Countdown to Season 3 of True Blood: HBO to Re-Air Season Two

February 19, 2010 by  

Do your Sunday nights feel empty without your weekly dose of True Blood? HBO has just the remedy! Starting on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 8:00pm, HBO will be re-airing season 2 of True Blood. The 12-episode season should then lead right up to the June premiere of True Blood’s season 3.

Bonus: HBO promises to have “lots of [season] 3 surprises”!

Don’t forget to tune into HBO starting Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 8:00pm!


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  • Antonio

    Ok This is what I think about this. Season 2 was pretty good,Not as good as The First Season,though. I think that too much screen time was given to the Maryann storyline! Many of the other principle chracters were “pushed aside” beacuse of the whole Maryann and her bizarre rituals thing! That time could been used to afford More screen time for: Eric and Godric~~maybe to explain More about their maker-vampire relationship maybe show more of his human life? Bill and Sookie? Hoyt and Jessica?
    Terry and Arlene? Perhaps written more of a storyline for Barry the hotel telepath? During the last few episodes of S2 All i could think about was When are they gonna get rid of Maryann?!
    She Not Only took over the town but the whole darn show as well!
    I just dont understand. Bill and Sookie Are the driving force of the show So Why would the writers accord Maryann More than her storyline deserved??! S2 was good S1 was Much Better!
    I suppose its kind of like the Sopranos Not every season of That show was good either! The first part of S6 of the Sops. was awful I thought Definitely Not up to par with previous seasons! Not to mention the series finale was a Huge disappointment! I suppose maybe S2 of TB may be the season that was Ok JMHO

    • Antonio

      OK as opposed to Season 1 which was Phenominal! The second season started out pretty well but halfway through and to the end it became all about “How do we get rid of Maryann?” They should have run her out of town no later than Ep.5! Then they would have had More time for character development of the principle cast! I hope that Season 3 will be better!
      I will stick with the show. TB All The Way! Just NO More Maryann flashbacks or involvements!! JMHO