Sam Trammell Walks the Red Carpet for White Rabbit at the Boston Film Festival

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The True Blood Actor Plays a Drug Addict in His Latest Movie Role:

Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte in HBO's True BloodFans of HBO’s True Blood all know Sam Trammell as the lovable shapeshifting bartender, Sam Merlotte. However, his latest movie role – that of a drug addicted father in White Rabbit – is quite a change from this! As Sam Trammell walked the red carpet in celebration of the release of White Rabbit at the 30th Boston Film Festival, he had this to say about why he chose the role of Darrell:

I was really attracted to the part itself … as an actor, getting to play a bad guy, even though Darrell turns out to be good in the end, is always really fun. He’s a drug addict and mean, but actually had a good heart. But he’s limited in his open-mindedness. He didn’t have a big open mind, so that was fun to portray.

White Rabbit tells story of a bullied teenage boy, Harlon, who has an untreated mental illness. He has endured visions of a white rabbit his father forced him to kill as a child. Nick Krause plays the role of Harlon. The movie also stars Britt Robertson and Ryan Lee. Tim McCann directs this movie from a screenplay by Anthony Di Pietro. It is produced by Burning Sky Films and SSS Entertainment, and distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures.

You can check out a couple of video interviews from the Boston Film Festival below. The first one is a red carpet interview with Sam Trammell. The second video is a Q & A session that was held post-screening.

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