Season 2: Episode 6 – “Hard-Hearted Hannah”

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gw366h244In Dallas Isabel’s human boyfriend Hugo offers to accompany Sookie on her mission to locate Godric at the Light of Day institute. They leave for the church under the guise as a good Christian couple looking for a new church. On reading the minds of Sarah and Steve Newman Sookie discovers that their cover is blown and Steve has more sinister plans for the two.

At the Light of Day camp, Jason Stackhouse decides to live a life of righteous celibacy then has those plans hijacked after a matter of hours. Jason provides another beautiful example of how easily impressionable young men can be – especially where sex is involved.

Eric brings Bill’s maker Lorena to the Vampire hotel in an attempt to drive a wedge between Sookie and Bill. We are treated with an extended flash back to the 1920s showing how violent, passionate killing used to be Bill’s forte. Lorena prevents Bill from coming to Sookie’s rescue resulting in Sookies imprisonment in the basement of the Light of Day institute.

Daphne continues to court Sam with sickening innuendo, and ends in the ultimate double cross in the whole season so far. Tara and Eggs head out to get parts for the hot water system only to detour onto something disturbing. And for something completely different – Maryanne throws another orgy of Dianic proportions, the shock value is (not at all) high. The town folk fornicate as Maryanne dances her Shake-n-Bake routine and to mix things up a bit – this time she puts on a mask.

Top 5 of “Hard-Hearted Hannah”

1. Hoyt’s courtship of Jessica. Their innocent awkward interaction is too cute beyond words.

2. Eric’s growing interest in Sookie – lets face it, after that hair cut he may just trump Bill in looks department.

3. Jason Stackhouse’s cringe-worthy attempt at song writing.

4. Sookie, Hugo, Steve and the body guard trapped in the basement with Godric. What has happened? Will Jason help them? So many exciting conclusions to wait for.

5. Love a good 1920s speak easy, “Maybe after your guests leave we can F*** prohibition together.” And in a way, they did.

Editor’s 2 cents:

  1. We agree on Jessica and Hoyt.  They are just totally sweet.
  2. The scene in the kitchen with the hot water heater broken.  Maryann can’t hide her hedonism, Eggs was being over-easy again in that outfit and did Tara actually apologize for being snarky???
  3. Anything Sam.  Seriously he keeps forcing me to forget he’s cute and notice he’s talented.  Great job Sam o’ the Sam.
  4. The Andy, Terry, Lafayette triage in the kitchen.  I’m just not sure if I was supposed to be laughing so hard at the ‘hallucination’ but I was loving the Terry-care.  Hug Lafayette once for me!
  5. “Do Bad Things With You” intro.  Seriously, Every week I enjoy the heck out of this sequence and find it impossible to sit still!

Favorite Line: Lafayette to Pam, “Are you real?”

Favorite boy or girl friend: Hoyt Hoyt Hoyt!  He provided the only ‘feelgood’ moment of the show.

Biggest Sneak Appearance: Who noticed Nathan Barr playing the piano at the start of the roaring 20’s scene?

Least Favorite Scene:  I swear I’m not a prude but the orgy scene had me saying, ‘More is NOT always Better’.  I could have done with a lot less detail.  In fact, I felt like this episode didn’t give me any breathing room at all.

Biggest Surprise:  Was that Stephen singing???

Be sure to share your favorite top 5 in the comments below.

  • Nia

    Sarah the sl#t sounds about right. Someone has to wipe that smile off her face.

  • pbartteacher

    Nia, you’re right. They are both great. Just can’t wait until tomorrow night. I know Stephen’s singing was awesome. The whole 1920’s flashback was intense. There is so much more to that story to tell (Lorena and Bill). It should be interesting to see if we will get more of the back story this season. Probably not until next year. I am so looking forward to the addition of Queen Sophia. Rachel Evan Wood should be awesome.

    As far as Eric asking for Lorena’s help with Bill, you know he must really want her bad. Like he told Bill, “I could just take her.” but he didn’t. That is an interesting fact. Granted he is using Lorena’s help but… still interesting. Maybe there is a fire burning for Sookie under that blonde Viking Vampire exterior.Would like to climb into that mind for a while. Swexy Swede.

    Sam and Daphne. I think she can die a natural death as far as I’m concerned. Poor Sammy. He is having no luck at all with the ladies.Ever. There is always one of those friends we know.

    Bill asking Hoyt for help, I don’t think that is going to happen. He is going to ask Hoyt for help with Jessica. He’ll be sending them home after the booty call, Hoyt showed up for. Maxine will be just thrilled about all of the late night calls, etc. Way too funny. The two of them are just so darn cute.

