Spoiler: True Blood’s Vampire King Wants It All

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Do NOT read this article unless you really want to know what’s behind Bill Compton‘s kidnapping.

We met Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) and his boyfriend Talbot (Theo Alexander) on last Sunday’s episode of True Blood.  But we continued to be as baffled as Bill (Stephen Moyer) as to why the vampire King of Mississippi brought him across state lines.

Special thanks to TVGuide for interviewing Denis O’Hare and providing us with the inside scoop.

How did Denis become a fan of the show?  He had not read the books and wasn’t ready to switch his allegiance from Alan Ball‘s previous show, Six Feet Under, to his new HBO series.  But watching four episodes with a friend had Denis calling his cable company to sign up for HBO On Demand so he could watch the entire season of True Blood.

So once he signed on, what did he learn about his character?  Denis said he was told that in addition to having a southern accent, Russell is a charming, powerful and very deadly vampire.  He is beyond morality and as an ancient pagan Celt of approximately 2,800 years, the king is so concerned with nature that he believes vampires should rule the earth because humans are ruining it.

About his relationship with Talbot, Denis referred to it as tragic.  As in many marriages, the two can be deeply in love but get caught into a cycle of constant bickering.  It’s Talbot‘s nature to be moody with sudden periods of darkness.  And Russell is often worrying about Talbot‘s happiness.

Now about Bill, what does the king want with him?  Russell wants to “become the first vampire president of the United States, and his first target is Louisiana.”  In order to do that, he figures he’ll have to blackmail Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood) into marrying him.

For some reason the queen wants Sookie (Anna Paquin) and the king knows this.  He wants Bill to spy on the queen to give him something to use for his blackmail scheme.  But the kicker is, “Along the way, he realizes that Sookie is actually the prize, and then he becomes obsessed with her.”  Everybody wants Sookie!  And we’re talking about a gay vampire king and a lesbian vampire queen.  What is Sookie?

In comparing the two monarchs, Denis said this:  “Russell is good with money.  Sophie-Anne is childish; she doesn’t know how to wield her power.  Russell knows exactly how to wield his power.  Sophie-Anne is cruel in a sort of off-handed way; Russell is cruel is an incredibly calculated way.  They’re both violent and autocratic, but Sophie-Anne is erratic. There’s nothing erratic about Russell.”

We noticed that Russell also likes werewolves.  He’s been keeping them in his employ for over 1,000 years.  They are completely addicted to his blood, so they are loyal to him and are his eyes during the daylight.  In the ancient druid culture, the raven and wolf work together.  In the Celtic language, Russell‘s real name means raven.  Hence his love of werewolves.

In the article Denis also revealed that the king will spend a lot of time in Fangtasia.  He will also be visiting many front porches instead of eating at Merlotte’s.

Russell is like a snake; he’s incredibly calm and incredibly charming… until he rips your f—ing spine out.  My hands have been so bloody I’ve had to come home and soak them for a couple of hours.”

Season 3 is about to spiral into the white knuckler ride the cast promised it would be.  Hold on tight!

Source:  TVGuide.com

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