Sam Trammell Talks About The Frenzy On True Blood

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As HBO’s True Blood closes its second season, we find the town of Bon Temps in total chaos. True fans of Alan Ball’s award-winning series make one important distinction between the “Sookie Stackhouse, Southern sam-merlotteVampire Mysteries” by Charlaine Harris and the television series: although Sookie, played by Anna Paquin, is the main character, True Blood is not written from her perspective. This is very obvious right now as Sookie has been absent from Bon Temps for much of the second season.

While Sookie’s been away, a viscous Maenad has taken up residence — not only in her town, but in her home. The one constant voice of reason in town has been shape shifter and bar keep Sam Merlotte, played by Sam Trammell.  A creative, new storyline for the series brings the conniving creature, Maryann Forrester, played by Michelle Forbes, from Sam‘s murky past to the forefront of lusty pleasures. Sam may feel responsible for bringing the Manead to town but he is still the voice of reason.

“I’m kind of trying to rein in everybody,” admits Trammell in an interview with Toronto Sun Columnist, Bill Harris. “I’m the bedrock of town. At the beginning, Sookie is ready to just run off with this vampire and I’m warning her not to do that. I’m warning Tara not to go off with Maryann,” says Trammell.

Just as no one expected the trouble with Maryann to escalate to a full fledged war, Tramell didn’t expect True Blood or his character Sam would receive such a  phenomenal reception by millions of fans.

“When I saw the words ‘created by Alan Ball‘s and ‘HBO‘, I was interested before I even read the pilot, and of course you hope things take off,” Trammell said. “I was hoping we might be half as popular as Six Feet Under (Ball‘s previous series). But right now it’s at a frenzy.”

Sam spends most of his time as a human, but very often finds that life as a collie can make being the town watch dog  simpler. Perhaps for the storyline, it’s best that Sam’s warnings aren’t being acknowledged, as it is giving an opportunity for more diverse shape-shifting.

Trammell said he wasn’t a die hard devotee of the vampire genre prior to True Blood, but he now finds himself drawn to all the old horror movies many of us watched as kids that he missed.

“I love the idea of running away from something that’s trying to kill me.”

Looking at coming attractions for the final three episodes of the season, a lot of running (or flying) seems to be what is in store for .

SOURCE: Toronto Sun

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  • antonio

    Sam Trammell is Really Cool!! He is 1 of my favorite actors on the show and I always enjoy watching and reading interviews with him. He is So funny and he also has good insight into the show And His Character! Bravo Sammy! You Da’ Man!!

  • antonio

    Now that I think of it,Sam Was the voice of reason he did warn Both Sookie and Tara. I think that Eric was mean to him.
    Sam Was very much 1 of those who kept the town anchored through All of the mayhem with Maryann! I think,for the most part, Sam and Bill were the heroes of the finale! I hope they can be friends. Perhaps he can help Sookie find Bill? that is if hes not too busy tracking down hi parents. I thiink there is a very likable quality about Sam Trammell..He’s not pretentious or snotty~~~and with that high ranking college degree in Linguistics he sure could be!!
    He’s Real everyday folk. I admire that. I I like watching his interviews online here He Always makes me laugh!!
    I wish more people were like him! He seems like someone I’d enjoy hanging out with! Sam is the man!!! Sorry,Bill! LOL

    • antonio

      Sam Merlotte is definitely 1 of the most popular If Not The most popular character on cable,now! Of Course,Along with Bill And Eric. These guys do an Incredible job! There is Team Bill And Team Eric and passionate fans on Both sides! Why NO Team Sam??
      Because,I think that Sam And Bill are alot Alike! They are both good guys. They would Both sacrifice much to protect and be with Sookie and help out where they could. It Was Bill AND Sam who helped bring down Maryann!! Of Course, If it wasnt for Bill, I think that Both Sookie and Sam would have been killed…As Maryann did Not like those whom she could Not influence.
      I thought it was mean of Maryann to say to Sam “Is That Why She chose a dead man over you?” You Bitch!! Sam deserves Much better!! Sam Merlotte is 1 of My favorite characters Along with Bill Who Is My favorite character Sorry,Sam!!