SPOILER PHOTOS: True Blood Season 3 Scenes

April 8, 2010 by  

All True Blood fans rejoice as HBO has released the first 13 photos from season 3 of True Blood!Β  So without talking too much, here are the photos for you to all enjoy and speculate what is happening in the scenes! ENJOY!

To enlarge click on the photo and them clickΒ  the box in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo to enlarge it to its original size.

SOURCE:Β  HBO Inc. via daemonstv.com

(Photo credit: HBO Inc. / John P. Johnson )

  • edi

    I love Deborah Ann Woll ^Jessica^ She is very beautiful, i much want to see her

  • Tammy

    I am so excited! My birthday is the weekend True Blood will be airing and I can not think of a better gift! June 13th can not get here quick enough!

  • Antonio

    You know that Guys think differently about these things! LOL
    What will be interesting to see is that Sookie will be left to her own devices without Bill’s help! She is a smart,savvy and resouceful young woman not at all like Bella Swann who fell apart when her love of life left her (different story I know)
    She may need Eric’s help to find Bill She doesnt like Eric much but she may need to ask him for help Anyway! Alcide may also hit on her Who knows? What I meant Was She will be SO busy searching for Bill and trying to help others out like Jessica that she may Not have time for much else!

  • Patricia

    hey guys i forgot!!! just out of plain curiosity…—ok fine! i just plain forgot— what’s john quinn’s ethnicity again? i kinda miss that part i think…

    • jaxx

      I just reread book 7 and when Quinn makes an appearance, he is just described as “olive skinned” with purple eyes. Never really did give an ethnicity as far as I can remember.

  • Patricia

    I’m guessing the pic of Pam is when she’s in the Fangtasia uniform which is mentioned she dislikes wearing. lol Since she’s more of a pastel-type. I can’t wait!
    I love Bill’s new look but bring the look he had on the first season though I’m not complaining on the look he has now either! πŸ™‚
    OMG! Eric is —*faints mid-sentence*—- lol!

    I would also love to see Amelia Broadway and Claudine and Claude in Season 3 since they are like one of my faves. But I guess they’ll be in the next storyline but who knows? Crystal was in book 4 and she’s in this season! (wishful thinking!)

    Also I don’t much remember the King of Mississippi out on the neck of the woods looking like he’s ready for a fox hunt in the book. Or did I miss that part out? Anyone care to explain?

    Can’t wait for this season! Thanks AdoreBill! πŸ™‚

    • jaxx

      Patricia, If you remember in Club Dead, Bill is gone being tortured by Lorena and then really isn’t in book 3 or 4 too much, being sent to Peru for a while. They need more of a storyline for Bill’s character this season, so I think AB is reinventing a more complex story for Bill as to not marginalize his character this year. If he is going to be tortured this season, maybe being hunted is going to be part of the storyline. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • Patricia

        I guess that makes enough sense! lol Thanks for the reply! Really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  • jaxx

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Thank you Ollie. I’m jumping out of my skin. Lovely Eric and that has to be the infamous red Corvette with the BLDSKR license plate. Pam, you go girl, love the leather. And that picture with Sookie, only 66 more days. This is going to be a great season. I can just feel it. YAY!!!!! That’s all I’d need to make this complete is the “blue boxers”.

    • Loleaf

      OH YEAH jaxx!! I’d almost forgotten about that the blue boxers ..WINK WINK!! Hopefully we will start getting more releases oops I mean sneak peeks of our favorite show and characters! lol! It feels like the closer we get to season 3 the longer the wait!

  • *fanning myself* Whoa! Great pics!

  • sandra

    Tell Erik to bring back the long hair!

    • jaxx

      I agree. I loved the long hair. That is the true Viking look. πŸ™‚

  • Antonio

    Looks like Miss Stackhouse has her hands full with Jessica,Eric, Alcide and who knows who else? It doesnt seem like she will be lonely Not with All That to take care of!
    She is a telepath and perhaps something else So many of these Other supes may want to utilize her unique abilities. As for that pic of her with Eric? Bill Who?? LOL
    Can you imagine?
    Alcide: I thought we were supposed to be looking for Bill
    Sookie: Bill Who?
    OH I forgot for a minute
    LOL πŸ™‚

    • Antonio, shame on you for saying that. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, Antonio – shame on you for being such a turn coat. You have little faith.

      • Nia

        Sorry Antonio, I agree with the ladies here.
        BILL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

        Hey AdoreBill, have you seen the incredible photo of Stephen gracing the cover of Details magazine……grrrroooowwwlllllll!!

        • Hi Nia,

          Yes I have seen that photo and I am very tempted to put the Stephen and Ryan photos up but DETAILS magazine hasn’t officially released it so out of respect I will not use the one that were leaked and has those horrible watermarks on it. They will be official released next week with some clips of their interviews with both Stephen and Ryan which will make it even more enjoyable. πŸ™‚

          • Nia

            Of course AdoreBill, very understandable!! My apologies for jumping the gun!
            I applaud your professionalism and descretion, and you always have my support in all things True Blood!