    Jason. No, I wasn’t surprised at all. He can’t help it. It’s in the blood. Ha Ha. Sarah, can anyone say slu*? Our Jason can’t help himself.

    Pam and Lafayette. That didn’t even occur to me. I don’t know. I’m still expecting something to happen between Eric and Lafayette. I think Lafayette would if he could forget about the imprisonment. I have a feeling we won’t see his usual pizazz until next Season 3.

    Oh, doesn’t that sound good.Season three, Season three, Season three.

  • Nia

    The whole episode floored me. First of all Bill/Stephen singing! (The talented Stephen M. showing us his versatility once again) His life with Lorena gave us so much to think about. Who knew our sweet dark vamp was SO dark? First remember how he hated being turned and losing his family. Then we see him 60 years later, still with Lorena, and in lust with her. I remember reading that new vamps stay with their maker for a while but usually then leave. Rarely also do vamps have long term love/sex relationships with each other. So what was the deal? I can’t wait till they delve into their past more. Especially how and why he finally left her.

    • Nia

      Sorry, didnt finish.
      Eric, our 1,000 year old BABY, was a naughty boy. Calling Lorena to break up the lovers. Tsk, tsk. A big brawny tough guy like that having to ask a female for help must have been tough. Will he get Sookie? Would Sookie go to him, especilly after she finds out about his devious involvement? So much has to happen yet. The anticipation for this drama/triangle is to great.
      Is it possible to stake a shapeshifter? Daphne sure needs it after betraying sweet loverdog Sam. Gosh he needs a good girl. What is her connection with Maryanne other than the scars? When she walked Sam into the orgy (getting tired of those too) her eyes were not black. HMMMM, must be more to this little piggy than meets the eye.
      Lafayette and Terry, AWWWW. Terry needs a good girl too (Arlene?). Erics head on Andys body, funny and cringeworthy.
      Do you think that maybe there is something sexual in Pams and Lafayettes future? They defintely have a hate kind of thing going on,but could it turn into something else. Lafyette did say that she was not his type, but they could just be trying to steer us away for that possibilty. Remember that our Lafayette is an opportunist, and he has a lot of Eric’s blood.
      Hoyt is just a sweetheart. If anything he will bring our little vamp in line with his oh so cute sweetness. Great hookup. Do you think that Bill may enlist Hoyts day help with Sookie since he is probably being held back by Lorena?
      Jason’s fall from grace, who was surprised? Little miss pris has got a few issues. Hand jobs, church balconies, she’s got our poor fool Jason wrapped around her little well manicured finger(what ever happened to a vow of poverty in religion).
      Tara and Eggs. I am not so sure about Eggs. I think he is being duped by Maryanne just like Tara.
      All those stakeworthy please rise and be counted:
      Sarah (AKA little miss pris)
      Steve Newlin

      favorite quote (so many to chose from):
      “lets F*%#K prohibition together”

  • lee

    I have to agree with the hoyt/jessica thing, they are cute and innocent and i hope it stays on track.
    My fav moment was when Hoyt told his momma his girlfriend was a vampire, I can’t wait to see if she does anything about it. Am a tad disappointed in Jason, I mean I know he’s weak when it comes to “sex” but I had a little hope that he at least would not have an affair with the preachers wife…I think he’s getting in way over his head…something is a little “bipolar?” with that women. She is not the sweet and innocent “angel” as she was presented to be! Of course I knew something was up with that new girl Sam is dating, come on clawed marks! But I never really thought she was the dang pig lol. I don’t like mary ann because 1. she is using Tara (maybe eggs) 2. She’s playing “games” with Sam. Obviously…someone let the cat out of the bag to the preacher about sookie and who could that be? I just assume at some point sookie and jason will stumble upon each other and quite possiblely they’re brother/sister relationship will improve.

  • lockupchick2000

    I, too, am far from being a prude, but this swinger stuff has gone way past that which is needed to convey the point. Someone on the show is obviously obsessed with it. I really don’t need to see any more middle-aged, bald, fat, hairy, naked guys with small, flaccid wieners. We GET IT already. Can we move on now? Please???

    • val

      Good One!!!! I agree-I wouldn’t mind a little more Eric-he DID say “no sock required”!

  • val

    Just a little P.S.-after the haircut he MAY just top Bill in the looks dept?Do ya think!!??!?

