Season 1 of True Blood To Premiere on Regular TV in Canada

January 1, 2010 by  

Although Canada is on the same time table as the U.S. in seasons, (HBO Canada will be airing season 3 in June the same as HBO in the U.S.) viewers in Canada who do not have HBO will now have the opportunity to watch True Blood on regular TV starting in March.  Canada’s SPACE channel will be premiering season 1 of True Blood, UNCUT starting in March. This is fantastic news as this will allow many Canadians to discover the allure of True Blood and turn more people into True Blood fans! We are sure that millions of Canadian who have not discovered True Blood yet will be sucked in to watch our favorite telepath, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and our handsome vampires Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) each week.

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  • lizzie

    You are sp right Wiwa. I support all your comments above and I still watch and rewatch season one and practically know it off by heart!! My heart is with Bill but I enjoy the rest of the cast as well!

    Go True Blood!

  • wiwa

    Happy to have another opportunity to watch Season 1. Uncut?! Great! Season 1 is a stand-alone jewel of great romance, intriguing storytelling and wonderful charachters. For me it will always be my favourite, whatever happens down the line, becuase it focused on Bill.

  • lizzie

    I wonder if Oz will do the same? I don’t think TB is that well known in OZ. Good on you, Canada!

  • Antonio

    I’m glad for them. S1 is pretty intense but its also good Tv.
    There is just something about the 1st Season..Its a different story…a different storyline. I like Tara when she had an attitude and was more sassy I like Laffayette when he had more of an edge That whole “aids burger” incident was cool and good acting on the part of Nelsan. I like Sookie’s Gran,too!
    Sam is more involved for her more concerned He butts heads with Bill over her which i think is kinda awkward but cool to see! I love that scene where Sam says to Sookie at her Gran’s funeral I Liked what you had to say about your Gran,I loved when you told everyone there to shut the **** up…Just So funny!!
    Tara To Sam: Sam you’re a great friend,Now get the **** out!
    Gotta love that!! LOL 🙂
    S2 was different a completely different storyline!
    Sam,Sookie and Laffy were made out to be “targets” for violence,betrayal and heartbreak. Bill had to deal with Jessica
    I think that the character of Maryann was far too prevalent in the S2 storyline!
    S1 is good just great Tv although there are some parts that are graphic and gory its still good Tv and very well written

  • CrazyforBill

    As a Canadian True Blood fanatic, I say well done, Space channel. I have the first season on blu ray, but will record it again on my PVR, as I just got one with a bigger hard drive (plus an external hard drive that holds 1 TB) so would like to have all seasons on my DVR. There can never be too much True Blood!

  • This makes me SO jealous! I wish that we had that happening here in the USA!