Sesame Street turns True Blood into True Mud

September 23, 2010 by  

Sesame Street will Parody Top Adult Cable Show

When Sesame Street starts it’s 41st season on September 27, 2010 it will include a parody of the opening scene, which takes place in Merlotte’s Bar & Grill,  in season 1 of HBO’s True Blood.

It starts with a redone version of the show’s opening musical sequence showing children stomping around in mud interspersed with pictures of Oscar the Grouch.  It then transitions to a scene, complete with muppet versions of  cook Lafayette Reynold, waitress Sookie Stackhouse, lightning fast Bill Compton and Sheriff Bud Dearborn, that focuses on “Bill” badly in need of True Mud.

These southern accented characters use the situation to both speculate if “Bill” is a Grouch and to teach rhyming by not bringing “Bill” what he asked for, instead they bring him things that have words that rhyme with mud.

We can only wonder if Alan Ball has a cross over is in the works for season 4. Can’t you just see the Count in the bottom left of the screen counting each episodes deaths? Or maybe Oscar popping out of the Dumpster at Merlotte’s when Arlene takes out the trash?

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  • ~ Caitlin

    That was weird and funny at the same time. I’m sure some parents will be in an uproar over this. Especially, after the Katy Perry incident. They should have known not to put her in that outfit or just change the outfit. This shows how popular True Blood is becoming.

  • loleaf

    That’s so funny that they should do a children’s parody of True Blood one minute, then some critics belittle TB for it’s adult content and nature the next. I can only wonder what the backlash will be with the critics with this children’s parody! They will probably say that it will cause the toddlers to become deviants and want to watch TB. LOL!! I thought it was cute, and it was funny how they had the Bill character go all spastic for mud. LOL! 😉

  • Nia

    I thought it hilarious. The kids will be learnimg to rhyme and the adults can have a good laugh (I did).
    I do not see the big deal.


    Wow what exactly is educational about that? I thought Sesame Street was supposed to me educational.

  • Shannon Byers

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a TB fan as they come!! But I think they have lost their minds. How can they, on one hand, parody an adult show full of sex, death and violence and then on the other hand say Katy Perry had too much cleavage. I saw the Katy video…. if they didn’t like the cleavage why didn’t they just redress her. And why use her with Elmo? He’s one of the biggest muppets used with “sex? jokes all over the internet?

  • melissa

    wtf!I dont want to know what the producers and writers were thinking

  • Jean

    So parents get all outa whack about Katy Perry, but this is ok? I LOVE True Blood, but this is creepy.

  • Danielle


  • Shannon Byers

    Am I the only one not entirely sure what to think about this?

    • Nope. I squirmed, giggled a bit, and blushed as I watched.