Solid Ratings For True Blood Debut In UK

October 9, 2009 by  

truebloodseasontworeview1-thumb-550x367-19363On Wednesday night, True Blood began airing on the UK’s Channel 4. Stephen Moyer, the British actor who plays vampire Bill Compton, had been doing lots of promotional interviews in London beforehand, and it looks like it paid off! Early figures indicate that about 1.6 million tuned in for the first episode, “Strange Love.” That’s a respectable audience, comprising a little over 10% of the viewership for the 10pm timeslot, against BBC and the other networks. Back in July, the show had premiered on FX in the UK with 292,000 people watching, so this is definitely an improvement. Hopefully, as the weeks progress, the numbers will grow as more people tune in to see what True Blood is all about!


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  • Nia

    Was there ever any doubt??? Especially with their hometown boy as lead actor!
    Stephen and True Blood rocks!!!!!!

  • Lizzie 1701

    Good ratings! Word of mouth will bring in more viewers!

    Why didn’t he come to Australia when we premiered early this year! Ripped off!!

    • NanaVamp

      Hi Lizzie, NanaVamp here. He’ll get there I bet. I wonder if he’ll wonder over to the Pacific Northwest, USA? Specifically, Washington State?? Nah… one comes here.

      Visiting Australia is on my Bucket list!!

      • antonio

        Hi Nanavamp First of all,I’d like to say for a long time now,I’ve wanted to see the Pacific Northwest! Particularly WA!
        Portland,Vancouver. I’m hopeful that I may get the chance to do that soon. I’d Love to see Seattle!

        Now With regards to Him coming out to WA.. Wouldnt that be considered an act of treason?? After All,THOSE OTHER Vampires are Big Stuff there! Would You have a True Blood character~~And The BEST One at that~~~ enter into Twilight Country??
        Of Course Jacob Black and his wolf tribe would have to beat him up and chase him away..Remember NO VAMPIRES Allowed Near La Push!! LOL πŸ™‚

        For Stephen Moyer to make an appearance Anywhere near Forks would be like saying that Twilight is Equal to True Blood…It Is NOT!! It NEVER COULD BE!!
        Nothing against WA or that area of the country…:)
        Besides You have Rob & Kristen living in Vancouver Now Isnt That Enough For You?? LOL
        Welcome Aboard!!!

        • NanaVamp

          Hi antonio..
          I was in a state of shock when I found out that Steph’s books took place in Forks, WA. My son played football and baseball against Forks HS in the 80’s. Believe me, Forks needed a shot in the arm……the timber industry went to hell in a handbasket, and the economy in Forks was at its lowest.

          But……I guess your right Washington is Edward Country. You drive through the town and most of the shops are Twilight connected.

          • antonio

            Hi Nana Of Course I was Only Joking about that! I think it would nice if Steph and Anna were to visit WA! I think that he would like it there. On a video interview He Did know Something about Twilight,As he said if he had a teenage daugther he would Not mind her reading about Edward And Bella. He also said he liked the fact that Edward respected her and behaved like a gentleman toward her. I think He would be a Big Hit if he were to appear in Seattle or Much of the south western WA area!
            I think it would be Cool for Him and Anna maybe even Sam and Alex to appear somehow in Forks! It would be a shot in the arm for the county and more people would probably go out there if they were to hear that Steph Anna and Maybe Sam were there!
            I wonder if Sam Trammell will attend the New Moon premiere next month As it seems he likes attending film and tv show premieres!
            It would be Really Cool if he did!! It would be a show of solidarity for the “Vampire/Shifter” community! LOL
            As I had mentioned, I would Like to visit WA very much!
            Just Something About the Pacific Northwest…
            I’m Sure the TB Cast would be welcome there
            However, I Don’t think that many gals would scream for Rob Pattinson if they saw Stephen Moyer OR Alex Scarsgard There on the street!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • antonio

    This is great to hear. I’m glad the UK now has a chance to discover what a great show this Is! I’m sure the Brits will be just as hooked as Us Americans. Maybe many more of them will visit this site to find out more about the show and season 2!
    Welcome Aboard,Brits!!

    • missyella

      Hi Antonio and all True Blood fan,

      I have been posting on this site since I found the show, I cannot tell you how I have been spreadinbg the word to all and sundry in the UK.

      I had to hunt high and low, until I managed to find the entire two seasons on go look.

      True Blood and Alexander Skarsgard rocks, as does all of the cast.

      Roll on season 3, 4 amd more!!

      • NanaVamp

        Hello…….missyella! NanaVamp here.
        I went to the TVshack website, its really awesome. Thanks for the link. missyella?? do I know you from another message board? I’ve been reading awesome FF that was written by a missyella..
        TTYL πŸ™‚

        • Missyella

          Hi NanaVamp,

          Yes it was probably me, I have lost count of the amount I have written on TB sites, since finding the show and becoming I hope a true fan of the show and of course Allan Ball, not forgetting Charlaine Harris the true inspiration for all of this.

          I absolutely love the show, and am even an ASars fan on Facebook.

          I post comments when I feel I have something to add.

          This site is wonderful and the Admin who run it desearve a Medal, but all I can say is keep up the good work to all of them, they know who they are!!