SPOILERS: Season 4 Adds Former Beauty Queen to the Cast Line-Up

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Former Miss Columbia Paola Turbay Will Vamp it Up on True Blood

Paola Turbay will play Antonia on season 4 of True BloodThank Godric it’s 2011. We are that much closer to the premiere of season 4 of True Blood and you know what that means. The spoilers are really going to start biting now! Former Miss Columbia and Miss Universe runner-up Paola (Paula) Turbay has just been added to the season 4 cast and will be playing Antonia. Other than her name and the fact that she speaks fluent Spanish, no other details have been given about Turbay’s character, but for those of us who have read the Sookie Stackhouse book series, we can certainly speculate about who Antonia is going to be. Warning: if you haven’t read the books, then please don’t read any further!

In the fourth book, ‘Dead to the World‘, Eric and Sookie fans win big. This book is pivotal in the relationship between the viking and the waitress: Sookie finds Eric running down the road with no memory, so she takes him home and the two “play house” for the majority of the book. Meanwhile, Bill is off on a secret vampire mission in Peru trying to gain details for the social network he’s been working on. Granted, readers don’t really know what Bill is actually up to in South America since the books are written from Sookie’s perspective, but that’s where the TV series really kicks things up a notch. There’s no way creator and director Alan Ball will gloss over Bill’s southern rendezvous, which is surely where Antonia will bare her fangs. We can only speculate the stunner will play a vampire that Bill meets up with, but there will no doubt be other twists involved.

What we do know is that Antonia will appear in episodes two through six.  What do you think Truebies? Who is Antonia and what role will she play in season 4?

Source: Deadline – CASTING ROUNDUP: Two Board 2 HBO Series As Recurring, Two Join TBS Pilot

MTV Hollywood Crush– ‘True Blood’ Gains Former Miss Columbia Paola Turbay

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  • MaxxyB

    I thought I remember reading in another post that Tommy Merlotte meets a young tough spanish girl in episodes 2 thru 6.

  • Antonio

    This is Interesting! First of all,in the book,Anyway Eric was cursed by Hallow Stonebrook. This is something to think about!
    Will Eric become involved with a witch in S4 and then dump her as he did with Yvetta Last year? (as if Any 1 couldnt tell he was NOT serious with her!) Will she curse him to get even? I’ll admit I liked the “Eric with Amnesia” storyline in book 4. Question remains Now…How will the writers on TB develop This?
    By making Eric look “weak” will that make Bill look “strong” by contrast? If Eric loses his memory ..on the Show,Then How can He and Bill have a heated confrontation..over Sookie?
    Surely,in S3 AB dropped hints about the Sookie/Eric Connection
    Even Before she broke up with Bill,She was Still having vivid sex dreams of Eric! I wonder would she have sex dreams of Alcide? I guess Anything is possible on TB,huh?
    I feel sorry for Bill,What he did was horrible,Yes…no doubt But he Does seem to Love her. He screwed up ….Big Time,But he seems to Care for Her a Lot!

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Antonio,

      I think she Anontia might be related to Jesus somehow but she looks to young to be his mother. I think Eric will be the one to get amnesia. Like you said how will it happen? Episode 6 is titled “I Wish I was the Moon”. The lyrics to the song sound like it could relate to “Amnesia Eric”. Maybe he will stay with Laffy instead of Sookie. Sookie does not have a “hidy hole” so I do not know how that would work out (if Eric is even the one to get amnesia). Maybe Sookie will finally get her house fixed this season. I really enjoy Eric/Laffy scenes it would be nice to see more this season. Laffy and Amnesia Eric would be too funny. I really like the amnesia storyline in the book so you are not alone. Many of us have said before that Sookie could even have amnesia so we will have to wait and see.

      I still think that we have not scene the last of Yvetta.I think there was a spoiler where Bill tries to save a witch. There are still a lot of missing pieces to Bill’s story. Hopefully, some more stuff will be cleared up this season. Maybe AB will delve into Bill’s lineage this season. I liked that storyline in the book. We still don’t know how Eric even found out about the Rattray incident.

      Since Bill is older than Pam maybe he will be put in charge if Eric gets amnesia. Pam would not like that at all. Lousiana will be in a vulnerable position who knows what is going to happen to QSA. I do not think she will die just yet.

  • Casey

    book series and show*

  • Casey

    I love both the book and series. I have to admitt that I was disappointed that they left out the part where Eric and Sookie were in bed at Russell Edgington’s. They’re down-playing their connection and it’s driving me crazy! I hope they stick to the book a little this time. Some Eric-Sookie alone time would be amazing!

  • boo boo bear

    Who says Bill is going to Peru? there is nothing in True Blood to even hint that Bill is making a database and will go to Peru. For all we know she could be a relative of Jesus. this is not enough information to say that she is in Peru or that “There’s no way creator and director Alan Ball will gloss over Bill’s southern rendezvous, which is surely where Antonia will bare her fangs. We can only speculate the stunner will play a vampire that Bill meets up with, but there will no doubt be other twists involved.” because I do believe Alan Ball is going to completely ignore the Peru trip. He has given not one single hint or clue to it. Just because she speaks Spanish does not put her in the southern hemisphere. She could be a witch, that is a much more logical speculation. She could be a relative of Jesus also. Especially since the spoiler ONLY gives her name and the fact that she speaks Spanish.

  • Heather Day

    You’re right, Angela! Sorry for missing that detail. I think I had reworked the scene in my head so that he was naked, which is how I would have liked Sookie to have found him. And yes, we can only hope that maybe that’s how Alan Ball will play out the scene in season 4…

  • pam

    I think she’ll be a witch who may be the one who gives Eric amnesia ..?

  • Thanks for letting us know we will edit the article!

  • Angela

    Actually, Eric was not naked. He was wearing jeans.

    • TeamTrueBlood

      hopefully AB will have him running around naked!! 😀