Sam Trammell Returns To West Virginia Hometown for Community Fundraiser

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Sam Trammell as Sam MerlotteBorn in Louisiana, True Blood‘s Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) spent a large part of his childhood in Charleston, West Virginia, and many of his friends and family, including his parents, still live there.  On October 30, Sam will return to Charleston to help support the town’s East End Main Street historic preservation program by participating in the city’s HallowEast fundraising festival.

Sam wanted to participate in the community’s fundraising effort because, he says:

I consider Charleston home. My mom and dad still live there. I really miss it, and I’m excited to see all my friends and family. It’s great to be coming home. …Downtown Charleston and the East End are just amazing. Today, when you look at the ballpark, the Clay Center and Capitol Street, you understand the revitalization has been great. I want to see it continue.

When you live in West Virginia, you take it for granted.  After you leave, you realize how unique Charleston and West Virginia are. So much of the state is untouched, green and beautiful. It’s different from anywhere else in the world. You appreciate it when you’re gone.

Charleston’s Cultural Center will host two receptions with Sam: tickets for the show and a 6 p.m. VIP reception at the Cultural Center are $100, while while tickets for the premium VIP reception at 5 p.m., also at the Cultural Center, are $150.  Sam will then move to Kanawha Players, 309 Beauregard Street, to sit down for an “Inside the Actor’s Studio” style interview, answering questions posed by David Wohl, dean of arts and sciences at West Virginia State University at 7:30 p.m.  Admission for the interview event is $50, and the question/answer session will be followed by a Kanawha Players performance of Dial M for Murder.

While Sam‘s interview is the main attraction during the week’s fundraising events, this inaugural HallowEast festival is full of Halloween-themed fundraisers. As a part of the True Blood cast, Sam feels that he was an obvious choice to highlight the festival’s activities, saying:

It’s a good fit for Halloween. If you’ve read the Charlaine Harris books (on which the show is based), you know she introduces a whole host of fantastical creatures. For sure, it’s a Halloween sort of show.

According to Ric Cavender, Program Director of the East End Main Street organization, “Sam is a star on the rise” and the community is “thrilled and honored he is taking the time to be a part of, and really the highlight of HallowEast.”  Though West Virginia viewers are just as drawn to HBO‘s True Blood and the shape-shifting Sam Merlotte as are other fans across the country, Sam is still surprised by his fame:

It’s always interesting to hear from people who are really into the show.  It attracts a wide demographic. Sometimes, people will ask my dad what’s going to happen next on the show, and he has no idea. It amazes me people in West Virginia are actually keeping up with what I’m doing on the show. The attention is completely new to me.

…It’s a big deal for me to come home and have this sort of attention.  It’s humbling.

According to event organizers, money raised during the festival will be used to help neighborhood businesses in downtown Charleston to promote and preserve the historic district.  Civic mindedness is one of the qualities I love in Sam Merlotte, and I’m proud and happy as a fan to see that Sam Trammell, the actor behind the character, clearly shares those ideals.

Call (304) 340-4253 and visit for more information. Registration for some events will be available at

So if you live in or around West Virginia here is your opportunity to meet Sam Trammell in person and be involved in a worthy cause at the same time.


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  • antonio

    I also wanted to mention that Sam Always makes me laugh sometimes a lot!! In Most of the video interviews I have seen with him He always seems at ease and confident in front of the cameras or the mike…An admirable quality. He always cracks me up What a sense of humor!! Levity is almost Always a good thing and quite necessary in the sulllen atmosphere of todays world!
    Even though,I have to say I think Stephen Moyer is a Riot as well!! I saw him on Regis and Kelly and he was just SO funny!!
    It really cracked me up when he was doing his “southern drawl”
    as opposed to his british accent. Regis asked him to do his southern accent Steph said “You Main Lahk Thass?” He cracked me up!! Its been a lot of fun!! Its also been inspiring as well! Sammy You Da’ Man!!

  • Kat

    Just a little side note…hope to see more of Sam in S3…he’s a sweetie along with continued success in his craft!

  • Jean

    I’ve heard he is a great guy! My friend Doug who is a drummer is good friends with him. Sam actually stood in for him at his wedding a while back. I love Sam! Great Show! Great guy!

    • antonio

      That is So Cool!! Sam Trammell does seem like a nice guy.
      He seems like the kind of guy you just hang out with and have fun! He reminds me of some of my friends that i used to pal around with in the 1980s when I went to high school.
      In Today’s World, Where there is So much fraud,phonyness where a lot is just a put up job….Its great to know there are Real people like ST. I’m glad he can go back to his hometown to see his folks and friends and family! He wants to help out his community,too That’s great!! Some in the biz act like do not want to be reminded of where they came from or how they started Sam is the Real Deal!! Even if i Never get a chance to meet him, I feel I can learn So much from him.
      The Cast is incredible!! Steph Moyer,Anna Paquin Ryan Kwanten
      Deborah Ann Congratulations to them All!! Much Continued Success guys!!

      • Hi Antonio,

        I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your comments! It is always an pleasure! Just reading them puts a big smile on my face because I can hear your enthusiasm for the actors and for the show. It makes me feel so good to hear such positive and supportive comments for the actors and the show because I truly believe it is one of the best shows on TV and it has touched my heart and soul in so many different ways. 🙂

  • Kandi

    I knew I liked Sam for some reason. I’m also from West Virginia originally and it’s great to hear someone sing it’s praises for once. Unfortunately, most of the time you just hear all the negative stereotypes. We should designate him as the state hunk! 🙂

  • buellblaster

    I too am a WV gal that is extremely proud of my state. He is always so gracious when he talks about growing up and graduating here. He is a class act in every way. Welcome home!

  • jane


  • antonio

    The constant On-The-Go life of an actor must be very trying not to mention taxing and perhaps emotionally draining. I don’t know if I would want such a frantic life! I’m glad that Mr.Trammel will get time to visit his home town and see family and friends.
    It really Does mean a lot if you can do that!
    What comes to mind for Us fans is the show,the work How we want to see more.We Seldom realize that these people have Families and Friends whom they almost Never get to see (Because they are SO busy with their work) Many of them will prolly have to forgo seeing their families for the Holidays because of a very frantic work schedule!! Its Not very cool to spend The Holidays away from home is it??
    Its Great to have a wonderful job like ST and the other cast members have However the time spent away from loved ones family and friends must be quite difficult!!
    Work is Hard Especially in THIS Economy!!
    What If You were 1 of Sam’s close friends or family members?
    Would you Like the fact that you could Only see him Once every couple of years or so???
    I Always look forward to getting together with friends and family
    Particularly,If I havent seen them for a while! It means So Much!
    I’m Glad he will be able to do that!!
    Safe Journey,Sam God Bless!!
    I don’t know Where You will be on Thanksgiving prolly working your butt off I hope you have a good day!!
    Take Care Buddy!