel richly deserved the award I think!! Taylor Lautner is 17 years old!! He will have Many more years to win awards perhaps even an Oscar someday if he remains true to his craft and grows and develops as an actor! Sam Trammell has been acting for almost 20 Years!! He has a Wealth of experience and He could act “Circles” around TL!! SAM IS The Better Actor here!!
    New Moon Hasnt Even Been Released YET for Cryin’ Out Loud!!
    Did He win because of a Much downloaded Trailer??
    I think that Mr.Trammell did a Great Job of fleshing out the character of Sam Merlotte As for showing a dark side?? Where were You during All of Season 2?? There were Many dark things that happened to him!! He had a lot of shit to deal with as he told Sookie!! He was betrayed by someone he trusted “Dammit,Daphne I Fu***ng trusted You!” I felt SO bad for Sam!! Eric was mean to him! Bill kind of forced him to “assist” him with Sookie…”Ahm Not givin u a choice!”
    Sam got treated like Shit this past year! What more could we want?? Sorry, Although I’m Team Bill All the Way I like Sam
    Hes 1 of the good guys!

  • Kim

    I haven’t been impressed with Sam’s character development in the show so far. They need to bring out a darker side to him and they should have given him more credit for saving the town at the end of Season 2.

    • antonio

      More character development? As If what he went through All last year wasnt enough?? C’mon! That Bitch Maryann tried to KILL Him TWICE!! Didnt You see when Daphne betrayed Him to Maryann He was Screaming and Crying!! Poor Sam! What More would you want?? I’m sorry but I believe that Sam is 1 of the good guys.
      Sam was arrested for Daphne’s murder, Betrayed by Daphne, mistreated by Eric who called him “Shifter” in a mean and hateful way! Not to mention Bill “forcing” him to assist with Sookie! I’m Sorry to go on like this But Sam is 1 of my Very favorite characters 2nd Only to Bill!