Sookie Stackhouse: A Tale of Three Suitors

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Sookie StackhouseIn prepping for a possible story last week, I was reading a recent article on vampires in which a college professor, Dr. Thomas Greene of Northern Essex Community College was commenting on the vampire myth in popular culture. He said “Look at True Blood. Take out the vampires, and it’s Jane Eyre.”

Now I love speculating and looking for hidden meanings, and so reading that article got me thinking about literary comparisons for my favorite show.

I remember reading Jane Eyre during my Master’s program, and that plotline doesn’t fit with True Blood‘s story nearly as well, I feel, as do the books of Jane Austen. I’ve spent the better part of a week thinking through all the potential comparisons one could make, and I’ve narrowed the choices down to three which I believe are the most applicable to Sookie‘s life–Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Emma.


normal_EricNorthman__001_HBOI feel that the most compelling comparison to Jane Austen’s work is that of Pride and Prejudice. The roles of her suitors are easy to identify, to my mind, though I know Bill fans are not going to be happy with what I’m going to say.

I truly believe that we will find out Bill Compton is the Wickham who charms her. Lizzie is convinced at the beginning that Wickham is the good guy, but later she realizes that she has been deceived and that the whole basis for their relationship is a lie. We already have hints in the show that Bill‘s motives for coming to Bon Temps and for getting to know Sookie are not what they have seemed, and those who have read the novels know that if the show follows the books, then Bill fans are going to need to brace themselves for some ugly truths to be revealed in the coming seasons.

In Pride and Prejudice, Wickham also tells Lizzie lies about his rival Mr. Darcy, convincing her that Darcy is proud, arrogant, rude, unfeeling, heartless, and jealous. I see definite parallels here again. Bill has convinced Sookie of exactly those things about his rival, Eric Northman. And just as Lizzie comes to see that all of those assumptions were wrong, we’re already getting hints that Eric does not necessarily fit the villain image we’ve been handed from the beginning. There is goodness, kindness, and deep feeling in him, and his pride and arrogance, like Darcy’s, are perhaps instead simply an awareness of his own true superiority over others. He keeps his emotions very private, just as Darcy does, and he hides his true altruistic motives, just as Darcy does. We see this most clearly in the relationship between Eric and Godric, but Eric is beginning to show those characteristics to Sookie as well, and we can see her confusion as she tries to reconcile the picture she’s been given of Eric as a liar and a bully and the actions he took to save her from the Fellowship of the Sun as well as the depth of his feelings for Godric. That inner turmoil is only going to get more conflicting for Sookie in the seasons to come.

Turning to the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I see even more shades of Pride and Prejudice, as Eric does things for Sookie unasked without expecting anything in return (replacing her gravel driveway, buying her a new coat, replacing her broken door and cell phone), just as Darcy does for Lizzie. Eric is also always there in Sookie‘s hour of need, just as Darcy is. And in the last novel, when he does not come to save her and she lashes out at him for not being there, he tells her that she will understand why later. This scene reminded me very much of when Lizzie tells Darcy that her sister has run away with Wickham and Darcy leaves immediately, giving Lizzie the impression that he has abandoned her because of her family’s shame. However, just as we later find that Darcy has been orchestrating a rescue behind the scenes, I truly believe that in Book 10, we will discover that Eric was not there to rescue Sookie because he was doing something much more significant for her safety.

By the end of Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie and Wickham are able to make peace and become friends, but she will never truly trust him again. I believe that this is what Sookie and Bill will come to by the end of the series as well. In Book 9, Sookie is able to look at him and see the man she had loved, but I don’t believe that they will be lovers again.


billHowever, while the Pride and Prejudice plotline seems to me the most likely way for Sookie‘s story to play out, I could be wrong. It is also possible that Sookie‘s story follows Austen’s Persuasion instead, in which case, there is a total reversal of all that I have said.

In Persuasion, the main character, Anne, is convinced by others to turn down the marriage proposal of Wentworth, a man she truly loves. She then comes to regret that decision, but she cannot reconcile with him. She is presented with an alternative suitor, William Elliot, who is charming and humorous and who has a wicked past which he hides from her and those lies eventually come out, ruining their chances for romance.

At the end of Season 2, Sookie still has not given Bill an answer to his proposal. Will she be convinced over the course of Season 3 to turn him down? If so, is Eric the charismatic suitor who charms her socks off, but later is revealed as a lying and manipulative snake?

