Sam Trammell Honored Guest at Halloween Event in Charleston, WV

November 2, 2009 by  

Sam-Trammell-HomecomingSince becoming famous from his starring role as Sam Merlotte on True Blood, Sam Trammell has not forgotten where he came from. He returned home to Charleston, WV, for the Halloween weekend to take part in an “Inside the Main Street Studio” event at the Kanawha Players Theatre. He was interviewed by David Wohl, Dean of Arts and Humanities at West Virginia State University.

Sam talked about how he got interested in acting during his senior year at Brown University, after which he moved to New York City to pursue his new passion. He discussed the importance of voice and movement classes to one’s development as an actor, especially in theater. He gave advice to those aspiring to the profession:

“Start acting, no matter where you are. Just do it and don’t stop. It was a long road for me. The business tries to break you down.”

Thankfully, Sam didn’t give up and has found success as the sweet and loyal shapeshifter Sam Merlotte. He had several roles in theater, television, and film before landing his breakthrough part in True Blood. The show has become a life-changing experience for Sam, who vividly recalls what it felt like to get that job:

“I remember exactly where I was, the weather, the gift I bought myself and, literally, screaming. This was the pilot everybody wanted to get.”

The event drew a crowd of True Blood fans from the local area and several states away. Also in attendance were his parents and several of his friends and classmates growing up. At a “meet and greet” before the interview, Sam mingled with all the people who had come to see him, signing autographs and taking pictures. One fan named Kaci recounted the evening with great excitement. She noted how friendly and personal Sam was with everybody. She asked him a question about what happened in the Season two finale of True Blood when Sam drank Bill’s blood to heal and whether he would now start to have some sexual fantasies about Bill like we’ve seen with Sookie and Lafayette:

“You know, that was the first thing I thought of when I got the script! So I went to Alan Ball and asked, and he said, ‘Oh, wow! I hadn’t thought of that yet! We have to explore that in Season three!’ So I don’t think Sam’s going to be attracted to Bill, but he did nearly drain the guy, so Bill will probably always know where Sam is and have some control over him. But that’s up to Alan!”

Jaci also told some of the things Sam revealed in the Q&A session with the audience during the interview part of the evening. He plays the bass guitar and cello and used to be in some bands because music was his first creative interest. Also, Sam still takes acting lessons, currently with a woman who ascribes to Jungian psychology and makes him talk about his dreams. Special thanks to Kaci for sharing her story of the event! It sounds like Sam is an incredibly nice person to meet, and everyone from his hometown really seemed to enjoy having him come back to share his experiences.


(Photo credit: Chip Ellis / Sunday Gazette Mail)

  • antonio

    I’d like to say that Sam Merlotte is 1 of My Fave Characters on the Show! I think that Sam Bill and Sookie are the Best! Of Course,Eric is Cool,also! Bill is Sookie’s “Love of Life” But I would like to see her with Sam,Too! He’s a good guy and He,along with Bill and Sookie’s help were able to save the town from Maryann! Sookie could grow old with Sam and perhaps have a family. He could be good to her. Bill and Eric are Vampires However way you look at it Thats all they ever can be! Sookie will grow old one day and face her mortality Unless one of them turns her and if they did would she still feel the same about Them? I hope that Sam finds someone to really value and appreciate what a special person He is! I mean that for Both Sam Merlotte AND Sam Trammell! I Can’t imagine that this guy would have ANY trouble getting a Date!! LOL

  • antonio

    This guy gets around huh? WV 1 night NV the next Wow!
    He seems very personable,very likable down to earth unpretentious I admire that. He’s Real People. He doesnt forget where he came from..An Adimirable quality.

  • michelle

    team sam =]