Sam Trammell Talks About True Blood Nudity

June 14, 2010 by  

As most True Blood fans know – in order to be a leading man on the show you are going to be required to do some nude scenes at some point. Somtimes it seems that the men on True Blood are seen more with their clothes off than with them on. Sam Merlotte, who is portrayed by the talented Sam Trammell, is no exception to this rule, especially since he is a shapeshifter.

Sam explains this dilemma:

“I knew I would have to be naked a little bit.  I didn’t realize every time I turned back from an animal into a human that I’m naked and very often not anywhere near my clothes that I had left wherever I turned into an animal to begin with. So I didn’t really realize how much it would be.”

Sam also jokes that most of his nude scenes have nothing to do with romance or nice lighting. He tends to find himself nude in the woods and such. Fans are definitely not complaining though.  It is actually quite enjoyable watching Sam have to figure out some way to cover up.  Sam admits that even the cast and crew get a kick out of some of the situations Sam finds himself in. They have quite a few laughs over it.

In season 3 Sam is on a journey to discover his roots and ends up being reunited with his birth family. He meets his brother, “Tommy”, who is portrayed by Marshall Allman. Sam says he warned the actor about the nudity requirements and how sometimes it can be a bit uncomfortable because you are normally in the woods on a cold night, but Marshall has not had to experience that side of True Blood yet.  Sam explains the first time Marshall had to get nude on set:

“He was very lucky.  Because I remember the first time he had to get naked. We were out where we shoot a lot of our exterior stuff in the woods and it is usually very cold there at night. And it wasn’t a cold night at all. So I kept giving him a hard time, saying, ‘You got it easy. You got it easy.’ But actually he hasn’t had to do a really cold night yet, because that’s when it is really tough — all night and you’re naked. I’ve had a few of those.”

Sam also explains that keeping in shape for his scenes is all about timing.

“There’s the level of being on a diet which is just doing the show in general for the six or seven months that we do it, and then within the doing the show there is the, ‘oh, a naked scene coming up.’ So I am going to have to tweak that diet a little more because I know I am going to have to be naked in four, five days. It is always about looking at the schedule and seeing where those kind of topless scenes come. But for me it is all about the gut, so topless and naked are the same thing for me. It is the same amount of dieting I have to do. So, you know, it’s pretty crazy.”

Well we look forward to seeing Sam in all his glory this season on True Blood!


(Photo Credit:  HBO Inc.)