Sam Trammell’s Favorite Body Part

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Photo Credit: HBOSam Trammell, who plays Sam  Merlotte on HBO’s True Blood,  sat down recently and answered questions that fans posted on Newsbeat’s Facebook page.

When asked how he feels about taking his clothes off, he responded positively, stating that he doesn’t mind it at all. His private area been covered by a “sock” which he explains, isn’t really a sock at all. It’s more like a pouch, he elaborated, designed to be filled with whatever you need to put in it.

When he was asked about the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris and his similarity to the Sam Merlotte in the books, he stated:

“People have told me that I’m a pretty close to the character in the book. I didn’t really try necessarily to be that same person. I think Alan [Ball] cast the show really well and a lot of us are really similar to the characters in the book.”

Many questions where directed to fact that Trammell’s character is a shape shifter. Fans wanted to know which animals he would want to become and where would he go. Trammell responded that he would like to be a bird and try to fly around the world, and to places he’d never been before. He also added that his “bad side” would lead him to sneak into a women’s changing room.

The last question referenced Trammell’s physical side, asking what part of the body he works out the most. His response was:

“The part that I should work out most is my stomach because that is where the problems arise. I run, I surf but the real problem is my stomach and funnily enough it doesn’t really take exercise to get that part of your body where it needs to be, it takes eating sensibly. I’ve found that you can do a million sit-ups and if you eat the wrong things it doesn’t matter.”

We certainly have enjoyed watching all of Trammell’s body parts this season!

Source:– True Blood Star Sam Trammell Answers Your Questions

Photo Credit: HBO