Sam Trammell Opens Up About the Road Ahead in Season 4

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Sam Spills the Beans on Being a Shape Shifter

Sam Trammell Sam Trammell, who plays our favorite shape shifter and bar owner Sam Merlotte, recently sat down with Rosy from the blog Accidental Sexiness in an exclusive interview to talk about True Blood as well as some of the other projects Sam has been involved with over hiatus. Like the rest of the cast and crew, Trammell keeps a lid on most of the details for season four. But that didn’t stop a few tidbits from popping out it during the course of the interview.

Of his character’s evolution in the past three seasons, Sam says that Mr. Merlotte has spent a lot of time hiding who he is and what he’s been through especially in season one. But in seasons two and three fans were greeted with glimpses into the shape shifter’s past. His connection to Maryanne (Michelle Forbes) was a critical element to the main storyline in season 2. In addition, it was revealed that Sam was not comfortable with his shape shifter nature until meeting Daphne (Ashley Jones). Season three saw Sam struggle with both the emotional baggage of his past as well as meeting his biological family, with his younger brother Tommy (Marshall Allman) being a particular brand of difficult. With Tommy still in the picture, fans should expect to see Melinda (J. Cameron Smith) and Joe-Lee (Cooper Huckabee) at some point as well.

Sam and Luna

But Sam may not feel all that comfortable settling in with his own family. Instead, you’ll see him cross paths with Luna (Janina Gavankar) because:

“She’s definitely somebody that Sam can share his experiences as a shape shifter with, and she’s somebody that I’m actually trying to help out in a certain way.  I’m trying to sort of in the way that Daphne’s character tried to help me deal with my own shape shifting stuff. I’m kind of helping her a little bit. So she’s kind of, she’s somebody that Sam is able to share her experiences with.”

When pressed for further details about what kind of experiences Sam and Luna will share this season, Sam Trammell tried to be coy. But when the interviewer revealed that she had heard that Sam and Luna join a group of shifters, the actor relented saying:

“Ok it sounds like you know about this group, yes there’s this little group that she’s a part of, that I’m a part of. But I don’t know, it kind of feels, I think it’s just, I don’t know if there’s a kind of group plan to do anything together as far as group vs. society. We just kind of help each other with our problems so far.”

The group approach is nothing new in the supernatural world so perhaps this is the beginning of the shifters of the Bon Temps area gathering together like we’ve already seen the vampires and werewolves do?

Things to Know About Sam Trammell

Before he became Sam Merlotte, did you know Sam Trammell appeared on Dexter? Apparently, he played the second victim of Michael C. Hall’s character in the first season and had to be wrapped in cellophane for several hours. Now that is what I call a job!

As for what he was up to during hiatus, the actor reports that he did do some videos for Funny or Die and he shot a movie called Guns, Girls, and Gambling which is in post-production according to IMDb. But at the moment, the actor is very busy working on True Blood, telling us that scenes from three different episodes are currently being shot.

To read the rest of the interview click on the source link below. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the results of Sam’s hard work in June!

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