SPOILER: New Animal Added to True Blood

July 13, 2010 by  

Wolves are not the only creatures found on the set of True Blood anymore. Recently, a panther was seen on set, though fans won’t see this magnificent panther make her debut on True Blood until August.

Ryan Kwanten has been working with panthers on set and has stated that he finds the panthers “a lot cooler than the wolves.”

Alan Ball also weighed in on the panthers, saying:

“We have shot some scenes with actual panthers in the same way we have shot with actual wolves. But I won’t say there are or aren’t werepanthers on the show.”

So what do you think? Are we going to see werepanthers this season, or are the currently unaired panther scenes just going to be a teaser for now and prep us for season 4?

SOURCE: TVGuide.com

(Image Credit: TVGuide.com)

  • scarlett

    We will more than likely see were-panthers this season. In the books everyone in hotshot are werepanthers and jason becomes a were-panther! I’m sooo excited to see how it all plays out on the show!

  • svmaddict

    As much as I love that animal, that’s a jaguar not a panther. You can find it in the Amazon but not in the States… I think the panthers you can find in the US are mountain lions only.
    But I guess you can’t find tigers in the States either and yet, there’s Quinn…

    • I know, but a lot of larger non-domestic cats, when they have that dark pigmentation to their fur, are called black panthers, even though they’re not really panthers. It’s been done for a really long time because the mystique of the “black panther” is that powerful.

      • Jennifer

        Mmmm…Quinn. Can’t wait until they bring Quinn to the show!

        • Jessica

          Quinn—I REALLY really really want Vin Diesel to play Quinn! I think he fits the character SPOT on!