Sam Trammell’s Nude Confessions

July 19, 2010 by  

It’s safe to say that True Blood has established itself as a fan favorite due to its stream of sex, blood, and everything underneath one’s clothing. Sam Trammell reveals, however, that the nude scenes he has as Sam Merlotte are a lot more trying than one would think.

Unlike the vampires and werewolves of True Blood, Sam Merlotte is a shape-shifter who can change into any animal, but usually takes on the form of a collie. When he shifts, an actual dog plays his part until he shifts back again, which usually leaves him in the middle of swamp land naked. Sam remarks,

“We shot that scene in the middle of the night…It was freezing. You’re standing on a road in the desert, in a robe, and then you jump in the dirt. It’s not glamorous.”

Anyone who frolics outside either in a skimpy swimsuit or nude knows that when skin is exposed, you come home with unexpected gifts. Sam is no different; after a long shoot of running in the wood, Sam is left with dirt in weird places, like his ear and under his nails.

Most of the other characters on True Blood enjoy soft lighting and a gorgeous nude cast-mate bedside them when they are called upon to do a nude scene, but Sam’s nude scenes are a little differently. He notes,

“It’s very humbling when you’re standing next to huge trees and you’re just a little naked guy…It’s not a real majestic thing. That happens to my character all the time.”

Nudity is not a new thing for Sam; the 39 year old has spent years in the New York theater, performing in several plays that required the full frontal nudity. It’s not shocker that Sam has become comfortable or even used to the nude scenes he has on True Blood. Though Sam still can’t  help but feel that shooting a sex scene is bizarre.  For him, it simply weird and awkward to shoot a scene at seven in the morning where one is naked with someone else and pretends to have sex in front of cameras and a whole crew watching.

While sex and violence is what grabbed the audience’s attention, True Blood is full of characters’ personal stories and a deep layers of resonance. For Sam Merlotte, this means discovering and learning about his birth parents as well as a brother.

When not dealing with his television family, the New Orleans native has been helping in the relief efforts concerning the oil spill in the Gulf. In his recent participation at a Larry King telethon, he found the whole thing as bizarre as his nude scenes. Pete Wentz wanted a picture of him for his wife, he was seated next to Nicole Richie and Victoria Principal was flirting with him.

He might find the attention baffling, but Sam Trammell has become a bayou sex symbol for fans and celebrities alike.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)