Season 4 Spoiler: Whose House Will Burn?

February 16, 2011 by  

True Blood is Set to Explode

Eagle RockIt has been reported that part of the town used as a prime location for Bon Temps in HBO’s show, True Blood, is about to go up in flames.

Eagle Patch is a small town in Los Angeles that is currently used for the small group of houses that once housed Dawn Green. Most recently, Sam Merlotte let his family move in to 5038 Ellenwood Dr.

Eagle Rock Patch managed to speak to a security guard on the set, who confirmed that gas canisters were being set up in the front windows of the bungalows. These canisters will give the appearance of  the entire house being engulfed in flames. While only the front of each structure will burn this way, it will effectively destroy all the houses.

Apparently, this is what the owner of the bungalows wants. Clearing the houses by fire is a cheap way to clear the land of the old houses, which were built in 1922. Of course, the location fees are just an added bonus. It is unsure what will be built on the land once the houses are gone.

When asked if he was a fan of the show the security guard replied:

I used to, but the show is on Sunday nights, so I’d see it when I’d come home from church. It wasn’t good for my soul.

Well, it looks set to be a fiery new season, if this latest report is anything to go by!

Source: Eagle Rock Patch – ‘Blood’ Will Burn in Eagle Rock

(Photo Credit: Eagle Rock Patch/Dan Kimpel)