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3697_true_blood_trammell_2With True Blood gathering converts by the millions as it approaches the end of Season 2, Sam Trammell made an appearance on FoxNews. He was interviewed by Greta van Susteren for her “On the Record” segment, in which they discussed the reasons behind the show’s success.

Following HBO‘s recent announcement that True Blood has been renewed for a third season, Sam‘s happiness was evident as he remarked that everyone at the show is so excited and blown away by how things have progressed since Season 1. Van Susteren asked him if he knew that True Blood would be a good show when he first read the pilot, to which he replied:

“Yeah, I knew it would be good even before I saw the script. I looked at the title page, it said Alan Ball, it was HBO, and I was onboard at that point. You always hope for something like this, but you really cannot imagine it.”

He credits not only the amazing writing of Alan Ball, but also the fun world that Charlaine Harris created in the books, with the high quality of the show.

Sam went on to explain what a shape shifter is, for those who are unfamiliar with the show and its many supernatural beings, and he even offered a tease about the last few episodes of the season:

“I turn into something very big this year and something very small as the season goes.”

I suspect we saw the “very small” in this week’s episode, “I Will Rise Up,” when Sam turned into a fly to escape Maryann‘s relentless pursuit. I hope the “very big” is a bear or something ferocious like that so he can fight back against Maryann. That crazy, bull-headed woman needs to get out of Gran‘s clothes, out of Sookie‘s house and out of Bon Temps altogether!

Trammell also talked about the production process of the show as being one of the factors that makes it so wonderful. HBO gives them more time to shoot an episode than normal circumstances — about 13 or 14 days, instead of the average eight days that other shows have.

“And that [time] allows us to light the show really well. The set designers do really great jobs with that. And it really makes a difference. I feel like the show is a real cinematic experience.”

He mentions that Alan Ball likes to make full use of the time that HBO gives him, trying to stay as far ahead as possible of the episodes as they air. Because of some problems that occurred with finishing some episodes of Season 2, the cast and crew are planning on returning to work in December to avoid any complications with Season 3. He thinks that Alan and the writers have already started breaking stories for next year. Who else wants to follow Sam‘s shape shifting example and turn into a fly that could sit on the wall in the writers’ room?

Van Susteren concluded the interview by asking Sam if he was interested in vampires as a child. He wasn’t, but he did enjoy reading Stephen King books and watching horror movies. What he loves about True Blood is that it combines the scary aspects with other elements as well:

“It is so much fun being on a show like this that’s kind of fantastical, but sci-fi, but scary, but funny. I really love running away from people that are trying to kill me. It’s a lot of fun.”

He came across as being such a gracious guest, especially considering that FoxNews is not really the target demographic for True Blood. Watching the video, it doesn’t seem like Greta van Susteren has ever seen the show, but it’s very nice of Sam Trammell to reach out to a different kind of audience. True Blood welcomes all new addicts!


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