            I guess we are just all so excited to get any and all pics of our favorite guys!!

            Team True Blood!!!!

      • Antonio

        I was Kidding around you guys! Or as Jason would say “Ah was only funnin’ wif ya!” LOL However, Sookie IS a vibrant,healthy,young Woman! With Bill gone and 2 guys vying for her attention and her affection wouldnt it be unrealistic to think that she wouldnt even Look? Just because you may be on a diet,doesnt mean that you cant look at the menu! LOL
        Besides as Eric might say to Bill “She’s Too Much Woman to be left alone,Compton!” LOL Just Joking here! LMAO πŸ™‚

  • Antonio

    These are cool photos Thanks Much

  • Loleaf

    OMG absolutely LOVE all of the pics!! Whoever said that Eric and Sookie doesn’t have chemistry together just needs to take a look at that picture… Woo Hoo talk about intense!! I also love Eric in his red vett also.. All of the other teaser’s we need to come in the form of videos please!!! Alan are you listening… HINT HINT Only 66 days to go!!!

    • Loleaf

      Oh Yeah BTW!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! OLLIE FOR THE PICS!!! It is just what we needed to help get us through this long long waiting period..

      • Hi Loleaf,

        You and everyone else are most welcome. LOL as I tweeted about these photos “True Blood fans get ready to go crazy!” Oh just look at each photo and you can speculate on what some of the scene must be. As previously mentioned it does look like Eric is in his red (Corvette maybe) care, and look at the scene will Bill. I think this is the scene where he is running through the woods and if you look at the other photo we see Denis O’Hare as the King of Mississippi on a horse in the woods. Does he have Bill in some type of hunt. Is this the scene that was mentioned in casting calls where we will see an old woman in the middle of the woods who thinks Bill is her son?

        So much to sink in. Oh and don’t forget about James Frain (loved him in The Tudors) as Franklin Mott and it looks like to may be part of the scene when he is with Tara.

        #Waitingsucks for #TrueBlood! πŸ™‚

        • Yes, Ollie, I agree! That white horse must be the one that fell with Steve and the stunt man!!

          Do you think that Bill may be the one with amnesia? Just a thought!

          Thank you for these lovely pics!

          • LOL Lizzie you read my mind! I have thought of the exact same thing. Oh and you are right this must be the scene where Stephen fell off the horse. But didn’t Alan say Alex is to have a amnesia in season 4 but you never know with Alan he can do whatever he wants and that is fine with me. He will have to come up with something since in Book 4 we don’t really see Bill. Then again Alan is not really following the seasons to the books. As of now Alan is including Hunter in season 3 which if he was following the books wouldn’t appear until much later on.

            Can’t wait to see what Alan decides to write up and I look forward to it! πŸ™‚

        • Nia

          That very well could be Lizzie!!!!!!!!!
          Awesome thought. Can you imagine?? Wow, great way to shake things up if true!
          I trust Alan Ball completely. So whatever comes I am there!
          Bring it on!

        • jaxx

          Ollie, that was my first thought too when I saw Bill’s expression. He looks worried, confused, like he should take off running. The King is wearing a hunting outfit like you would wear if you were hunting foxes or other animals. Is he hunting Bill for sport??? Is that part of his torture??? This should be interesting.

    • Yes, it is called good acting on their parts. It is nothing like the natural chemistry between Anna and Stephen! Did you see that pic of Bill! He is going WTF and I guess he is seeing the King on the horse. Doesn’t Bill look absolutely gorgeous in his natural hair and makeup! We are lucky!

      • Loleaf

        Yes Lizzie, I do have to agree that Stephen does look good in his natural appearance. I hope they get him back to the way he looked in the white shirt in the very first episode.. HOT!! Not to say that he isn’t now.. there are so many great looking people in this series, we have so much to be thankful for.. πŸ™‚ What I do know is if we have to wait much longer, Ollie will have to start a counseling session for all of us, because this waiting is driving us crazy!!! LOL


    Oooo *fangirl squeal*
    Eric in his red ‘Vette, BLDSUKR πŸ™‚

  • LET

    i have no ideas about Jason, but I am sooooooooo excited they have Eric in his red Corvette. Does anybody know who that person is playing in the last picture? I think it’s Talbot but not sure.

    • Hi LET,

      Yes you are right the last photo is of Theo Alexander who will be playing the role of Talbot, the King of Mississippi’s beautiful partner.

  • MarleneEmmett

    OMG~~ Those photos are OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  • emilee_80

    I haven’t seen anything about Jason yet? I am just wondering why they are leaving him out of all this? Anybody else have any ideas?

    • jay

      im guessn his connection with crystal and the norris family maybe a pretty crucial and important storyline this season. Hence why we have seen very little of jason and bill. Since there are no pictures of jason Im guessing his sneek peek will be up this sunday..must be a cracker!!!
      bill looks gorgeous the shirt is a bit so so..
      eric is yummo as always
      pam and jessica looks very interesting!!!