Season 4 Spoiler: New Casting Call Released

March 8, 2011 by  

A New Bellefleur and Other Characters Being Cast!

True Blood Season 3With filming of Season 4 of HBO‘s True Blood underway, more casting calls have been released this time for Episode 4.04!

Caroline Bellefleur

The Bellefleur family is growing.  This time they are looking for the family matriarch Caroline Bellefleur.  Described as “in her 70s, formidable, refined, and beautifully dressed”.  She dislikes vampires but takes a liking to Bill.


Emma is a 5 year old little girl who is described as the “happy, playful, talkative daughter of a shifter and werewolf”.

Head Priest

In this flashback role we will see a Spanish-speaking priest from 1610 who “instigates the burning of a witch at a medieval church”.

So Truebies what are your thoughts on these casting calls – any theories?


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)

  • lizzie1701

    Jaxx, I think just about everyone knows by now as some people just want to let people know!

    Anyhow, how could she not take a liking to Bill?

  • Sheila

    I know, but I’m not tellin! I can only guess about the Were/Shifter child? Anybody wanna guess? This is getting better by the second.

  • jaxx

    Oh good, I wondered when Caroline Bellfleur was going to make an appearance. We need to uncover some lineage here from the books. People who haven’t read the books will probably be surprised at the connection between certain characters. It’s a good one. LOL.