With this scenario, Bill fans can take heart, because in the end, Anne and Wentworth come together at last, finally telling one another how they truly feel and determined never to be parted again.


Sam MerlotteFinally, I have one other possible Jane Austen novel which leaves our heroine with none of the above. In the novel Emma, the main character is presented with several suitors, but in the end she realizes that the man she truly loves is Mr. Knightly, the man who has been her friend and confident all along, a man she thought of as a part of her family. Emma does not realize her love for Knightly until she thinks that she is going to lose him to another woman.

Given this plotline, there is only one man in Sookie‘s life who could fit Knightly’s shoes–her boss, Sam Merlotte. We already know that Sam loves Sookie. Sookie relies on him, she trusts him, she confides in him, and he is always there to help her when she needs him most. He was even willing to risk his life for her, twice.  Could it be that Sam turns out to be the love of Sookie‘s life after all?

Whichever potential storyline you favor, I also know that both Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball love twists and surprises. Like True Blood fans everywhere, I cannot wait to see how the story unfolds. Rather than labeling myself Team Bill or Team Eric (or even the dark horse Team Sam), I instead am Team Sookie. Just as I root for Jane Austen’s heroines to win the day, I am rooting for Sookie, whatever man she chooses.

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SOURCE: The Eagle-Tribune and the works of Jane Austen

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  • Duncan34

    Delia i loved reading this…you are truly a genius when it comes to writing…i love reading your articles, and i will continue too..i totally agree with everything you wrote..i could picture it all in my head as well..i played pride and prejudice scenes over and over and put Bill and Eric in them with Sookie..and then i started laughing thinking about it..especially if they had english’t wait to read your next article..YOU ROCK!!

    Your favorite short friend in the library,
    L. Duncan

  • pbartteacher

    Isn’t this great Deliah A well written article always starts a platform for discussion and debate. I was looking at the title of your article and was wondering if perhaps we would need to re-title with season three in mind. Perhaps we need to add Alcide to our mix of suitors for Sookie Stackhouse.

    As Jaxx has pointed out, Alan Ball has said that Season Three of True Blood will follow the Charlaine harris novel “Club Dead” in its story lines.

    Whether you are a fan of the novels or the television show or both, we have so much to look forward to in Season three. The addition of many new characters, plot lines and of course the added drama of winning Sookie’s heart. The love triangle will be my main reason for following Season Three.

    185 days until the v-ddiction continues. Thanks again for the article, pbartteacher

  • annm1969

    Thank-you Delia for the wonderful article and comparisons. I haven’t read “Persuasion” yet but I have read the other two and I think you are spot-on with Eric and Sam. Thank-you for including Sam because I think many fans get so tied up into the whole vampire thing that they forget about him. I hope as in “Emma”, they bring in somebody for Sam to make Sookie think about what she may be giving up with that relationship. If you read the books they make it very obvious that all Sookie wants is a fairly normal life and Sam is really the only person who can give that to her. I don’t think we should write off Sam yet!!

    • jaxx

      I’m with you on the Sam take. I haven’t written him off yet nor will I.

  • nbu

    Not only is your article well thought out and well-written, Delia, but the words Eric Northman and Mr Darcy in the one sentence is enough for me to result into a quivering mess!

    IMO your P&P reference is probably the most accurate of the love (& lust) triangle at this stage. Especially as I have read all the books and can identify certain characters with parallel situations. Although I do try hard to keep the books seperate to the TV series (for my own peace of mind), I think that Ball has commented that a lot of the plot will be kept fairly accurate to the books.

    Jeez, bring on season 3 already!

  • Sandy

    Loved your article Delia! As an ex High school English teacher, I give you an A+ for your analysis of Pride and Prejudice, one of my favorite books. I agree — Eric Northman is SO D’Arcy, isn’t he? Looking down his handsome arrogant nose at those mere inferior humans …until he falls helplessly in love with one and becomes the best guy ever. Sam as Mr. Knightly works for me too. Kind, steady, loyal. For Persuasion and Bill… Ok, I don’t meant to offend anyone here but Bill has shown two very different faces in TB so far. I keep wondering — Is he the Bill who killed the Uncle, slaughtered the couple with Lorena, and needlessly terrorized the cop guy after the raid at Fangtasia? Or is he truly the sincere and loving Bill we see him being for Sookie? Until I figure that out, I don’t know which of Austen’s characters he will resemble most.

    • So, Eric is what? Mr Nice guy that has been misunderstood? Is he not two faced as well?? I am sure he has as many secrets as Bill. Only time will tell as to how many, I guess!

