SPOILERS: Casting Call for True Blood Season 4 Episode 5

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I Hate You, I Love You:

True Blood's Bill Compton, played by Stephen MoyerAll this waiting for season four of HBO‘s True Blood is probably about as traumatic as starvation is for a vampire. Thankfully, more spoilers are trickling in and the latest revolves around episode five, ‘I Hate You, I Love you.’ Hmmm, wonder who’s going to be doing the hating and who’ll be doing the loving? We have spent way too much time thinking about the possible implications of True Blood‘s casting calls, and the most recent casting call for episode five has us stammering about possible conspiracy theories!

DON BARTOLO: 40s – 60s, a bad-ass Mexican man, seen in a flashback in his 40s, as well as in present day (grayer and more weathered), he is Jesus‘s terrifying, intimidating grandfather, a hardcore brujo (witch or shaman). Actor must speak Spanish.

YOUNG JESUS: 9, male, Hispanic, seen in flashback to 1985, he is Jesus as a young boy, living in the Chihuahuan desert with his mother and his terrifying shaman grandfather, Don…2 lines, 1 scene.  Actor must speak Spanish.

JESUS’ MOTHER: 30s, Mexican, she is Young Jesus’ mother seen in flashback to 1985. She is desperate to protect her son from her father’s brujo influence…2 lines, 1 scene. Actress must speak Spanish.

GUARD: 30s, male, one of Bill‘s guards, he is frustrated by a video game on his cellphone…1 line, 1 scene .

PADRE SANTIAGO: 50s, male, seen in flashback to 1610 Spain, this sarcastic vampire priest feeds on a woman in a medieval dungeon. Actor must speak Spanish.

SHERIFF 1 AND SHERIFF 2: 30s – 40s, male, these snickering vampire sheriffs, under Bill’s purview, disagree with his decision regarding a witch‘s fate…1 line, 1 scene.

FEMALE SHERIFF: 30s – 40s, this female vampire sheriff cheers on Pam…1 line, 1 scene.

First of all, it appears that Bill’s rank in season four is going to be one of more power, especially if he has a guard and is giving orders to Sheriffs. Right? Which seems like a HUGE spoiler, one of which Alan Ball wouldn’t actually reveal in a casting call, but who knows? Is Bill’s new power because of Eric going missing / getting amnesia? Or is Bill dreaming?

Secondly, who’s the witch that Bill is potentially going to kill or not kill? Could it be a witch that we meet at the start of season four or is it a witch that we may have met in season three (maybe Yvetta?)?

What do you think, Truebies?

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