Seamus O’Tooles Becomes Club Fangtasia for Halloween

November 4, 2010 by  

True Blood’s Fangtasia comes to Australia for one night only at Knox’s Seamus O’Toole’s Irish pub

The author's own costume. I chose to go as Sookie after she had been beaten up by the Rattrays

Sookie meets the Maenad

Recently Hub Productions held a True Blood convention in Australia. I was lucky enough to attend the Melbourne event. During the course of the day, many competitions were held. One was to win tickets to a Fangtasia inspired Halloween party being staged at Knox’s Seamus O’Tooles Irish Pub. Unbelievably I managed to win tickets to this event.

So what was it like?

Well, to start off with, I had won general admission tickets, but promptly upgraded them to VIP tickets. This got me a snappy Club Fangtasia lanyard as well as special entry along the red carpet, which was handy because it was freezing cold outside and my costume of choice was Sookie Stackhouse AFTER she had been beaten up by the Rattrays (Season One, episodes 1 and 2).

The VIP ticket entitled me to exclusive access to a private room all night, plus a free True Blood cocktail and canapes during the night. The cocktail I chose was one called Plasmapolitan and it was delicious. The canapes were brought out throughout the night, but most of these I missed because all the fun was happening downstairs in the general admission area.

There were Fangtasia dancers who danced on podiums at certain times during the night. All the bar staff wore fangs. There was also a special merchandise stand that sold True Blood t-shirts, Merlotte’s aprons, etc. These were all reasonably priced too.

Jessica actually goes by the name Robyn and is one of the crew for Hub Productions

And the costumes – oh my goodness! While I was the only Sookie who had been beaten to a pulp, there were plenty of other Sookie’s there in varying degrees of disrepair. There were vampires apleny too. And while I only saw one guy who resembled Eric, there were plenty of Godric‘s as well as a couple of maenads. An honourable mention must also go to the man dressed as Bob the cat. While the theme was True Blood, there was also a brilliantly made up zoombie, a girl from Gryffindor and a couple of bananas in pyjamas.

Special prizes were offered to the best dressed for the night, as well as for randomly picked VIP ticket holders. The prizes on offer were all fantastic and ranged from four-packs of Tru:Blood to signed photos, True Blood DVDs, and even a signed episode one script.

Overall, I would have to say that this was actually the best night out I have had in a LONG time!

(Photo Credit: Lenore Mills)