      Sorry! Eric does NOT look or act like Mr Darcy or any other character. Eric is Eric.

  • pbartteacher

    Good afternoon everyone on True Blood:

    I truly enjoyed everyone’s posts so far on this thread. You all make some very good points. Again thank you Delia for your wonderful analysis of our True Blood characters. Everyone works so well together on this site. It is a wonderful place for all fans to catch up the latest True Blood news. Anxiously awaiting Season Three and the upcoming plot lines for our favorites Eric and Bill.

    We all love our favorites and do not want to ever see them in a bad light. But both our vamps are good, bad, deceptive, dangerous, desperate and loving. Just as we have seen Eric can have redeeming qualities some may see him as bad. And the reverse for Bill . He started out good but is slowly displaying some disturbing qualities too.

    We know Eric was a warrior from a by gone era. So little is known about Eric’s past and hopefully this season we will get to see alittle more of it. As far as loves, wives and children we simply don’t know in the series.

    To say that Eric has never experienced true love, is a little premature to determine. As was stated, we simply do not know yet. Those who are or were around Eric, know him to be extremely loyal and devoted friend. His relationship with his maker is proof of that. If someone has known love before, it is not hard to feel it again. Love is wonderful! Once experienced, it is something one always yearns for and searches for. As far as searching for it again, the Viking perhaps was not seeking initially but now has been enamored by the telepath. For reasons, we could debate all day about, Sookie has gotten under Eric’s skin and vice a versa.

    Really hating Bill is not possible. He is the charming Southern gentlemen with the desperate urge to protect Sookie whatever his reasons. He has the capacity to feel despite still being linked to his maker Lorena. This season will be the emerging drama between our three lead characters-Eric, Sookie and Bill. There will be many revelations about all of the leads. Why is Bill in Bon Temps? Does Sookie have free will in choosing her love since she has had both Bill and Eric’s blood? With so many more seasons, I am sure Alan Ball and his staff will be answering these questions and posing hundreds more for us to think about.
    As to Eric loosing nothing, we don’t know that yet. We know that he has lost the only individual he has known for the last 1000 years, and it was one of the most tragic and poignant moments of Season Two. As far tragic figures, who has lost more we simply don’t know yet either and I would not want to conjecture on those points.

    Eric is not perfect. He has made mistakes perhaps. But perhaps, just perhaps the Viking had his reasons for certain tactical moves that he made with Sookie. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Viking knows the whole truth about Bill. Perhap,s just perhaps he has seen the bigger picture the whole time with his 1000 years of living and is protecting Sookie all along. Perhaps Bill can’t fully protect Sookie and Eric will be needed in that capacity on some level for next season. Oh what drama will be possible in June. As Alan Ball has stated in order for the series to be fresh and interesting, it needs drama. Thank you again, Delia. I loved your comparison of Eric and Mr. Darcy. I would have to agree.

    Personally, I am anxiously awaiting the next 180 days until True Blood Season Three will premiere. I am looking forward to some spoilers from the set and some new video coming out of the production.

  • Loleaf

    Delia, I pretty much agree with you here. What we have to remember about our two favorite vampires are their age’s (vampire age’s that is).

    Bill, isn’t as old as Eric and has been brought up in a more civilized time than Eric has (hence the cool southern demeanor and the chivalrous attitude).

    Whereas Eric being 1000 years old and a viking whose known nothing but fighting and hard times during his actual life (hence the tough, deceiving and protective attitude).

    Bill has told Sookie that it took him a long time to get back his humanity, with him being so young it would be easier for him. But for Eric being so old it would not be as easy to fight his way back to feeling love. He may have never really known it to begin with and it may hit him when he least expects it to.

    I know the team Bill people think that Eric is nothing but a cold-hearted (no pun intended lol) man, but before you judge think about the different time periods in which the two vampires lived in. That explains a lot it their differences (at least to me).

    I believe with the love of a good woman any man (or vampire) can change for the better. We all know the influence that Sookie has on our favorite vamps and shape-shifters (to be fair to Sam), they all have now or will have the protective urge for her without any care for their well-being. There are more to the stories than some people know about now, but I’m sure it will be explained to all of us soon. That’s the best part about the series and the books, both keep us surprised and wanting more more more more….

