Sam Trammell Shares Some Insight About Himself and True Blood

November 23, 2009 by  

Sam-Trammell-HBOSam Trammell‘s fanbase has grown substantially since appearing on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood where he plays the shapeshifting bar owner, Sam Merlotte.  Recently Sam spoke with Andrew Williams from and shared some insight about himself and his new found fame working on True Blood.

Even though True Blood will begin filming season 3 in the next few weeks Sam is still pleasantly surprised by the success of the show.  Knowing that the show’s fanbase was growing on a weekly basis during season one he was amazed at how the show skyrocketed during season two and how that has impacted on him on a personal level in a good way.

“I get recognized every day. It’s exciting – I’m not going to pretend I’m bored by it. I got a round of drinks bought for me last night in a bar, that was nice. I’m also getting more offers for work, too.”

Doing True Blood has been one of the best experiences he has had.  Knowing that he is working on a high caliber show with excellent writing and a very dedicated and growing fanbase behind him, he knows that it would be seen as a positive if he ever wanted to do stage work in New York.

“It’s a quality show. I could have been on a show that was as popular but not as well written – there are plenty of those – but this has a good pedigree. It won’t hurt me in New York – they love anyone who is popular.”

In regards to the fanbase, Sam has had his fair share of unusual encounters with fans including one in particular where one fan shaved her teeth to look like fangs. As Sam mentions, that is dedication.  However, growing up he was never that engrossed in the occult or in vampires though he did favor reading Stephen King books. Sam did have instances in his life that would connect him to the supernatural such as the local cemetery being his front yard (though nothing unusual ever happened) and living in a very old apartment while studying at the University of Paris which he believes was haunted as things moved around that could not be explained.

Being from Louisiana and growing up in West Virginia he is familiar with the accents and doing them is not as challenging compared to doing the nudes scenes particularly, as he says, now that he is getting older. Sam states that in the show he did have his opportunity to do sex scenes and being nude, which is not new to him but, could get awkward at times.

“I have to get naked a fair amount. It happens more towards the second half of the series. I’ve done full frontal nudity three times on stage, so it’s not new to me. It’s scarier as you get older, as it’s more difficult to keep in shape. I have to diet and exercise for nude scenes. It’s always odd and I’m always naked in weird places – outside, usually. That’s always strange. You can’t close the set in the woods. Everyone sees me.”

Asked if he ever had to work in catering, similar to his character’s role on True Blood. Sam remembers working for the first few weeks as a server when he got to New York and having the uncomfortable experience of serving an acquaintance from a wealth family. The only other thing that may come close to him being similar to his character is, though not changing into a dog or being bitten by a vampire but, he was attacked by a Saint Bernard when he was 17 that did bite him in the neck!  Very scary indeed!

From his humble beginnings working tables in New York to playing  a dinosaur in a sci-fi thriller, which was probably one of his worst acting jobs according to Sam, to the phenomenal success of True Blood, Sam still remains humble.  According to Sam he hasn’t gone crazy making extravagant purchases for himself,

“I’m not an extravagant guy. I spend more on my girlfriend than I do on myself. I got a nice surfboard recently, which isn’t very extravagant. Hopefully it’ll make me sound charming and outdoorsy.”

Sam you will always remain charming to all of us no matter what you do.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)