Season 4 Update: Casting Call and Episode Title for Episode 6

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A Call Goes Out For a Recurring Guest Star

Neko CaseJust when you thought it was going to be a slow news week Truebies, another little tidbit about season 4 has made its way out onto the web! Episode six of season 4 is entitled “I Wish I Was the Moon” according to IMDB. It is written by Raelle Tucker and is directed by Jeremy Podeswa. There is also a song of the same name by Neko Case who is depicted to the right. The lyrics can be found here.  Perhaps we will hear it during the episode.

This particular installment calls for the character of Mavis who is slated to be a recurring guest star. The casting call reads as follows:

[MAVIS] Female, African American, 20-30 years old. She is a sad-eyed girl dressed in a modest 1930s dress. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Must speak with a Cajun accent.

Judging from the way she’s dressed, Mavis sounds like she’ll be a part of a flashback. Very interesting! Shooting is scheduled to commence on this episode on February 4th. More details about this episode will be released if and when they are available here on TBN!

Source: IMDB– “Casting Notice for 406”

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