    I hope I haven’t insulted anyone, if I did I am sorry, that wasn’t my intention! Just wanted to voice my opinion about the differences of the two vamps that are always the center of our conversations. As always thanks to all of the authors for writing these articles to keep all of our blood pumping in anticipation for the upcoming season. I may not get to post everyday like most, but I do come and read daily to find out all of the latest news. I have to have by daily dose of my favorite (and only I may add) drug, without it I am a basket-case for the rest of the day. LOL!! We all have so much fun here and the camaraderie is priceless… THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

    • jaxx

      Thank you Loleaf!! I totally agree. You summed it up perfectly. Sookie is the type of girl who can get in any man’s heart and melt it. It will take Eric longer to have his melted (just as in the books), but I believe it can happen. I believe a lot will be revealed in Book 10 which will also impact the series for future seasons.

      Thank you again, Delia, for such a good article and an interesting debate. 🙂

      • Loleaf

        Thx Jaxx! That has been swimming around my mind forever!! Just wanted to state the obvious(will at least to me), why it seems that Bill is so gentle and Eric is somewhat a hard-ass. Eric may be a hard-ass vampire but who’s to say that he can’t be gentle when he really wants to!! Bring on season 4 PLEASE!!!

    • Antonio

      Hi Loleaf I dont think you have insulted anyone here.
      I appreciate your post Very well thought out. I do not think that Eric is evil or totally bad. I suppose that he is somewhat misunderstood even though it seems he likes being tough and agressive but like you said this may have been an aquired survival skill from his human days. It will be interesting to see how the characters of Both Eric and Bill develop!
      We will also find out whats going to come about with Sam,Jessica,Sookie,Tara Jason and Andy…Lots of questions,huh?
      Surely Bill and Sookie’s relationship will be tested! I wonder what She will think at the onset? Will she know that Bill has been abducted? Will she ask Eric for help in finding him? Will she and Jason and the rest of the town have trouble with the Werewolves?? What exactly will Sam find out about his real family? Guess we will have to wait,huh? What a ride it has been!!

      • Loleaf

        Thank you Antonio for your kind response!! I agree that we have a lot in store for us in the upcoming seasons (if we can make it through the waiting)!!!!!!! I believe that Bill also knows the Eric is as bad as Sookie was thinking he is. For one thing, if he thought that Eric was that bad he would have talked Sookie out of going the Fangtasia that first time. Therefore keeping her out of the vampire politics that she is in now.. I think that Bill knows that Eric can protect her down the line in ways that he cannot. Eric is always thinking one step ahead of everyone else and I believe that he has already come with that conclusion, hence the trickery with Sookie drinking his blood. But that is JMO!!

        • Loleaf

          Sorry, what I wanted to say was:

          I think that Bill knows that Eric isn’t as Bad as Sookie believes he is!!

    • Nia

      Hi Loleaf,
      I truly enjoyed your post. You make very valid points.
      We love our favorites and do not want to ever see them in a bad light. But both our vamps are good and bad. Just as we have seen Bill good, we may see him bad. And the reverse for Eric. He started out bad but is slowly displaying some good.

      We know so little of Erics past, and he has had a long one. We know he was a warrior.
      In TB, as Eric is dying, he talks to his men about always having and wanting women around so we must assume he never married or had children. Did he ever have a truly loving relationship with a woman? To feel real love? Either before he was turned or even after?? Hopefully AB will explore that much further.

      I believe that Eric has never experienced true love, so it is even harder for him to acknowledge it, let alone show it, when it does come creeping into his unbeating heart. If someone has known love before, it is not hard to feel it again. Love is wonderful! Once experienced, it is something one always yearns for and searches for.

      Really hating Eric is not possible. He is to much fun with his bad boy, charming, devious, almost petulant, childlike behavior. He does have the capacity to feel, we saw it with Godric. I don’t think he has felt it with anyone else. He is very curious as to his attraction to Sookie, he wants her but does he really understand why? This “revelation” to Eric will be great to see.
      We have so much to learn and have fun with in the seasons to come.

      As to Bill we know a bit more about his past, but not all. He is the more tragic figure. He lost so much. He was already traumatized by the war, then losing his wife, who he must have loved very deeply, and his children, when he was so close to coming home. Then to have to spend a possible eternity with someone as evil as Lorena, the one who stole his life and loves, and who taught him to be a monster. I can see Bill, who may have never thought to find love again, desparate for it when he sees the possibility in Sookie. A miracle.

      Whereas Eric lost nothing but gained all……..LEEVE! Cheating death!! Another chance at life!! Eternity, with power and strength….AHHH it must have been exhilarating!!He also had the benefit of centuries of a loving relationship with his maker.

