Sam Trammell Loves . . . Flossy?

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Man’s Best Friend

Sam Trammell's dogTrue Blood‘s Sam Trammell, who plays bar owner and shape-shifter Sam Merlotte, is a dog lover (no surprise!) who confessed to the website PeoplePets that he’s fallen for his girlfriend’s West Highland Terrier, Flossy. The dog belonged to Trammell’s girlfriend before they met, so it was essential that he secure Flossy’s affections, too.

This is [a] little dog that walks tall and proud and although small in size will stand up to whatever breed faces him. This does not mean that they will start fights but they won’t necessarily run away from one either. West Highland terriers are happy go lucky dogs that are quite outgoing and love being alongside their human friends. Some may say that this little dog will often consider itself to be bigger than it is as it will often make a good guard dog as he will often warn off strangers but will be friendly when the owner shows him that there is no danger.

Falling for Flossy

According to PeoplePets:

Trammell had his hands full from day one. “Flossy needed a little structure and a little disciplining,” he said with a laugh. “She was crazy.”

With a dog that adorable, it’s no surprise Trammell fell in love!

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