SPOILERS: Kristin Bauer and Sam Trammell Talk True Blood Season 4

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What Kristin Bauer Would Love to see in True Blood’s Fourth Season

Kristin Bauer van Straten loves True Blood, and is looking forward to Season 4 and how it progresses. Of course, the lovely lady we know as vampire Pam Ravenscroft hopes to see a few things happen throughout the season.

Like many other fans, Kristin would love to see the fourth season of True Blood include several scenes from Charlaine Harris‘ fourth book in the Southern Vampire Mystery series, Dead to the World. She speculates:

“The storyline with Eric losing his mind next year may happen, which I think would be very hysterical. [Alexander Skarsgård] is an extremely comedic actor. He is very funny. A lot of people didn’t see him in Zoolander and [don’t] know how funny he can be. I would love for him to do that in his vampire character.”

Sam Trammell’s True Blood Season 4 Hint

Sam Trammell also spoke up about True Blood’s fourth season. He didn’t say much, but he did proclaim that the new season of True Blood will be even more eventful that the third season was. And though he doesn’t know exactly what that will mean for Sam Merlotte, he’s sure that he’ll be taking his clothes off a lot.

SOURCE: DigitalSpy.com — Kristin Bauer Reveals ‘True Blood’ Hopes

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  • Eric is my favourite character in True Blood. Im really rooting for Eric and Sookie to hook up for real. They’d be my favourite couple. My other favourite couple is Hoyt and Jessica, too cute

  • Zakk

    let me start by saying im not a huge fan of the books, BUT i love the show!!!!!! i read book four, and i really hope that they incorperate the amnesia element, becasue it shows erics second side (a totally sweet side) and i cant wait to see the witches XD

  • Hi everyone, just a reminder that while we love you guys commenting and chatting about True Blood, the site is for the television show and comparisons to the books are not allowed. Please remember to stay on topic which is the show! Thanks! 🙂

  • Lizzie1701

    I’m afraid things don’t transfer well into television, Antonio. That scene would look extremely corny and would be embarrassing for Alex, I would think. TB maybe weird in some respects, but AB does have good taste when transcribing the books and has not put in any of the other corny bits (eg blue boxer shorts/pink spandex).

    We will get the amnesia but it will be better done as already proven by AB.

    • jaxx

      I agree with you on the translating part. TV and books are 2 different media. You use your imagination with the books but everyone’s imagination is slightly different. Some things just do not translate well to TV. Plus the earlier books are from the 1999/2000, that’s about 10 years ago. Styles need to be updated too. As funny as the spandex was when reading it and using my imagination to visualize it, I think it would look dated and odd on a TV show in 2010/2011. I still think though that you could have Eric running down the street on New Year’s Eve night with amnesia. That could still work. If it’s Sookie with amensia, then we have a whole new ballgame and anything goes there. That would throw a whole new perspective on things and explain why she couldn’t remember loving Bill or anyone for that matter. It could work in the sense that the fae “took away all of Sookie’s pain” by giving her amnesia too. I guess we will have to take a wait and see approach with this one.

      • Lizzie1701

        Hi Jaxx,

        What with AB saying in his review in “Inside the Episode” that all is not as it seems and Sam saying that there will be a new freshness/change in BT, what if the witches put a spell on BT! The whole town gets amnesia! Or, it was all a dream! Which parts are a dream, I would not know!!!


      • Antonio el lobo

        Hey Jaxx, I liked your post. It Would be interesting if Sookie were the one to have amnesia. Then she would Not remember Bill or loving him…More frustration for Bill? Suppose He wants to try to get back together with her…and she doesnt remember him?
        Wow,There’s drama! Plus, It may open the door for a relationship with Eric. The relationship with Eric in book 4 was charged and passionate but also romantic and sweet,too. It was quite interesting to see Eric brought to his knees and relying on some1 else for a change,instead of his arrogant,caculating self. I Don’t see how a “relationship” or deeper friendship with Alcide is possible…if AB makes Her the 1 to get amnesia.
        1 of My Favorite things about book 4 was the “tension” and growing attraction between Sook and Alcide! In the book She daydreams about him ,feels a definite attraction to him and wonders what it would be like to be his GF! I hope the writers Dont mess with that! In DTTW, Bill Is gone for most of it..But Sooks is drawn into a semi “triangle” between Eric and Alcide.
        She develops a deep emotional bond with Eric and she feels an attraction to Alcide..growing,too! Eric was So Good with her…in the book….So kind,So patient,So Nice. I felt bad for her when Eric got his memory back and became a jerk again!
        I thought that Alcide would be good for her..but as it turns out He is also troubled and has his own issues…I really dont think he wanted to be a werewolf. and that whole mess with Debbie Pelt..Please! LOL