      Bill is not perfect, he makes mistakes and has a temper. Its funny how some have called Bill sappy sweet, in the past, because he was so good. Now that we see a possibility that Bill is something more than whats on the surface, we see some calling him all sorts of evil. I guess Bill just cannot win with some.

      There is so much we need to learn about Bills past.
      What happened after he was released from Lorena? How did he survive on his own? Why did he associate with Malcom and gang? How did his connection to the queen come about? And of course***spoiler***, was he sent to find Sookie and if so for what ultimate reason?

      Questions, questions, to many questions. We will drive ourselves into a “frenzy” with our speculations and banter. But that is what makes it fun.

      Loleaf, Delia, and all the others here, its all about fun and displaying our devotion to this wonderful show and these gorgeous men/vamps, and of course the object of their desires, Sookie.

      I will close with only this last simple statement….I wish I was Sookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Loleaf

        Thank You Nia!! I always try to express my opinions in a way to not insult or to belittle the other opinions here! After all we are here for the same reason.. To show our support to a WONDERFUL SHOW and to a GREAT CAST!!! The fact is if everyone agreed on the same things here, we would not have as much fun and camaraderie here as we do. Who said that we all have to agree? That’s what makes this site the best one out there!! There isn’t any bad feelings toward one another if opinions don’t match-up so to speak. I have been on this site since it was started and I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on all of your posts. You guys are so respectful when posting and we don’t have to worry about negative posts here…Thank you all for making me feel at home here!!

  • rclaurel

    Can’t he feel her emoitions, then I am sure he felt her excitment.

  • Amy

    Hi Delia- I really enjoyed reading your article! LOVED your Pride & Prejudice analysis. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Delia Remington

      Thanks Amy. 🙂

  • Antonio

    Wonderful Article Delia..Kudos! Apparently you have done your homework here and I commend you for that! Now,I’d like to add my 2 cents here. Three suitors? Yes They are.. Bill,Sam and Eric?
    I’m sure there are other figures in literature and books that these guys could be compared to. For Example(I may not always mention the classics of literature so bear with me) In Twilight,
    Bill would probably be Edward ..attentive,passionate,devoted trying to evolve find his humanity,Sam would probably be Jacob Black or maybe even Dr.Carlisle Cullen ..Someone who cares and wants to help or try to make a difference Carlisle like Bill and Sam also had to work at evolving or trying to find his humanity. Who would Eric Be? I dont know. James is a tracker vicious vindictive ravenous. Emmet or Jasper would not be a good match for him either. Perhaps their is No Eric in there. Unless maybe Aro of the Vulturi who can be sadistic and petulant like Eric I suppose..But Unlike Any of these,I dont think Eric is totally bad! Great Article!

    • Delia Remington

      Thanks Antonio. 🙂 I can see season 1 parallels between True Blood’s Bill and Sam compared to Twilight’s Edward and Jacob, but once Eric is thrown in the mix, you’re right…the comparison starts to unravel. It’s fun to speculate, though, and I love discussing the possibilities.

  • jay

    I think bill and eric have different sides to them, that we have not yet seen but we will come to learn. Does this mean we can type cast either of them into who is better for sookie? No because they are both so complex. I have always believed bill and eric have both positive and negative qualities. Like everyone else. Therefore, I have never had a favourite, I have never been on a particular team. For me personally, I have no feeling to mention sam at this particular time. It just feels at the moment, the show has not put him in the picture. Maybe later down the track?
    I think sookie is awesome and I just want to watch her journey through this exciting and eventful life that CH & TB have created for her, and will explore. Its entertaining TV & I sooo cant wait 4 next season!!!

    • Delia Remington

      GO TEAM SOOKIE! 🙂 Thanks Jay.

  • wiwa

    This comes on an interesting day for me. While working I had been trying to fit the three suitors of Bathsheba in “Far from the Madding Crowd” into True Blood. I wanted to make Bill into Gabriel. It might work, but I suspect Gabriel is more like Sam.

    The Persuation option rules! I love me some Bill, and Wentworth was a worthy love for Anne. I appreciate Anne Elliot better now that I’m a little older myself.

    • Delia Remington

      Persuasion has become one of my very favorite books. It’s all about second chances, and I love that idea. I’d love to believe that after all the facts are on the table, Sookie and Bill can reach forgiveness. I ache for both of them as I read the books and see their pain. (Again, trying not to be a spoiler! So hard!!!)

