Season 4 Spoiler Alert: Everyone’s Favorite Maker Returns

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Godric to Come Back in Season 4

AHyde GodricMichael Ausiello of TV Line has just learned that Godric played by the wonderful Allan Hyde will be returning in Season 4!  You may recall that we did see Godric at the end of season three, where he appeared as an apparition of sorts to his troubled progeny Eric (Alexander Skarsgård). Of the return, Ausiello had this to say:

True Blood EP Alan Ball isn’t offering too many clues, except to say that fans will see “a different side of Godric.”

A different side huh? I wonder what that could mean? More flashbacks perhaps?  There is no word on the specifics of Allan Hyde’s return in terms of when it will occur in the season or for how long. 

But stay tuned Truebies; TBN will have any and all information if and when it is released! So what do you think Godric will be up to this season? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source:– “True Blood Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning!”

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  • Love Godric!!! <3 I'm in favor of Alan Ball creating a spin-off show called "Eric and Godric Do Really Cool S**t Through Time" and we just see them at different points in history.

    • ~ Caitlin

      Lol Alison. I know I would watch that show. They could do some minisodes even.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jaxx & Caitlin.. I soo agree that I believe that we will get a little backstory of the two. We’ll get to see why Eric is the way he is today, Godric did tell Sookie that Eric is the way he is because of him…wonder what that may lead to!! ****rubbing hands together**** This season is sounding like we’re in for a wild ride.. CAN’T WAIT!!! ;D

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Loleaf,

      I’m even more excited for this season than I was for season 3. Oh the anticipation. I feel that we really do need to see the other side of Godric to learn more about Eric. Learning their past will make the rooftop scene even more poignant. Like you said Godric is part of the reason Eric is the way he is as a vampire.

    • Jaxx

      Hello Loleaf and Caitlin. You’re both right. The back story between Eric and Godric will be paramount in S4. We need to see how Eric “grew up” under Godric as a maker. We also need Eric and Pam’s history too. I think this will be the year of Eric, past and present. Can’t wait.

  • Jaxx

    Love Godric. Will take him in any way, shape or form that I can get him. I am so glad to see he will be “back” in S4.

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi jaxx,

      Yes! I love Godric. At some point we do need to see a bad side of Godric so maybe that is what they mean. Eric said to Godric, “You tought me that there is no right or wrong.” I think we should see the darker side of Godric to get more insight into Eric. It could be a flashback of Eric and Godric in darker times. If Eric does get amnesia I would asume that he would not remember Godric. I had a theory that maybe if Eric does get amnesia he could continue to have hallucinations of Godric. What if someone is making him have hallucinations this could drive him a little mad? I would love to see a flashback of Godric and Eric having fun. Every scene we have seen between Godric/Eric has been somber. Maybe it will be a flashback right after Eric was turned. It is possible that it will not be a flashback at all but that seems the most plausible though.

      • Jaxx

        Yes, Caitlin, there are so many possibilities with this storyline. I’m guessing that since Godric had such an important part in Eric’s life for over 1,000 years that even though he may have amnesia, Eric would still be getting “glimpses” of Godric from the past even though Eric may not quite be able to place where he knows Godric from right away. Flashbacks are one of my favorite parts of the storyline. You need background information for everything to make sense. Can’t wait.

        • ~ Caitlin

          I love the flashbacks. They are always so good and surprising. It is possible that he could remember Godric but not know who exactly Godric is. What a bout Pam? I guess he will forget her if he get amnesia but maybe she will seem familiar. Wouldn’t he be
          able to feel the bond. This is if Eric even gets amnesia. I agree with you I don’t care how we see Godric as long as we get to see him from time to time. I’m still hoping for that Pam/Eric flashback too. Maybe we will get to see Gran.

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