Sam Trammell of True Blood Talks About Dating

May 8, 2009 by  

samtalkSam Trammell of True Blood seems to have better luck in the area of dating and women then his character Sam Merlotte, the bar owner in Bon Temps, Louisiana in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood.  On the show Sam Merlotte doesn’t seem to have much luck in the relationship area. Either he cannot committ or when he does decide on what he wants and who he wants other situations pop up to prevent them from developing.  Sam Trammell on the other hand seems to be more self assured and knows what he wants in a woman and in a relationship.  Recently Sam Trammell, along with tennis legend John McEnroe, and bad boy Steve Santagat, answered questions on Extra that ranged from sex on the first date, the things women should never say to men… and what guys think about gals who make the first move!  So go to the site and hear what Sam really thinks on these question. Click on the link to be taken to the Extra website to view the video here.

  • antonio

    Its Always interesting to read these “Dating” blogs!
    There was 1 about Stephen Moyer on dating as well.
    As I had said on the SM blog, I Can’t Imagine ANY of These Guys having difficulty finding a a Date!! Alex,Steph Sam They are All nice guys! Not to mention they are nice looking as well!
    Who WOULDN’T Want someone Charismatic,Funny Inspiring Committed
    I think someone who is down to earth,unpretentious and knows what they want is a Huge Turn-On! Confidence Is Very Sexy!

  • antonio

    Well There you have it,Ladies! LOL
    Dating advice from John MCKenroe, Our Guy Sammy and some other dude. Good advice? I guess it depends on the individual person
    As No 1 way works for everyone.

  • Ashley

    I love True Blood. I think the most complex, yet simple character is Sam Merlotte. He’s my favorite to follow throughout the season. I just can’t get enough of Sam!