        Funny thing,Though… I thought that,In the Show,That if you removed Bill ..Her problems would stop. Thats Not the way it works!! Bill Knows that as long as Supes Know that she is different There will Always be some1 around to try and utilize her for her gifts! Even Alcide wanted to use her “gift” for the benefit of the Were pack…I was surprised,Not Him,Too!
        That was from book 5.
        This brings out a Very good point here! Why Are These guys attracted to Sookie? her blood? her gift? something more?
        it isnt just sexual attraction…that may be part of it.
        Honestly, it seems the ONLY 1 who Ever really appreciated Her for HER is Sam Merlotte!! It would be Quite Interesting indeed if Ms. Harris decides to further develop a relationship with Him in her subsequent books! In the Show,Sam Now has a Dark side.
        in the books,Hes always there ready to help…I dont get it!!
        In the books,Sookie has several Vampires,a Werewolf and a couple of Were panthers to look out for her. In the Show,Its like Shes All alone Now! I Dont get it! Oh Well On to June I guess!
        True Blood Does make My summer special!
        Thanks again,Jaxx!

        • jaxx

          Good point Antonio. What if, Sookie doesn’t remember Bill at all and she meets him all over again as she did for the first time. It would be interesting to see if she is attracted to him as she was that first night in Merlotte’s. Would she go out with him again??? Not knowing her past with him, I wonder what would happen. There will always be Jason and Sam amongst other to remind her, but what is she is stubborn and doesn’t believe them?? Hmmmm, new set of possibilities to ponder. What would she think of Eric for the first time. Would she get the same or different impression of him?? Same for Sam, Alcide??? IF Sookie is the one with amnesia, there are endless possibilities to a storyline.

          In the books, there is always sexual tension between Sookie and Alcide. I think what stopped anything was the Debbie Pelt incident. As you read further, you will know what I mean. Also, I liked Alcide up until the last book. Didn’t like the way he treated Sookie, but don’t want to spoil it for you either.

          Yes, in the books anyway, Sam is the constant, steady, reliable one for Sookie. Always stands by and protects her, carries a torch for her. As much as I do love Eric, I’ve always had a soft spot for Sam and think/hope she will end up with him in the book series at least, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one too. LOL. 🙂

          • Antonio el lobo

            Hey Jaxx And a Happy Thanksgiving to You All! Happy Holiday also to All the TB Cast and Crew,too!
            The books and the show are indeed different. Im just about halfway through book 5,Now. There certainly Is Much sexual tension between Sookie and Alcide in the books! In Book 5,Alcide kisses Sookie 2 times..Once Very passionately! They Hug a Lot..And Not just “friendly” hugs either! Alcide seemed Definitely ready to “get involved” with Sookie…If youve read This book…You KNOW What I mean! I feel bad for Sookie..in a way. Shes broken up with Bill,Eric has become his old Tough,enigmatic self again,Alcide wants to take care of her…But he has his Own issues…That whole Debbie Pelt Thing?
            Somehow Alcide wants Sookie on “his side”. Why? Politics? respect from the Were pack? his personal feelings for her?
            Jaxx, It seems that perhaps None of these guys would be good for her,Other than Sam! Sam Tried to make his move with Sookie in Dead as a Doornail and We know how That went! Poor Sam!
            There were Many things in the book that may not be on the show
            For example, The part in book 5 when Sookie goes into Taras house to return her drycleaning and her Vampire lover “smells” her blood and looks at her like shes a hamburger or something…That was creepy! I wonder if That will be in the show??
            Point is This is a Great Series…of Books and a Great Show!
            It seems More and More to Me,Jaxx thatSookie may indeed end up with Sam in the Books or maybe Some1 Other than Bill,Eric Or Alcide!
            I must say I didnt care for the fact that Alcide wanted to involve Sookie in HIS Were Pack Politics? And then he tries to blackmail her into supporting him and his dad…By telling her he Knew about the thing with Debbie??
            Here’s Something to think about… Why doesnt Sookie just pack up and leave Town! maybe even Lousiana??
            These Supes it seems are bad news!
            As for the Show On HBO? I really want to see Sookie with Eric!!
            to see her Date Alcide..IE “Wolf-Man Joe” Would be Cool too!
            And to think This Whole Thing could have been avoided If That first night Sookie would have said “Sorry,Bill I’m dating My Boss!” Whoa!

