Sam Trammell: Season 3’s Long Journey for Sam Merlotte

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The Season 2 finale of HBO‘s True Blood left Sam Merlotte going off to find his real parents. And we know from previous spoilers, Sam‘s journey will be filled with surprises. In a recent  interview with The NY Post, Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlotte, gave us more insight into the dark road he will travel.

Sam Trammel described Sam Merlotte‘s parents as twisted people. He said Sam has all along been hesitant, actually afraid, to find his parents because, after all, they gave him up and he doesn’t know why.

During this season-long journey, we discover at some point that Sam has a bit of a dark side. Did that come from his parents? He remembers the warning his adoptive mother gave him, about them not being good people. But Sam had no way of imagining the situation he was getting himself into.

We, along with Sam, discover he has a younger brother, Tommy. This is bothersome to both of them – Sam, for trying to understand why they kept his brother and not him, and Tommy, for realizing he was lied to his whole life, not knowing he had a brother.

Will Sam regret finding his parents?  Yep.

“Dealing with his family is a major thing for Sam this whole year. They have their own agendas, their own secrets and it’s pretty unbelievable what gets revealed. I think the Mickens generate some of the biggest surprises in the whole year for any of the characters – it’s pretty major.”

Responding to the comment that Sam Merlotte has had one nightmare after another with relationships, Sam agreed. He said that Sam has not learned better and this year he has a big journey that will lead him places we haven’t seen. Bad places.

And how will Sam react to drinking Bill‘s blood? We know that vampire blood causes a connection that is both emotional and sexual. Sam is now connected to Bill in an intense way. Because Bill saved his life, there is a new bond between the two. However, because Bill‘s blood is in him, there’s a new relationship between the two. Sam didn’t want to reveal too much more, but he did say that it had been only two weeks since Sam took Bill‘s blood, so the emphasis is on a blood tie that is very strong.

In Season 3 we’re going to learn a lot more about the show’s characters. In Sam‘s case, we’ll see more flashbacks of his life prior to Bon Temps.

“The writers have gone back and delved deeper into developing each and every character. I’m really excited because I’m sure this is our best season yet and to have your third season be the best is definitely a testament to the cast and crew. It’s so easy to make a bad movie or bad TV show and I just feel like we’re in good groove right now. It’s relentlessly exciting, the writing is beautiful and we really deliver an insane ride.”

Don’t miss the beginning of Sam‘s long, dark journey as Season 3 begins this Sunday, June 13.


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