  • Nia

    Thanks Delia for the article.
    Would you mind a bit of argument??

    I have a small problem, though, with your description of Bill as Wickham. He may have charmed Sookie, but to be honest I believe that she charmed him more. If he has been keeping truths from her or decieving her, in the beginning, he must have had a good reason ( I could be wrong, I am sure we will find out), but I wholeheartedly believe it was never with any malicious intent. He truly loves her, as we have seen in the finale.

    Since he is still keeping truths from her, it must be because he is afraid of what the truth will do to their relationship. He does not want to lose her. Yet I do believe he should have told her. It was time.

    Also, when you said that Wickham (Bill) tells lies about Mr. Darcy (Eric), I believe in Bill and Erics case, that is not true at all. Bill has never told Sookie anything about Eric that was not true. Actually he rarely has discussed Eric with her at all. He even defended Eric on numerous occasions, even after all that Eric put him through.
    He admitted that he has had worse sheriffs. Sookie was the one who said, “how can you defend him”. Bill says that Eric helped save her life. Then later Bill says, even after the decietful way Eric tricked Sookie, “he took bullets for you”. Bill has always been the gentleman. Even after Eric called in his maker, Bill did not run to Sookie to tell her.

    So, in this respect, I think Bill deserves a little more credit.

    Please, no offense Delia, just my opinion.
    Well you did warn us Bill girls….LOL

    • wiwa

      Here! Here! Nia! You make some excellent points. Most jigsaw puzzles can’t be taken apart and neatly made into different pictures, can they?

      • wiwa

        I meant “Hear! Hear!”. I’m tired and hungry.

    • Rose96

      I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Delia Remington

      Nia, I am happy to hear your side of it. I can totally see where you’re coming from with your points. Definitely, in the show so far, Bill has not, at least to our knowledge as yet, shown anything like Wickham’s bad behavior.

      However, when he said to Sookie that Eric has had 1000 years’ practice in deceit,” that raises some serious red flags to me, making me think that we’re going to find that a half-truth. Wickham fed Lizzie half-truths throughout Pride and Prejudice, which is part of why it took her so long to uncover the truth. Also, when Bill said, “I have had worse sheriffs” that led again sounded to me like Wickham who gave backhanded complements to Darcy which led Lizzie to think that Wickham was giving him too much credit when in fact it was exactly the opposite. And we know that there is more to the story of Bill’s arrival in Bon Temps than he has yet revealed. I don’t know how much of the story from the books will bleed into the show, but if it follows the novel series plotline, I am sorry, but I think Bill is in for a very rough time. (I’m trying really hard not to be a spoiler for those who haven’t read them, and I have let go of any expectations that the books will be followed to the letter.) In the books as well, I believe that Bill truly loves Sookie, but that is not always enough.

      Again, I may be totally wrong with my expectations. I’d like to believe that Bill is a good guy through and through. But what I’d like and what I’ll come to want after things play out are two different things. I wish for Sookie to never be hurt by any of the men in her life, but I also know that isn’t a likely scenario, and part of the excitement of the drama is the conflict.

      I honestly am just hoping for Sookie’s happiness, no matter who she ends up with. I am not picking sides. I would be just as happy for Bill to be Captain Wentworth as I would be for Eric to be Mr. Darcy or for Sam to be Mr. Knightley, so long as Sookie is happy. GO TEAM SOOKIE!

  • Thanks Delia, for a good read. I also love Pride and Prejudice and and love Mr Darcey, and as a Bill Lover, I think you are wrong, because I see nothing in the past two seasons to suggest that Sookie feels nothing but repulsion for Eric and I just can’t see that changing, even if the blood makes her do things she would not even contemplate doing with Eric. I thin deep inside it would respulse her and she would feel deep hurt for hurting Bill.

    Besides all that, I really enjoyed reading your article and congratulate you for doing this homework!

    • Delia Remington

      Thanks for your thoughts, Lizzie. I just don’t know what’s going to happen, but if it does follow the Pride and Prejudice plotline, then the show will follow the scenario I’ve laid out. I don’t know if Sookie can get over her hatred of Eric to see the other parts of his personality. However, I remember the first time I read Pride and Prejudice, I HATED Darcy and was convinced that he was the awful arrogant jerk she believed him to be…until Austen revealed his true nature which she’d been blind to all through the first half of the novel. However, as I said, things could go a totally different direction. We’ll just have to wait to watch the story unfold. I am on the edge of my seat!

