SPOILERS: Kristin Bauer and Sam Trammell Talk True Blood Season 4

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What Kristin Bauer Would Love to see in True Blood’s Fourth Season

Kristin Bauer van Straten loves True Blood, and is looking forward to Season 4 and how it progresses. Of course, the lovely lady we know as vampire Pam Ravenscroft hopes to see a few things happen throughout the season.

Like many other fans, Kristin would love to see the fourth season of True Blood include several scenes from Charlaine Harris‘ fourth book in the Southern Vampire Mystery series, Dead to the World. She speculates:

“The storyline with Eric losing his mind next year may happen, which I think would be very hysterical. [Alexander Skarsgård] is an extremely comedic actor. He is very funny. A lot of people didn’t see him in Zoolander and [don’t] know how funny he can be. I would love for him to do that in his vampire character.”

Sam Trammell’s True Blood Season 4 Hint

Sam Trammell also spoke up about True Blood’s fourth season. He didn’t say much, but he did proclaim that the new season of True Blood will be even more eventful that the third season was. And though he doesn’t know exactly what that will mean for Sam Merlotte, he’s sure that he’ll be taking his clothes off a lot.

SOURCE: DigitalSpy.com — Kristin Bauer Reveals ‘True Blood’ Hopes

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