Sam Trammell Discusses Family Drama on True Blood

June 16, 2010 by  

True Blood is a show based around vampires but this season the spotlight is put a little bit more on Bon Temps resident shapeshifter, Sam Merlotte.  Sam Trammell, who plays the role of Sam Merlotte, explains his excitement about season 3. Sam has a really intense storyline this season due to the fact that he will be searching out his biological parents, even though Sam was warned against this by his adoptive parents. The actor describes it as a Pandora’s box that once he opens, he can’t close it.

Sam Merlotte sets off on this journey after his chaotic experience with Maryann last season. The actor explains:

“It was part of Sam’s sketchy past that brought Maryann to Bon Temps.  I think Sam, on the top of Season 3 and the finale at the end of Season 2 wants to face this dark past. He did a lot of bad things that we don’t know about.”

It seems like season 2 opened up the question of, who is Sam Merlotte? Season 3 attempts to answer that question.  Sam goes on this journey only to discover real quick that his biological family is very sketchy.  Sam seems to get dragged into their world and it makes for some really great drama for Sam this season.  The actor also explains that his character’s recent past will also pose some challenges for Sam as well, mainly his past with his waitresses. Trammell explains:

“There is a new waitress.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but Sam has slept with just about every waitress that has come through Merlotte’s, which has not been good for him. The first one got murdered. Sookie broke his heart. Tara kind of dissed him. And ah, Daphne, you know, she betrayed him and tried to kill him, so, you know [laughs], Sam doesn’t have very good luck with women. That’s for sure.”

We look forward to watching Sam has he rediscovers his past and we are sure that it will only help to make season 3 one of the best seasons of True Blood yet!


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