Another Sookie’s Men Poll on Homemedia!

July 23, 2009 by  

bill-eric-and-samWe know you love these things so.. here’s another poll out there where you can pick who Sookie should be with:  Bill, Sam or Eric.  Do you prefer Sookie to be with the sexy, dark, handsome, intense, angst torn, southern gentleman vampire, Bill Compton?  Or do you think she goes best with tall, blond and Viking, vampire Sheriff Eric Northman.  Maybe you thought she would be happiest with Dean.. I mean cute, loyal, shapeshifting, bar-tender, Sam Merlotte?

Homemediamagazine is holding a “Sookie‘s Sexiest Beast” contest to find out what hook-up you, the fans, want to see.

Let your voices be heard and your opinions be known!  And may the gods of technology have mercy on their servers!

Sookie’s Sexiest Beast!