Sam Trammell’s ‘First-Time’ Performance at Actors For Oceans

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True Blood’s Sam Merlotte Debuts Previously Unknown Skill

True Blood‘s Sam Trammell‘s (Sam Merlotte) debut performance was a highlight of a jam-packed charity event held on November 13. Actors for Oceans hosted the event at the Falcon Restaurant in West Hollywood for the benefit of Project Save Our Surf.

Sam fired up the room with a jammin’ slide guitar performance while overcoming the high noise level and lack of proper equipment. The pumped-up crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy his acoustic guitar debut with plenty of enthusiastic response.

Sam Gets ‘On Board’

In a subsequent interview, Sam, who has joined the board of directors for Project Save Our Surf, confided that this was the first time that he’d ever played acoustic guitar in front of an audience and that he’d practiced “a long time–a lot, a lot, a lot” in preparation for the performance.

Sam Trammell who plays Sam Merlotte on True Blood performs at a charity event

I think you’ll agree that the preparation paid off. You can enjoy Sam Trammell’s performance in the video above. Despite the less-than-optimal conditions (there is quite a bit of noise even as Sam was performing–with other aspects of the event continuing throughout) Sam looked and sounded confident and every bit the professional.

Actor’s Efforts Award-Worthy

Before the evening concluded Sam was given the Sovereign Earth Award ‘for outstanding commitment to the preservation of our oceans.’ Ever the gentleman, Sam seemed surprised and humbled by the bestowal which he is undoubtedly very deserving of with his support of a number of environmental causes.

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