SPOILERS: News for True Blood Season 4 Episode 3

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The Latest True Blood News

Kristen Dos Santos of E! News has given True Blood fans a couple of new scoops on the upcoming Season 4 of True Blood. She shared a little about Denis O’Hare possibly coming back to True Blood in the future, as well as a few spoilers for some of the earlier episodes in Season 4.

Monica: Will Denis O’Hare be back on the new season True Blood?
It sure sounds like it because sources tell me that there will be a big storyline in which we see vampire attacks on YouTube—which is classic Russell Edgington, no? However, it turns out it’s not Russell, but rather an underground filmmaker who is capturing various vamps on video and then posting on YouTube for the world to see. Needless to say, this is not going to improve relations between the bloodsuckers and conservatives of the True Blood world. As for Denis, I’m told he is expected back at some point but so far no concrete plans (i.e. contract) in place. Might be another season or two.

Jonathan: More True Blood spoilers, please!
In an early episode, Pam is going to get a “hot and stupid” sack o’ meat to chew on who actually enjoys being bitten. And Tommy will get an intriguing offer from a prospector. Producers are also casting a Spanish-speaking badass chiquita who’ll be a recurring role in episodes two through six.

More on New Roles Being Added

Several new roles on True Blood are also being cast (some of which have been mentioned above). The roles range from being in several episodes to minor screen time in one episode. That episode will be the third of the new season, and is titled “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’.”

First among the characters being cast is Antonia, who will appear in episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The character is described as being fierce, and those who audition must speak fluent Spanish and be between their 20s and 40s.

Another role being cast for is that of a Vampire who has 8 lines and 2 scenes. He’s caught on tape feeding on a woman, and is desperate to escape the dire consequences of his actions.

A Young Woman will be seen being fed on by the aforementioned vampire, and she is described as being pudgy. She has 2 lines and 1 scene, in which she will be seen in a grainy youtube video.

Someone had to take the video of the vampires feeding on people, and that is the Camera Operator. He’s in his 20s, and loves being on camera to warn America about vampires by filming vampires feeding. He’s a righteous, somewhat dimwitted yokel who has a beard. He has 1 speech and 1 line.

Tommy Mickens will have new things in his future too. He’ll have an intriguing offer given to him by a slick prospector (who works for an energy company) named Paul McClatchy. Paul will have 2 speeches and 4 lines.

Another new minor character will only be known as Fangbanger. He’s described as being hot and stupid. He gets bitten by Pam, and tries to command her to do things, only to be disappointed when she leaves. He’ll have 3 lines and 1 scene.

Finally, there’s the Conservative F*ck, who debates AVL representative Nan Flanagan on air. He’s a smug conservative who has 1 speech and 1 line.

It sounds like we Truebies have a lot of new details to mull over while we continue to wait for Season 4. Let us know what you think of these new spoilers in the comments.

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  • jaxx

    Well, I guess that if Tommy has a new prospect, Sam didn’t shoot him dead. Sounds like a lot of bit parts but they all figure in somehow. Can’t wait for S4.