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bill-eric-and-samWe know you love these things so.. here’s another poll out there where you can pick who Sookie should be with:  Bill, Sam or Eric.  Do you prefer Sookie to be with the sexy, dark, handsome, intense, angst torn, southern gentleman vampire, Bill Compton?  Or do you think she goes best with tall, blond and Viking, vampire Sheriff Eric Northman.  Maybe you thought she would be happiest with Dean.. I mean cute, loyal, shapeshifting, bar-tender, Sam Merlotte?

Homemediamagazine is holding a “Sookie‘s Sexiest Beast” contest to find out what hook-up you, the fans, want to see.

Let your voices be heard and your opinions be known!  And may the gods of technology have mercy on their servers!

Sookie’s Sexiest Beast!

  • pbartteacher

    Hey everyone, its been awhile. What can we say about our “vampire men” after this last episode “Hard-Hearted Hannah”. My oh my Bill was seen in a new light. And my boy Eric definitely has his sights on Sookie. Which he has mentioned before to Bill. Season One and Season Two. The interest in Sookie continues to grow..

    As far as Eric eating Royce, remember he took silver to him which I guess if you piss off Eric watch out. But also Royce set fire to the vampire house back in Season One and Eric knew this. “We know when a human has wronged us”. Perhaps Royce got his up and comings.

    Alan Ball is still moving the plot forward with these new developments with Eric/Bill/Sookie. Can any one say love !

    Yes, this is fun. Can’t wait until my Sunday night addiction.By the way who’s in bed with Sookie in the PartII SeasonII preview. Definitely a blonde. For real.? or just a dream?

  • val


    • nia

      Hi Val, this is meant to be fun. I would like to think that most of us are just fans who love the show and our vampires. I know I do. Bill is hot and so is Eric. Some of us just gravitate more towards one than the other. We just should be giving our opinions in a civil and decent manner. Not to berate one or the other. There is so much to be said for diversity. I personally will support this wonderful show and the beautiful men/vampires in it no matter what.
      I still choose Bill, but that is my opinion. I certainly would support you or any other Eric lover. He is still beautiful and amazing, just not my choice.

      • val

        Im with ya Nia! I Just LOVE this show and wait for it every week like no other show I have ever seen!!! What did you,personally,think of last weeks show? Boy Bill really surprised me! I would not have been surprised if that was Eric-I kinda expect him to be that way after all he has seen and lived through! Bill though has obviously had quite an epiphany since those years! I really admire his character for changing like he has!

        • Nia

          Hey Val, good to hear from you. Last weeks episode floored me. WOW. Seeing Bill that way was hard yet at the same time necessary. I think it surprised so many people. You are right, if it was Eric we would have shrugged it off. Remember how Eric ate and ripped apart Royce? But right afterwards humor was added (is there blood in my hair? Priceless, so it kind of took away from the ruthlessness of the act. But the scene with Bill was so evil, graphic and raw, it made us all take a step back and see him in a whole new light. You have to admire him more than ever for turning his back on that “life” and starting his long journey to humanity. I am looking forward to seeing what made him leave Lorena and that life. I can’t wait. Bill has taken 10 steps up in my eyes. I do adore him. I also love Eric for who and what he is. He is so important to this story, and he is such a fun character (and cute).
          There was an interview that Stephen gave while on the red carpet for the season 2 premire and I remember him saying how episode 6 was so difficult for him personally. I was so eager to see why he felt that way. I really give him credit as a professional for doing that difficult scene. I hope he will eventually be recognized for the amazing work he has done on True Blood!

  • Look people, I am getting tired of everyone making Bill out to be a saint! He isn’t, I know he couldn’t help going to his maker, he couldn’t refuse the Queen’s order, but, the dummy didn’t have to keep bringing Selah into Merlotte’s every damn time he took her out!!! That was just childish and hurtful….if he did it to me, i’d stake him!!!!

    • nia

      Please, we are not talking about the books.

    • KS Rose

      Not being a book reader I have no idea what you are talking about because none of that has happened in Alan Ball’s True Blood television series. And may not happen.

      There are areas on for book discussion. I’d like to keep the two separate to keep tempers down.

      Surely there is enough to admire about series Eric and series Bill to contain the discussion here to what has happened in the show?


      Kasandra Rose

  • KS Rose

    As long as it’s civil I don’t mind which direction this discussion takes but I would ask two things even though it sounds contradictory!

    1. Please no spoilers from the books. Many of us have not read the books deliberately in order to not know what might be.

    2. Remember that this is definitely not the books. We’re in Alan’s world now. He controls the horizontal.. and the vertical. If you have your heart set on anything from the books you may be disappointed. I highly advocate clearing your mind of the books and just going along for the new ride.

    Personally, I was disappointed when last year the book killer ended up being the killer on the series. Not only would no one who read the books keep their mouths shut, ruining it for those of us who didn’t want to know, but just in general it was disappointing that Alan followed the same storyline. It is my sincere hope that the disappointment many expressed at no plot twist (after he promised a plot twist) will keep things changing more and more away from the trajectory of the books. I have said, and I stand by it, that as long as Bill isn’t pushed to the background on the show, has plenty of air time and isn’t shown just moping around hoping for Sookie to return to him, and the intrinsic characteristics that make Bill so wonderful aren’t destroyed, I don’t care which way the series goes.

    I think it’s clear Alan won’t violate my trust there. He saved Lafayette (gods, Nelsan is brilliant!), and he inserted Jessica (Deborah is going to be a HUGE star someday! And I am SO a Jessica and Hoyt ‘shipper!). Alan is a genius and I think he realizes that Stephen’s acting chops have made the show the success it is. (Sorry Eric fans, but Eric simply didn’t have anything to do with the first season success.)