          • jaxx

            Happy Thanksgiving Antonio and to everyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving. Enjoy with your families and friends. 🙂

            Yes, Antonio, the books and show are 2 different media. I guess it has to be. You can use your imagination when reading but TV is visual and needs more. S1 followed the books almost verbatim; S2 veered quite a bit but the gist of the storyline was there (the maenad still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, lol); and S3 pretty much followed the book, veererd off on tangents when it had to but was true to a lot of the book. I’m hoping S4 follows book 4 for the most part b/c I really enjoyed that book. It was my favorite followed by All Together Dead and From Dead to Worse. You should be meeting a new character and love interest for Sookie at the end of book 5 “Quinn” who you have heard a lot of us talk about. If you really look at the cartoon drawings on the books, they pretty much tell where the story will go, if you have those book covers.

            Alcide and Sookie have a complicated relationship. I think it almost could have worked but as you will continue to read, things get complicated and you can see why it probably won’t work. I really liked Sam in From Dead to Worse. He once again was there for Sookie in a big way.

            I think the character you are referring to “Mickey” in TB was a combination of Franklin Mott and Mickey in TB. Franklin wasn’t that prominent in the books. Don’t know if we’ll go there with Mickey in TB b/c we don’t know where Tara went after leaving Bon Temps. Maybe she will hook up with Mickey after all and need Sookie, Eric and Bill’s help after all. We’ll have to wait and see.

            I do love both the book series and the TB TV series separately and it took me a long time to learn to separate them and enjoy them both the way they were intended to be.

            Keep reading Antonio. There are a lot more twists and turns and surprises to come. At this point it certainly looks like Sookie may end up with Sam, but both AB and CH have been known to throw in a few surprises and it seems almost too predictable to end that way. CH has said she does not like a happy ending so I don’t know what that means for our Sookums in the book series or on TB. LOL. 🙂

          • ~ Caitlin

            Hi Happy Thanksgiving,

            It might be interesting if Sookie did get amnesia. Could you imagine how infuriated she would be once she got her memory back if she and Bill got together while she had amnesia? I think she would be angry.


            When Alcide showed up in Club Dead, I thought he and Sookie had potential. However, I think it was always the wrong time wrong place with them. It never seemed to work out. Part of it was Debbie but part of it was Sookies situation. Say Sookie and Alcide never met their significant others, I think they could have been good together. Antonio, I did not like Alcide as much after the were packmaster incident and I don’t think Sookie did either. Yes jaxx, I didn’t like Alcide after that last book. The unfortunate thing is that Alcide does not want his curse.

            I hope you continue reading the books Antonio because there is a lot more to come. I agree jaxx, From Dead to Worse is one of my favorites. Sam was very selfless in a part of that book. Yes, Eric was a jerk after the amnesia episode. It is very frustrating for Eric not being able to remember his time with Sookie. He is used to being in control of things. There might have been more to that witches spell than just amnesia.

            Even if Sookie left the state, I don’t think that would matter. Supes are everywhere. QSA already knew about Sookie so she would have tracked her down. Eventually, people would find out that there is something different about Sookie. Jaxx yuor right CH did say something about Sookie never having a fairy tale life with the white picket fence. That leads me to think that she might not end up with Sam. Honestly, I don’t think Sookie will have children. Even if Sookie isn’t with a vampire all of her problems won’t just vanish. She is apart of the supe world. Sookie feels more alive now that she is a part of the supe world. She does not want to go back to the way things used to be. Now she feels as though she is accepted and has a purpose whereas before Sookie was seen as a freak with a disability.

            Maybe if Sam would have asked Sookie out years ago, they would be married by now. However, that is not the case. Like I’ve said before I still think Sam deserves better than someone who treats him as not even second best. That’s just my opinion.

          • Antonio el lobo

            Hey Caitlin and Jaxx.. Hope that your holiday was good.
            The books and the show are different..thats for sure! It can be hard to separate them…I know. I think,That,For the Most part..The Show follows the “template” or model of the books.
            S1 will always be a favorite of mine! So Many good things..many warm memories! Sookie and Jason’s Gran gave the show a warm “family” type feel. She was So Nice and Kind. Escape From Dragon House is 1 of My Fave Episodes!! Sookie meets Eric for the first time and that part about Jason’s problem after OD-ing on V? Hilarious! I must have laughed myself silly!!
            1 thing though…At the end of S1,Everything seemed to come togteher and storylines were wrapped up and resolved~~~if Only partially. In S2 and Particularly S3 there was no such “closure” and no resolving of storylines or problems!
            Perhaps Thats AB Wanted it??

