Sam Trammell Talks About The Season 2 Finale With PopWrap

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sam-trammellShortly before the season two finale of True Blood, the New York Post’s PopWrap had the opportunity to interview Sam Trammell, who plays shapeshifter, Sam Merlotte. Sam, who has been nominated for “Breakout Performance” for the 2009 Scream Awards, has had a busy year on and off the screen. PopWrap talked to the actor about the upcoming finale and what lies in store for Sam Merlotte and the rest of Bon Temps. Fans have thoroughly enjoyed watching season two of True Blood and watching the mystery of Maryann unfold. Sam’s character, Sam Merlotte, has been the primary target of Maryann and has played an important role in this storyline. When asked if the show exceeded his expectations, Sam replied:

“When the writers told me the stories for this year — having the whole town go crazy — I thought people would either be totally on board or we’d have some big problems. Thankfully fans took to it. This season felt like a show’s last year — we blew it out! I don’t know how much crazier it can get, but I know the writers aren’t playing it safe at all.”

PopWrap talked with Sam about how the show acquires more and more viewers each week and if he thought that was because the show cast so many actors of different races, creeds and sexualities. Sam agreed, adding:

“That and I think Alan Ball always casts interesting people — actors you haven’t seen a lot, which I think helps. If I had been on 10 different TV shows, it might not work in the same way. Take Godric for example, Alan saw his audition tape and hired him despite the fact that he didn’t have much experience. And he was great — Alan has an amazing eye for talent.”

When asked if he had a favorite episode or scene from this season, Sam said he enjoyed the scene where his character joined up with Jason and Andy after the town went crazy and he ended up being “smited.”

“I know, it just seemed so silly. We really had to trust everybody not to make it look like we have egg on our faces. But the way they shot and edited it was so good, it was totally creepy because you are looking at Jason through the town’s eyes and you realize how utter madness has taken over.”

Sam also discussed a few other scenes that he thought were pretty amazing.

“I also loved my scenes with Daphne. Seeing Sam open up was some of the work I’ve enjoyed the most. And of course when we were revving up to have sex on the pool table was great because we never get to see Sam happy like that. He so often has a wall up, protecting himself because he understands the weight of certain situations better than anyone else. Like, he knew Maryann was trouble the whole season but no one else did. That really weighed on him.”

sam-and-andyThe interview went on to discuss the season two finale. Sam talked about how a main character in the show was in big big trouble and that the finale would end with quite a cliffhanger. Did it ever! As fans know, we have to hold out for season three to find out what has happened to our beloved vampire Bill! I can hardly stand it! PopWrap also talked to Sam about whether or not his character would regret having told Jason and Andy that he can shapeshift. Sam explained that it’s possible it could come back to haunt his character but that he looks forward to seeing how that plays out. He was also asked if he thought Jason would ever let up with the chicken/egg questions.

“[laughs] Yeah, Jason’s got a lot of questions. He’s very curious, he’s very childlike in that way. Andy seemed more disgusted by the idea and didn’t want to talk about it.”

PopWrap then brought up the fact that Arlene’s little boy, Coby, seemed really interested in Eric during the scene at Fangtasia. Sam commented with:

“Oh, that’s interesting, he was rather curious about Eric. You know, the way a lot of this works is that the writers have their ideas and break the stories, but then they watch the shows and tweak those plans. I don’t know if they have anything in mind for Coby but the way he played it could definitely change their plans.”

PopWrap then discussed what Sam would like to see happen with his character in season three. Sam had this to say:

“I’m very curious about his biological parents. I think it would be cool for him to meet them somehow. I’d also love to see him find another person to feel safe around. But given what happened with Daphne, I think that’s far off. Unless a lot of time passes between season two and three.”

I agree with him on that — fans are dying to find out the mystery behind Sam’s background and his biological parents. Sam Trammell has definitely given us a lot to look forward to in season three. I’m just looking forward to him bringing Sam Merlotte to the screen the way only he does!

