Sony Buys the Rights to Ryan Kwanten’s Red Hill

March 25, 2010 by  

As most True Blood fans know, Ryan Kwanten who plays the lovable Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, will be starring in a new upcoming movie, “Red Hill”.  Well Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisition Group has just acquired all U.S. distributing rights to the western thriller.  As of yet no release date has been set on the film but a spokesperson for Sony had this to say about the movie’s director, Patrick Hughes, and the film:

Hughes has contemporized the revenge western with such style and adrenaline that we jumped at the opportunity to distribute such a bad ass movie.”

In the movie, Ryan plays a young police officer, Shane Cooper, who relocates to the small town of Red Hill with his pregnant wife, Alice. When news of a prison break sends the town into a panic, Shane’s first day on the job quickly turns into a nightmare.  Add into the mix a convicted murder, Jimmy Conway, who has returned to the town of Red Hill seeking revenge. Now caught in the middle of this chaos, Shane will be forced to take the law into his own hands if he wants to survive.

Sounds like a great movie to see and I am sure Ryan is amazing in it as you can see for yourself in the official movie trailer below.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)