    Just my two cents.

    • nia

      Thank you KS Rose. My extremely long post was all show related, which is what they all should be. Your post spoke volumes in its honesty and sincerity. We all should be civil and supportive of this wonderful show no matter where it goes. I know I will be.

  • rclaurel

    I can see the vote being Sam or Bill…but were is there on the show that Eric and Sookie want to be together, so far she doesn’t even like if the vote is about True Blood, then Bill

    • pbartteacher

      Ahh, rclaurel, you’re a newcomer to the series. The Charlaine Harris novels have Eric and Sookie as a couple after the second novel, well sort of. Without giving too much away, Bill is not all that he appears to be. Sorry Nia, I know you love Bill but:

      Eric is ……
      the wind beneath my wings
      the sparks in my fire
      the eye candy in the morning
      the achy feeling I get inside
      the atom bomb that explodes in my heart
      the lick on my lips
      the glint in my eyes
      the muscles that ripple
      whose taller than the pines

      I could go on and on ….
      I guess I would choose Eric. Sorry Nia/Bill.

      He’s just looking soooo good this season. Can’t wait for those nude scenes! Plus he is speaking Sweedish. Yummy!

      • We are talking about the show, not the books and so far on the show there is nothing happening between Sookie and Eric and the relationship between Bill and Sookie is one of tenderness, love and mutual respect at this point in time in the series. Yes, I read all the books after season one was over, however, I would like to point out once again that this is Alan Ball’s show and as we have seen so far anything is possible. So let us not assume anything because as we have seen Alan Ball has provided various twists and turns.

        • pbartteacher

          We know Ollie but I can’t help but hope that at least for awhile that they will be a couple. Even if it is a short time. I want to see that chemistry unfold. I would disagree that there is nothing happening between Eric and Sookie. True it is a relationship based on telepathic abilities right now but Sookie has definitely piqued Eric’s attentions. It was interesting that her dress was red that she wore to the Dallas vampire nest. Eric’s favorite color on Sookie. Beside once she finds out that Eric is doing all this for Godric his maker, I think that sheds a positive light on Eric. Sookie just doesn’t entirely know what to make of Eric. She will be pleased with his decisions to help with Lafayette. Let’s remember Lafayette brought this onto himself by selling “V”.
          In the next few weeks we will see this relationship be pushed further and further. Sookie has not really needed Eric’s assistance up until now but perhaps in the future. Perhaps helping with Tara and Maryann situation.
          As far as books vs show, I well realize what Alan Ball has done so far with the plot lines and he has only enhanced them. But having said, how long can the viewers take sickening sweet Bill and Sookie. As in any good plot line, you know there has to be some conflict. Let’s see where Alan Ball and his writers take us next. Can’t wait for the infamous bullet scene, Sookie is just too darn gullible for my tastes sometimes.

          • nia

            For me, my feelings on Bill are personal and show related. I can’t help but adore “sickening sweet” Bill. He has done everything for Sookie. He has made big mistakes along the way, sure, but isn’t it human to make mistakes? Isn’t that what he is trying to do? Regain his humanity not only for himself but for Sookie. Bill has always been considerate of humans, thus the True Blood (don’t forget how he is trying to teach Jessica the same, Eric would not. “He let me feed on a guy with nipple piercings”). Sookie tells Bill she knows he has darkness in him but there is goodness too. That is what she sees the most. Can she say the same about Eric (although she has yet to learn of the healing of Lafayette, she only knows about the torture, but remember, Eric did not heal Lafayette out of the goodness of his unbeating heart)? Would he love her, protect her, try to regain his humanity for her, give up his “vampireness” for her? Sookie says to Bill, “You can love, there was not another vampire in that room that can say the same”. Don’t get me wrong, Eric is the perfect bad boy. You gotta love him that way. Remember the old saying, “we flirt with the bad boys, but we don’t take them home” (I do want to see her flirt with him, who wouldn’t). I wouldn’t want Eric any other way. If he was just like Bill, that would be boring. They should be opposites.
            Bill is a lover, fighter, protector, friend, mentor. We have had a whole season to get to know him and see his and Sookies relationship grow. Eric has only been on the show a few times really. We are starting to see so much more of him. Now we have to see the conflict, so here steps in the bad boy. I am looking forward to this. It will be very interesting.
            I will still love Bill. Call me loyal to a fault. He would have to do a complete 180 to change my mind. Bill has very deep inner conflicts, yet a man/vampire who is willing to change, give up, and be so supportive of you, are qualities that are so hard for anyone to find.
            Eric has no conflicts, everything is on the surface. That is his arrogance that we find so appealing. We gotta love him for that. Again, so different from Bill.
            Enough, my fingers and feelings have runneth away with me agian.
            Looking forward to Sunday night!

  • nia

    Bill is:
    the butter on my bread
    the icing on my cake
    the knot in my knickers
    the steam off my engine
    the shiver down my spine
    the ache in my heart
    the twinkle in my eye…..
    In case you didn’t notice, I choose Bill.

  • pbartteacher

    Since picking all the hot gentlemen on the show (eric, bill, eggs, jason sorry sm) is not an option, i guess i will choose ERIC. that was such a hard choice, not!

  • Options

    Eric! Eric! Eric!!

  • shelby

    i chose BILL! he can bite me anytime!

  • Vero

    Eric 100%++++!

  • gem


  • aemac

    It’s all about Bill!!

  • TreasureCoast

    Mr. Northman definitely!!

  • val


  • Aine

    Only Sam. i’m squeamish about dead people and Sam is just the most handsome there.

  • TG

    Eric is the Vamp for me!

  • nia

    I can only speak from the heart……Bill, always Bill