SOURCE:  PopWrap

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  • Nia

    I adore Sam and Bill. Both are really wonderful,loving,generous men, ready to sacrifice themselves for Sookie and the others. They were both my heroes in the finale. I have always hoped that somehow the two would bury the hatchet and beome friends. They seem like they may be on that path. But real friendship and may take some time yet.
    I love that in the season 1 finale Sam helped save Bill by getting him out of the light. Sookie may not have been able to do that herself, or was too distressed thinking Bill was really dead. Sam could have easily walked away and let Bill die, then have Sookie for himself. He is too good a person for that. In this finale it is Bill who helps save Sam. Sam knew he would eventually have to go to Maryanne to save all his friends, and probably would have died. Bill promised him he would heal him even risking his own life. These two definitely should be friends. They would make great allies in the future.
    Now the thing is we have to find Sam a woman as wonderful as he is. A hard thing to do in Bon Temps. I do not think it should be Tara, it just didn’t work in the past. And even though he knows Sookie loves Bill, I think he still has feelings for her. I just don’t think it would work between the two unless Bill was dead. Then Sookie should definitely hook up with Sam. Sam will probably always love her.
    Did anyone consider that since Sam drank alot of Bills blood (to the point of almost killing Bill) that Bill will be able to sense Sam? Just thought that it may be an iteresting angle to play in the future. Bill would know if Sam was in trouble. These two make a great team!!
    You go boys!!!!!

    • antonio

      I’ve just looked up some info about Sammy online. One particular articled stated “I should see Twilight So I can answer some questions about it (and His show True Blood).
      I don’t think that Sam should feel pressured to see Twilight or read the books…I know he prolly doesnt have time to do Any of that given he’s a busy man. His show,TB is SO much better than TL!! He’s a Much better actor than RP so is Steph,Ryan,Alex!
      I know that he proly would want to be able to answer questions about TL and how it compares~~or Doesn’t~~ with True Blood,But I don’t think he should feel obligated to watch it just for that reason! His show TB kicks butt!! I Was a fan of Twilight(I like the books) but now it just leaves me Cold!!
      Why should he care about TL?? Ryan Kwanten said he’s “not worried” about other vampire stuff thats on why should he be??
      I wish more people were like Sam Merlotte!! For an hour,once a week,I get to enter their fictional world of Bon Temps and forget my problems. Its great writing that draws me in and keeps me coming back. I like Bill, I like Eric even though hes a tough one but my favorite character is Sam. Sam is down-to-earth,loyal and friendly plus hes human and fallible like the rest of us.
      His thing isnt “Fear me,I’m a big,bad vampire!” like Eric or “Get out of my way,I might bite you if you piss me off! like Bill. I wish I had a boss that was understanding and friendly like Sam!! He is the real deal Why Any1 there has trouble seeing that…is beyond me!!
      I’m NOT Anti-Eric. Eric Northman is cool and he can kick major butt..but he’s also scary and mean I guess thats how hes supposed to be in the show,right?
      I’m NOT Anti-Bill and Sookie either I think that their love is unique and interesting to say the least! He loves her a great deal! I know
      I hope True Blood will be on for may seasons to come! 5 would nice 8 would be even better!!!
      This sounds weird i know, But i feel like those people down there in Bon Temps have become like family for me.
      Visting Sam’s bar is like visiting the home of a favorite relative. Ok Enough bloviating for now? LOL
      Go Sam Go Bill Go Eric Go TB!!

  • antonio

    What I like about Sam Merlotte is that he’s the “every-man”. He’s down-to-earth.. He’s the real deal..not a phony.Andy may be the sheriff but it’s Sam that keeps that town going! His bar is a gathering place and for many of the folk a 2nd home. In a world where SO many people ~~Both Women And Men~~~are phony and deceptive its nice to know that there are people out there like Sam!! I suppose Sookie Stackhouse is like that,too Even though she can be bratty and annoying at times! Nobody’s perfect,Right??! LOL Sookie,Honey Dump that murdering,controlling bloodsucker and come home to Sam!!