    • How is though, that the only reason Sookie would have feelings for Eric is through ingesting his blood, yet somehow her ingestion of literally gallons of Bill’s blood doesn’t play into her feelings for Bill at all?

      I keep hearing this and it’s just the most twisted logic!

      If we’re going to say that blood CAUSES the attraction – which I’m assuming by the definite tones you’re using to say that Sookie wouldn’t otherwise go near Eric with a bargepole – then Bill has a bigger problem than Eric does. Not only has Sookie had his blood, but he has had hers. If blood can cause an attraction where there is none, as you’re saying, then it must also make the attraction B/S feel on meeting more intense. If we’re going to say that the blood is the cause, then it makes it particularly interesting that Eric is attracted to her without having ever tasted her.

      What is *far* more likely is that the blood only ENHANCES feelings that already exist as it does in the books. So her initial attraction to Bill was enhanced after she took his blood, just as we are seeing Sookie’s initial attraction to Eric being enhanced now.

      If you aren’t seeing any signs that the attraction to Eric existed before the bullet sucking – I suggest you go back and watch the scene where she first sees him. The look on her face is as clear as it was when she first saw Bill. And then listen to Bill immediately starting telling her what she will think of him – starting when she asks who is and Bill spits out “That’s ERIC”, like a petulant five year old.

      • By that logic, there’s still a problem. In the VERY first episode of True Blood, Sookie notices INSTANTLY that Bill has arrived at Merlotte’s. She’s attracted to him from the first. Yes, she does ingest blood from Bill very soon after that, but the emotional connection had already been made between the two.

        • I completely acknowledge that an attraction existed between Bill and Sookie before any exchange of blood, as I said above. What I’m saying is that if we are going to take the position that Eric’s blood can cause Sookie to feel an attraction where there was absolutely none before – then you also have to concede that Bill’s blood would at the very least influence how she feels about him after having it, and would probably make any initial attraction Sookie felt to him stronger as well.

          This basically puts Sookie in the position of having no free will – and that undermines everything.

          You can’t have it both ways. It can’t be that Eric’s blood can cause attraction where there was none, yet Bill’s blood has no effect at all. But this is what we keep hearing in all the howling about Eric and the bulletsucking – “oh she wouldn’t go near him if it wasn’t for that!!!”

          It makes far more sense that the blood enhances feelings that already exist – as it does in the books – than that it creates feelings out of nothing. There is nothing interesting about someone being controlled, but if the feelings exist in the first place and the blood taking causes them to be brought out and explored…much more interesting from a story telling viewpoint because that generates emotional conflict.

          You make the point that Sookie had made a connection with Bill prior to taking his blood and that is true. Sookie also knew Eric for a quite a while before taking HIS blood. She knew him alot longer than the hour or two she had with Bill prior to the blood coming into play. She had opportunity to feel her own feelings about both of them before having either of their blood, so I don’t see how that argument really stands up either. B/S shippers can say all they want that Sookie had no attraction to Eric – doesn’t make it so. Geez, even Ball is admitting that she is attracted to him now and he’s been cagiest of all.

          I just think this whole idea that Eric is controlling Sookie with his blood and forcing himself on her is so out there and the arguments being used to justify it simply don’t stand up. One set of rules are being applied to Bill, and another set to Eric. Just seems to me that alot of assumptions and accusations are being made out of emotion, rather than reason.

          Wow that was epic. Sorry.

          • Wow! That was an epic! I can see where you are coming from, but I still don’ think Sookie had that type of attraction to Eric at that first meeting. I think it was just curiosity. These were the first Vampires she has seen since meeting Bill, and they are completely different to Bill.

            Also, when Alan Ball said that she was becoming attracted to Eric, I took it that because of the blood she was ‘fated’ to go to Eric.

            Alan Ball has said at an interview, which is listed somewhere on this site and I would be happy to find, that the love between Bill and Sookie is the ‘real deal’. So, I guess we will continue to debate this issue until the final episode of True Blood airs in many seasons from now!

