Sam Trammell Supports Project Save Our Surf

April 12, 2010 by  

Sam Trammell loves his beaches, and he loves them to be clean both on the sand and in the water. That’s why he will be participating in the third annual Project SOS: Surf 24 on June 19th and 20th this year. The charity event includes special events like family events, guest speakers, silent auctions, live auctions, and of course celebrity surfers, including Sam show fans his surfing skills.

The Project SOS: SURF 24 event coincides with International Surfing Day, which was established by Surfrider Foundation and Surfing Magazine to celebrate the sport of surfing and to promote clean water and clean oceans.

The Project SOS: Surf 24 event supports many charities like Heal the Bay (a non-profit environmental group that keeps California’s coasts and watersheds safe and clean), the Surfrider Foundation (another non-profit environmental organization that uses conservation, activism, research, and education to protect the world’s oceans and beaches), and the Orange County Department of Education’s Inside the Outdoors environmental education program.

A big thank you is due to Sam Trammell for joining other stars in lending his support to this worthy cause since it’s conserving a public area for future generations. Thank you, Sam, for supporting a great cause!

The event will be held at on June 19th and 20th at Hungtington Beach Pier, Surf City, CA.  For all the details about the event please visit the website.


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  • Sunnie Williams

    Did you hear that among the celebs who will be there, Jesse Spencer from House is one of them. Oh boy! I love that show and he’s the cutest one on it. Oh, and Project Save Our Surf is a good thing to support. I’m not just in it to see Jesse. This’ll be a good time for supporting a good organization, celeb watching and having surfing.

  • Matt Williams

    Sam, thanks for participating in this. The more prominent people, people in the media do it, the more people hear about it. I just happened to read about it from something that someone else posted about Tanna Frederick and I think it’s great. I’m not a surfer but it’s really cool to see the surfing community get together with actor, activists and us regular folk to do something about the oceans. Yeah!

  • Carole Barnett

    Hey Sam! Thanks for jumping on the Project Save Our Surf bandwagon. It really makes a difference to me when I see that people like you are helping to do something save this planet. This is a great way to combine helping out with ocean conservation, surfing, celeb watching and just plain fun. I hope a lot of money gets raised for this worthy cause. Tanna Frederick and company should be acknowledged for all the work they’ve done and are still doing. Grassroots organizations are amazing in what they can do and all of us can join in and contribute – either money or volunteering a few hours a month or writing to our legislators. And thanks to you, Sam for helping to promote this event.