Spoiler: New Weres Cast for True Blood Season 5

December 4, 2011 by  

Lions and Tigers and Weres, Oh My!

Louis Herthum (new werewolf season 5)Well just when we thought True Blood couldn’t get any juicier, it appears that the Were world is going to secure some new story lines in the upcoming Season Five. There has been confirmation that two new actors have been cast as recurring roles.

The Last Exorcism’s Louis Herthum has been cast as (reportedly) Alcide Herveaux‘s (Joe Manganiello) Father JD, who will play a “marine type” who refuses to submit alligence to the new Shreveport pack leader. Herthum has signed on for 5 episodes, hopefully the story of Alcide and his father will have a happy ending, though if it follows suit to the rest of the series storylines, I doubt that is likely.

Kelly Overton (new werewolf season 5)The second addition to the True Blood cast is Kelly Overton of The Ring 2. Overton will play Rikki, a sexy new were, who is determined to find out what has happened to the old pack leader Marcus Overton has signed on for 6 episodes, hopefully she doesn’t meet the same fate as the one she is searching to find answers about…

One thing is certain, the writers for True Blood are expanding the scope of the supernatural world, and letting the world know, that vampires are not the only sexy supes out there… though this point was already made loud and clear with the role of Alcide and the sexy Joe Manganiello.


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(Photo Credits: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle, IMDb.com)