Sam Trammell talks about Sam in Asia

September 7, 2009 by  

samtrammellBefore True Blood Season 2 aired in Asia on August 22, Sun2Surf (a companion to the Sun newspaper in Malaysia) had a tele-conference interview with Sam Trammell, wherein he revealed that playing Sam Merlotte is quite challenging since the character is deeply-scarred due to his deleterious childhood experience when his parents abandoned him after his shape-shifting incident.

“He is very good at superficial relationships. He knows everything about everybody who comes to his bar but they don’t know much about him. They don’t know where he comes from or how or when he got to town.

“He wants to keep what happened to him as a kid a secret and he only shows others a certain side of him.”

He also admitted that he is a private person, but he wasn’t able to resist the temptation of portraying Sam Merlotte.

“It was the combination between Alan Ball (writer and producer of the series) and HBO that compelled me to be part of the series. Their tie-up was very attractive to me.”

“The other thing is I’m also originally from Louisiana. The fact that the series is set there is really good as it gave me the opportunity to sort of represent where I really came from and the people I grew up with …. I thought it was a really interesting and fun world to inhabit.”

He also had an opinion on why women are most likely to get attracted to vampires.

“You know vampires are tall, dark and handsome and they always live in castles, are wealthy and like to bite women. I can see why women like them.”

He added,

“I think there is a real sexual thing about vampires.”

Trammell was even gracious enough to give True Blood fans in Asia an inkling about an upcoming romance that will envelope his character, Sam Merlotte, later on in the season.


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