Season 4 Spoiler: Fiona Shaw Joins the Cast of True Blood

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‘Marnie’ Has Been Cast

Fiona ShawTrue Blood fans have been eagerly waiting for more Season 4 news and with filming slated to begin in a few weeks we can expect it to start trickling in.  A couple of weeks ago we reported that the show had put out a casting call for several new characters.  According to Fiona Shaw has now joined our favorite show as a series regular. 

Shaw,  known to fans all over as Aunt Petunia from the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, will be playing Marnie, a palm reader who is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch.  Her character is described as being a “mousy, timid, self loathing storefront medium”.  The role was originally written with a younger actress in mind, however the part is being rewritten for Shaw. 

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  • Emily

    LOVE Fiona Shaw! She won my heart in 3Men & Little Lady (so painfully sympathetic!) She’ll fit in great!

  • jaxx

    I am very surprised as well, expecting someone younger, but if AB is good at anything, it’s casting so I’ll trust his judgment on this one too.

  • ~ Caitlin

    I can’t wait for Harry Potter to come out. Only a little more than a week! I’m happy with the choice to go with Aunt Petunia. The casting choice is a surprise but a good one. I have no doubt that she’ll do a wonderful job.

  • Eva

    YES!!!! Aunt Petunia is going to be in True Blood this time!! I can’t wait to see next season now!!

  • Jessie

    VERY interesting casting direction. I was expecting someone younger, too. I love this actress, though. She was just awesome in Three Men And A Little Lady. LOL. It will be interesting to see what Alan Ball does with this character. She’s got big things ahead of her! =)

  • roman

    I like this casting choice, and I think most others seem to agree, though I can see there are some WTF reactions out there. I was expecting someone younger, but I think they are going for a quality actress, and Fiona Shaw can definitely deliver the goods. Hopefully she will surprise us with Marnie/Hallow like Denis O’Hare surprised us with Russell.

  • Bella

    well finally aunt petunia is gonna be a witch at last hahaha
    better later then never LOL

    • LOL, you beat me to it, Bella! Aunt Petunia is a squib no more! *laughing*

  • LET

    I’ll just have to wait to see her in action to see if she can pull the character off. I’m very surprised by this casting because it should be for somebody younger but Fiona Shaw is talented so just have to wait to & see.

  • Merrly20