SPOILERS: Cast Announcement for Season 4 Episode 3

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If You Love Me, Why am I Dyin’?

Things are definitely starting to shape up for season 4 of True Blood. More and more spoilers are being leaked each day and we even got a little teaser on January 16th before the season 5 premiere of ‘Big Love’ on HBO. As we previously reported on January 3rd, a casting call for a vampire, fangbanger, and camera operator had been announced for episode 3, ‘If You Love Me, Why am I Dyin’?’ and these characters have now been cast.

New Blood:

Aubrey DeekerAubrey Deeker has snagged the role of a no-name vampire who’s desperate to escape the dire consequences of his actions after he’s caught on tape feeding on a woman. A tormented vampire? Yeah, he’ll fit right in. Deeker had a small part in HBO’s ‘The Wire’ back in 2008 and has spent most of his acting days on the stage in New York and Washington D.C.

Brian Treitler will play a camera operator in season 4 of True BloodBrian Treitler will tackle the dimwitted vampire hater that is the camera operator. He’s somewhat righteous and he’s seen on a grainy YouTube video making underground films of vampires feeding, thus entrapping them. Hmm, sounds exactly like the kind of tasty treat a certain King of Mississippiwould enjoy. Treitler will also have a small role on this season’s ‘Big Love’ and has appeared in ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.

Sam HorriganSam Horrigan will play the hot, stupid fangbanger who enjoys being bitten by Pam. Horrigan’s resume is pretty long, with stints on ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, ‘Veronica Mars’, and ‘Desperate Housewives’. He may only have three lines in episode 3, but we’re certain the dynamic between him and Pam will be incredibly entertaining.

It sounds like episode 3 is going to be full of fun, torture, and death. Only five months to go Truebies!

Source: IMDb – Full cast and crew for “True Blood” If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’? (2011)

(Photo Credit: IMDb and Wix)