            Now, About the Books
            I’ve read through just about most of book 5. I’m on chapter 12..I think. So Much has gone on!! I Dont wish to spoil it for those who have not read the boos yet..But Wow! SO Much!!
            I Cant believe that some 1 has tried to kill Sookie ..Twice!!
            Its a shame that Charles doesnt take more of an interest in Sooks
            Since He and Claudine helped save her from the house fire.
            Hes courteous and well mannered and strong …its a shame that theres no spark there. Bill is acting like a real jerk! Like a jealous bf whod been 2 timed! Im glad though that he went to visit her in the hospital at Grainger.
            After the fire incident at Sookie’s gran’s house,Alcide was most kind and offered her his time and his….”affections”
            Caitlin,I didnt particularly care for Bill’s snide remarks ..When he told her he knew that she slept with Eric!
            He seemed kind of upset about That..But it was ok I suppose for Him to bring Selah into Sam’s bar ..where he knew that Sookie worked and would see him there with her!!
            At 1 part Sookie even says “I know that youd prefer if i didnt sleep with any1 else..Other than You.”
            Its None of Bill’s Buissness Anyway!!
            He Most Certainly dallied even Before He and Sookie broke up!!
            Even Eric seemed to have a twinge of jealousy when he thought she might be seeing Alcide!!
            Poor Sooks! She certainly has her hands full with these supe dudes!!
            Wouldnt it be easier if she just went voluntarily to QSA…Thereby eliminating the need to be “watched and spyed on”?
            But its Like You said,Caitlin … Whereever she would go Supes would always Know that she was “different” and would try to utilize her abilities for their Own gain! It wouldnt matter if she went to Nothern British Columbia! Some Supe community would find out about her!!
            Im Sure that QSA was Not the Only 1 to be curious about her!
            It seems they All Are..in 1 way or another!!
            In regards to Alcide..I felt bad when he said to Sookie “I Like You and I know that You Like Me..So Why cant we make This work?”
            From Book 5.
            Alcide seemed So impetuous! So smitten with Sooks! I did kind of feel bad for him! He needed her for a show of stability and strength at the Were Packmaster thing and at Colonel Flood’s funeral,No Less??
            I agree Caitlin,If Sookie or Alcide were to have found each other First..That Could have been a great love for them!
            But Sookums is fouled up from relationships with Bill and Eric!
            Alcide is fouled up from his love of Debbie Pelt..Even though he tried to make Sookie believe that he didnt care abbout her Anymore…She could still see that he “pined” for her deep inside of him!
            Her Love Life Now is 1 Big Mess!!
            It also seeems that Eric is now angry because he cannot recall what transpired when he had amnesia and stood with Sookie!
            These books Are Something!
            Caitlin, I hope that AB will also stick to the books,DTTW is 1 of My Faves! DAADN is Good Too!
            Will He combine elements of these 2 books in S4…Time will tell!

  • stephanie

    eric and sookie just need to get together already! ive noticed the books dont go exactly along with the show but the main parts sure do, and well its time for eric and sookie have their OMG moments!

  • courtney_098

    why is there only 12 eposide`s in every season
    my fav character is sookie

  • Elicia Wolsey

    Eric has to do something interesting in this season because that was the whole plot line for book 4… He doesn’t have to go completely mad just a little crazy. 🙂

  • lizzie1701

    Still think the amnesia plot line cheesey. Sam said in another interview that there will be more info into shapeshifters and taking them to another level – that should be interesting!

  • jaxx

    I so hope Kristin is on the money about Eric losing his memory. I also agree it would be hysterical to watch AS act other than the Eric we all love. Can’t wait. 🙂

    • ~ Caitlin

      You know I’m with you on that jaxx. Anna, Kristin, and Alex would be hilarious in that storyline. I can see Sookie saying Why are you runnig down the road without your clothes on?

      • Antonio el lobo

        In the Book, Eric is barefooted and shirtless with ripped jeans and tiny red bikini underwear. I Agree, It would be Hilarious to see Eric So disoriented!! Eric is All defensive…he hisses and bears his fangs and claws…he Doesnt recognize her and she then feels she must look after Him! This would be a Very Different Side to Our Viking Sheriff! I Hope that AB follows This Somewhat! As to S4,MORE Pam and MORE Alcide Please!! LOL