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sam-merlotte-sam-trammell-season-2-newIt appears that Season 2 is one to remember, well if you are Sam Merlotte. Just when life seemed to begin looking up with his bar doing well in the small town of Bon Temps, his past comes back to haunt in the form of a maenad better known as Maryann. He also has been placed in jail and almost sacrificed. Sam Merlotte has watched his content little world begin to unfold right before his eyes. His fellow Bon Temps residents walking around with black eyes and under Maryann’s influence, all ready to attack him and bring him to her. Sam doesn’t seem to know what to do any more. He can’t keep running, when Maryann wants something she seems to always get it.

Just when it felt like we should all bid farewell to the down to earth, laid back character, Jason Stackhouse returns from his brainwashing retreat and teams up with Andy Bellefleur, the detective who is the only one in town on Sam’s side. The team go in to save Sam one more time.

Maryann hasn’t given up and the Season 2 finale puts Sam on the line one more time.

Access Hollywood spoke to Sam Trammell who plays Sam Merlotte on the eve of the anticipated Season Two finale.

When asked what it was like being the center of attention on the show the last few episodes, Sam Trammell replied,

“It’s pretty fun. I sort of have enjoyed this year even more than last year. Sam’s journey this year has just been so intense because I’ve been under the gun from day one and knowing about Maryann and her power when everybody else [didn’t]. And it’s just really heavy duty everything he goes through. The betrayals that [fellow shape shifter] Daphne did to me and almost getting killed at [Maryann’s] orgy — it’s pretty heavy. But the season finale is going to be awesome and I’m definitely an integral part of all that.”

Access Hollywood also asked Sam about what he thought about job security when he read the script and saw that he might be leaving town. He knew that nobody is safe in the show yet he was a little worried. He asked creator Alan Ball if he was really leaving town and Ball said of course not. That is good news for all Sam Merlotte fans. Yet, Sam does mention that the finale does leave one major character in big trouble. He sure does love to leave us biting our fingernails in anticipation doesn’t he?

We’ve all noticed how much this season has differed from the first – lack of clothing. Thanks to Maryann’s influence, nearly all of the cast has spent long sets filming in the buff. So what does Sam Trammell think of all the nudity and sex scenes? Here is what he told Access Hollywood:

“It’s been very strange… I’ve seen some things that I did not ever want to see in my life. It’s bizarre and people were really naked. But the tough thing about it, even though we were shooting in Malibu, it was freezing cold. I got in my car one night – because we shoot all night – and the thermometer said 34 degrees and there was frost on it. It almost became about survival. When they said ‘Cut!’ people would huddle together under blankets and get near heaters.”

He was then asked how people handle stuff like that on set. Sam said that a lot of people in wardrobe would bring out robes and blankets as soon as the word ‘cut’ was said. It’s true when he says that one of the toughest things when you’re working as an actor is to pretend your warm when you’re not. Sam also mentions that due to people being nude or with most of their clothing removed, there is a lot of calorie counting and working out to stay in shape. He laughs and says he doesn’t eat before shooting and is careful about what he eats because all of his weight is gained in his belly. That is one thing I couldn’t imagine.

With Maryann, she’s the type of character you either love her or hate her. Obviously Michelle Forbes is a great actress if she can pull emotion off of you, that includes all the Maryann haters. You have to dislike her for a reason, and that is the actors skill to bring that across the screen. Now Sam Merlotte has good reason to hate Maryann, but what does Sam Trammell think of Michelle Forbes? This is what he said when asked:

“I love Michelle, she’s one of my favorite people on the show. We get to work with her a lot …. We met each other before we did the show — we had some mutual friends, so that was kind of a bonding thing. She’s really cool and she’s so good at that part and she’s so open and free and she has fun, but she’s kind of creepy. She’s just a cool chick, y’know?”

Rolling with the idea of friends on set, Sam Trammell said that he is friends mostly whomever he works with. I guess a man could never have too many friends, right? Sam knew Chris Bauer, who plays Andy, before the show, and they are good friends. When asked about the announcement Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer made regarding their engagement, Sam said he did not see it coming. He had no idea what was going and didn’t believe Stephen at first when he was told halfway through last year. He also adds, “…it’s sort of a testament to how they carry themselves. They’re very professional and they don’t really carry it on the set.”

With the news that one of the main characters is in big trouble, I can bet that everyone will be on pins and needles for the finale tonight. I know I will be. Most of us hope that it isn’t Sam Merlotte on the chopping block. He’s the type of guy you can’t help but love. The countdown has begun to see what happens and how Alan Ball will finish up another great season of True Blood.

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