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Sam Trammell Talks True Blood, Season 4 and His Upcoming Projects

Sam Trammell recently sat down with Movie Mikes and talked about working on True BloodSeason 4 and his upcoming movie ‘Guns, Girls and Gambling’.

True Blood

Trammell talked about how he originally got the roll of Sam Merlotte on HBO’s True Blood. His agent gave him the script and let him know it was going to involve Alan Ball and HBO. Sam said that many actors were trying to get on True Blood, and he had to audition twice for the part.  Four hours after the last audition, he got the call that Sam Merlotte was his new gig.  Trammell was excited that he got the part feeling that it was made for him. He says:

“Well I am from Louisiana originally. It is great to be able to play a character who you kind of represent and a guy from where I am from. I love that he is kind of a blue collar dude and that he owns a bar. I never worked in a bar but I always thought it would be fun to work as a bartender. The other part of it is that he is a supernatural creature which is a really cool thing to have under your belt and as a secret. Since I still get to be like a regular guy.”

During the last few episodes of Season Three, viewers got to see a different side of Sam – a much darker side. The writers also introduced us to Sam’s biological family and with that it brought a new dimension to his character.  Sam said that those episodes were a blast for him and he really liked showing viewers his new side.

Trammell says a downside of filming a show like True Blood, is that sometimes you don’t get to sleep much because he may have to work many nights in a row.  Then he may not be in another scene for a few days and his sleeping patterns will be out of whack.  It is obvious that Sam loves working on True Blood and really seems to get his character, but talking about Season Four…his lips were sealed.

“Honestly, I do not know what is going to happen. I know we are going to follow the book to a certain degree like we have done. I know their are going to be some witches involved in the stories. The writers are figuring it out themselves right now.”

Trammell reveals that before he got on the show he had not read Charlaine Harris‘ books, but once he was cast he read the first four books to get a grasp of his character.  He now follows the series and is excited to see where Harris goes with the series. 

Upcoming Projects

Trammell has a new movie coming out titled “Guns, Girls, and Gambling”, co-staring Christian Slater and Megan Park.

“It’s sort of a Tarantino-esque hyper reel Western. It sort of involves a bunch of people coming after Christian’s character who has stolen a Native American mask. It is really cool and a lot of fun. I am really excited about it!”

The movie is about the search for a priceless American Indian artifact that ends up being stolen during a game of what else…poker.

We are looking forward to seeing more of both Sam’s!

Source:– Interview with Sam Trammell

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