          • jaxx

            I agree Sookieverseblog. She “noticed” Bill at Merlotte’s and at first was intrigued with him being the first vampire she had ever seen and/or met. She started liking Bill after she discovered she could not hear him and that was very appealing to her. She noticed Eric at Fangtasia in a similar manner. While yes she was curious about Eric, by the look on her face, I think she was intrigued as well as attracted to his cool/confident/ arrogant/strong almost majestic lion-like attitude as well. She saw him on multiple occasions after that all before any blood was exchanged with Eric. Haven’t you ever met someone and despite everything in you that says you shouldn’t be attracted to him, deep in the recesses of your mind, you know you are? Then you see that person over and over and something inside of your heart starts to like him even though your head in telling you that you shouldn’t. Just imo, this is what I think is part of what is going on with Sookie and Eric. Same could be said for Eric. He is attracked to Sookie’s bravery/good looks/loyalty/honesty as well. Being a viking and fighting in wars in his youth, I’m sure he hadn’t had much time for relationships with women, except one night stands here and there (in AB’s TB version/book version is different). These feelings are something new for Eric and he doesn’t know quite how to deal with it. The methods he used on other women aren’t working with Sookie (such as glamouring and mind control) and he can’t seem to understand why. That’s what is attracking him to her, she is different from all other women he has ever known in his 1000 years of existence. While the love for Bill and Sookie may be the real deal, how many times in real life has someone fallen in love with someone else??? Fate, inspite of everything you do to try to prevent it from happening?? Well, we’ll just have to see where AB takes us with this one.

  • CrazyforBill

    Sorry, but you’re totally wrong about Bill being Wickham and Eric being Mr. Darcy. It’s the other way round, IMHO.

    • Delia Remington

      I tried to find a way to see Bill as Darcy, but the characteristics just didn’t match for me. I’d like to know why you think so.

      When I looked at the books, in Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie hates Darcy from the first for his pride, and then comes to realize later that she was all wrong about him. I don’t see how this scenario jibes with Bill and Sookie’s relationship. She liked Bill from the moment she saw him, and the feeling was mutual. However, when I looked at Persuasion, Captain Wentworth fit Bill to a T, if you believe that he’s the man she’s destined to be with in the end.

      Honestly, I am rooting for whichever guy is best for Sookie, and we don’t know enough about any of the characters to say who that guy’s going to turn out to be, even when you look at the novels. There are still 3 books left, and Charlaine Harris could do something totally out of left field.

      • jaxx

        Delia, I totally agree with your analysis. I think there will be some surprises along the way regarding ulterior motives and explanations both in the books and series. I guess we will just have to wait to see what CH and AB do. CH herself has said “Who’s to say Sookie will end up with a vamp?” Maybe she will surprise us all and the “Dark Horse” you refer to will win her heart after all. Maybe Sam would be the best choice for Sookie in the end afterall, even though we all have our favorite vamp to root for. *Shrugs*

        And, thank you for showcasing Eric in a positive light. He is not as bad and evil as he is being portrayed. I think you are right, he will shine in the end and there will be epic proportion explanations for his absences both in the books and the show. It is nice to see that he is getting the respect he deserves. I think we will see an irrestible side of Eric in S3.

        • Delia Remington

          I think that all of the characters have both dark and light and Eric is no exception. Thus far, we’ve seen very little of his good side, but I definitely believe it is there. Whether it will be enough to win Sookie’s heart in the long run, is a question that no one knows the answer to.

          And Alan Ball may deviate from whatever Charlaine Harris writes, so it’s really anyone’s guess as to the end result.

      • Rose96

        It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the end. Charlaine Harris is a mystery writer, after all, and what seems to be truth turns out not to be so. The books are written from Sookie’s point of view. So we see the vampires through her eyes only. Sometimes that view is rather rosey. But, Bill and Eric have been doing alot of things behind the scenes and out of Sookie’s sight. It will be interesting to find out just what they have been doing. I think CH has alot of big surprises, in store for us, concerning the 2 of them. Throwing surprises on us will make the books alot more interesting.

        • Delia Remington

          I think you’re absolutely right, Rose. I think there is a ton of information that we as readers have not been privy to since the story is told from Sookie’s point of view. It will be interesting to see how Alan Ball handles those aspects of the story.

  • Bridget

    Well done, i love what you wrote! And Pride and Pred. was always one of my fav books.

    • Delia Remington

      Thanks so much, Bridget. 🙂

  • Isis Nocturne

    While Bill may not have heard Sookie’s answer to his proposal, we do know that she did say yes, in fact, to him. As of right now, I doubt that we’ll see wedding bells any time soon, but I think the yes will stick.

    • Delia Remington

      We know that she wants to say yes, but until he knows she said it, the response is still hanging in the air. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, though the wait sure feels like forever!

      • The thing is, she said yes out loud. That’s why I feel so strongly about the proposal not being up in the air. She didn’t just think it, she SAID it.