Sookie Stackhouse – Anna Paquin

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Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse. (Photo Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson)

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse. (Photo Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson)

Sookie Stackhouse was the youngest of two children. Sookie’s mind-reading ability was apparent from birth, though most people refused to acknowledge that she was able to literally read minds. Her psychic powers manifested as a child, and it is indicated in the books that her parents thought she may have been subject to a mental illness, and was treated as such. However, Sookie does tell of one point when her father asked her to “listen” in on a business meeting to discern the true intentions of another person. She told her father the man was intending to take his money and run. Her parents died when she was 7 years old, leaving her and her older brother Jason to be raised by her grandmother.

Jason has no problems getting a date, despite his personality flaws. He was intentionally bitten by a werepanther for the purpose to turning him into one so that a he would not be preferred over his captor. He has since married a werepanther named Crystal from a community called “Hotshot”. They are currently expecting a baby.

She was also sexually molested as a child by her great uncle. Her parents never believed her accusations against him, but, after their death, Sookie’s grandmother realized his threat to Sookie and prevented further contact between him and Sookie. It is implied that he molested her cousin Hadley more extensively than her.

Sookie had not received secondary education after high school, since she knew that college would have been a drain for her, both physically and financially. To support herself, Sookie is employed at Merlottes, owned by local shifter, Sam Merlotte. Sam had been her a longtime friend of Sookies and a romantic interest, which Sookie feared to pursue since she believed that would lead to problems between them.

One night, when vampire Bill Compton walked into the bar, her life had been changed forever. She was launched into a world which was both thrilling and terrifying, given that her mind reading ability was seen as something desirable by the vampire community. She had frequently been employed my numerous vampires, including Eric Northman, sheriff of Vampire area 5. Eric is an ancient vampire who was a Viking when he was living, hence the name Northman.

Sookie has a number of faithful friends, including but not limited to a witch roommate, Amelia, her transformed into a cat lover named Bob, Sam her boss, Pam the vampire and a number of other people. She has come to have most of these friends only since meeting Bill, which is the origination of the series.

The books give the impression that her early years were generally miserable as she coped with her developing powers, her parents deaths and her uncle’s abuse