    • pbartteacher

      I with you on that Val.I think he continues to look better and better. In all of the radio and tv interviews, he comes across as very genuine, funny and warm. Very endearing qualities in an actor. It was Bill who first drew me to the series, but Eric now keeps my home fires burning. Can’t wait to see what Alan Ball does with his character. Alan continues to make Eric seem more and more interested in humans and what makes them tick. Warming him up for us. He continues to make Bill look colder and colder. Not only by his actions with Lorena but also with his makeup. Can anyone say Dark Shadows.

      • val

        Oh God wasn’t that awful make-up? Barnabas was REALLY dead looking!!!!!

    • Nia

      Doesn’t anyone else miss Erics long hair? I think it fit him better. He was turned a viking after all. It should have come back after his “blood induced salon treatment” by Pam. Why should he and Bill look alike in the hair dept. anyways. Bill has kept his hair and luscious sideburns true to form, Eric should have kept his hair the same too. He could have had it tied back in a pony tail, that would have been awesome.

      • pbartteacher

        I did miss Eric’s hair at first but have since really started to enjoy the new “do”. I know in the books he has the long golden hair that Charlaine Harris often talks about. Similar to Sookie’s hair.

        I still think it is a calculated effort on Alan Ball’s part to make Eric/Alex character warmer. Season One, Eric’s all business, vampire politics and cold. No feelings.We really didn’t learn that much about him. Alexander/Eric was not in that many episodes in Season One until the end of the season one.

        Season two, week by week, Eric’s character is showing has shown his more human side. For Lafayette, by not killing him. Sharing his blood so he could heal faster.For Godric his maker. For Sookie, he’s not sure what she is but he is willing to take risks to find out. Obviously not love but perhaps an attraction. Not all relationships are an instant attraction or love.

        Though remember in Season One when Sookie and Bill visit Fangtasia, she noticed Eric right away. Though she said not in that way. Not only have his looks changed but also his plot line. You know they’re getting ready for the inevitable. Triangle. My opinion.

        • Nia

          I think we are just now seeing the true Eric simply because he is getting more screen time this season over last. I think he was always capable of warmth/feelings. Perhaps it has been such a loooong time since he had to use those emotions. There are now things in his life that merit a resurfacing of them. Can’t wait to see this play out. I love both Eric and Bill. I will route for both our sexy vamps in their own way.

      • lee

        Yes, i miss his hair. I’ll never forgot the first scene of him at Fangtasia….it was like lust at first sight! He definately stuck out and the long golden light locks were the perfect acessory.

  • pbartteacher

    ******Top Ten from Hard Hearted Hannah Episode Quotes:**********

    #12- “Hmmm, this is nice. I could sleep here in a pinch.”-Pam

    #11- “Well at least take a quick little looksy. That’s alright Sara. This is something they need to see!”-Steve

    #10-“Where were you all that time?” “I was on a cruise.””A cruise huh, what kind of a cruise?” “A gay one”…… “You would have come back with more pizazz not less” Andy and Lafayette

    #9-“Sometimes when I get nervous, I talk too much.”-Sookie

    #8- “Jason Stackhouse abstinent” “Sounds good don’t it?” “Not really”-Jason

    #7-“I know that pig. Pig! Hey pig! Wait up pig! Ahhh, uhhhh, arggh, awwwee!””Oh, stupid, fuc*ing pig!”-Andy

    #6- “Ain’t have as bad as if you do it to a vampire, or a dude, or a vampire dude that’s like Creme de la creme of sin”-Luke

    #5- “That’s hip, Baby”, “Baby!” “I’m over a 1000 yrs. old”-Eric

    #4- “If you like, after your other guests leave, Guilliem and I could stay and we could fuc* prohibition, somewhat further.”-Lorena

    #3- “Without a hot shower in the morning, I have no tolerance for sarcasm.”-Maryann

    #2- “Seems like lately, if you are too good a waitress around here, someone will come along and kill you.”-Maxine

    #1- “Say au revoir.” “Say it” “Au revoir””Why are you doing this?” “Oh, because we can!”-Bill

    Just a quick few. HaHa. Well a few good ones, at least. Enjoy!

    • pbartteacher

      Actually top 12!

      • Samantha

        Yeah, I think you got all of the great, awesome ones. I laughed when I reread them!

  • Cgpunker

    My favorite scenes were the Lafayette scenes. With Pam, Terry and Andy – but especially Eric as Andy. Alex cracked me up in a pretty tense moment.


    my fav. scene is when SAM woke up NAKED in the bed with SOOKIE after changing back from the dog lol