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090717stephenmoyer2In a TV Guide interview, Adam Bryant talked with Stephen Moyer on his role as brooding Vampire Bill Compton on Alan Ball’s True Blood.  Adam ponders that being in the hit series is “not such a bad place to be?” but then mentions that Stephen’s character of Bill fades away in Charlaine Harris’s third installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels upon which the series is based.  Citing the survival of Lafayette, [Editor’s note: SPOILER for those of you who did not read the book Lafayette, played by Nelsan Ellis, dies at the end of the first book] Adam points out that Alan has already deviated from the book series.

Stephen rejects the posibility that Vampire Bill will disappear from the series next year, pointing out: 

That gives Alan the opportunity to invent something. Just like last season with the V trips — they had to invent that. And they’re very good at it. So I’m confident that however they keep him there, they’ll make Bill’s story interesting.”

Stephen also discussed with TV guide Eric Northman’s (played by Alexander Skarsgard) increasing interest in Sookie, Vampire Hierarchy, and some insight into Alex’s character of Eric Northman:

“Toward the end of the season, we’re going to see the hierarchy taken almost to its peak,” he says. “We’re going to meet the monarchy, if you will. Last year, we met the grand judge of Louisiana, and this year we’re going to meet the monarch of Texas. But he’s not the monarch of America. It’s kind of an almost feudal system. I love the idea of this incredibly detailed society in which manners are very important as to how you relate to people that are above you.”

Teasing the ‘shipper fans of Sookie and BillStephen says:

“You can’t watch two characters be happy in love for 12 episodes,” Moyer says. “That would be extremely dull. I do know that [a separation is] going to happen. The writers will do what’s best for the show. And who’s to say they won’t create a character for Bill to love? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the writers’ room.”

We would too!

To read more of Adam Bryant’s Article, here is the link:

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  • pbartteacher

    Season three,Season three, Season three!!!! We will be seeing plenty of drama before this season ends. Let’s see: Sookie and Bill taking a turn for the worst. Sookie and Eric the infamous bullet scene in August. Sorry, can’t wait for that one! Jessica and Hoyt, they are just too darn cute. Tara and Eggs: she is too good for him. Run Tara Run! Lafayette back to normal as soon as the vamp blood wears off. Queen Sophie and her true agenda in Bon Temps and Sookie. Hopefully a clue to next season’s plot lines!

    Obviously, “V”addicted and can’t wait for each Sunday. Definitely beats watching stupid “Reality” tv which has never been a favorite of mine. Yuck! Keep it coming HBO and Alan Ball. AB write more of the episodes. You are an awesome writer.

    • Oh that bullet scene is going to be FUN, Gotta love Eric’s arrogance.I am curious to see how Alan goes with Sookie and Eric,I get the feeling he will not put them together as the fans want, but make him the wedge in Sookie and Bill’s relationship. I am figuring since he ended them on an up note last season this season will end with them breaking up.All of us The TB fans will be freaked till season 3 (it is all just a guess of course)Also waiting for Lafayette to get the upper hand with Eric and Pam The dynamics between those three will be hysterical!

      • pbartteacher


        From watching the spoiler for episode 6, Eric definitely has plans to use Lorena as a wedge between Sookie and Bill. Lorena gets Bill at least for a little while and Eric gets Sookie, well at least in his mind.We know that Lorena will prevent Bill coming to Sookie’s rescue from FOTS. Perhaps Eric will do the rescuing.

        I agree with you, that AB is setting up Bill and Sookie’s relationship will end on a down turn at the end of the season. Perhaps Eric will be saving Jason’s life too at FOTS. That would definitely put him in Sookie’s good graces if he did.And don’t forget he helped Lafayette too. He will let Sookie know of this kindness. And of course, if they end with the “bombing” at the end of the season 2, we all know what Bill does and Sookie will definitely not stand for that. Proverbial nail in the coffin to their relationship at least momentarily.

        Also from the spoiler episode 6, we see Pam talking to Lafayette about restarting his “V” business again. You know they want him to contact pu**ylover9@shemail.com. Eric has his own plans to try to locate Godric. He was not having any of Isabella or Stan’s plans. Was he? “Idiots” I believe his was quote.

        I agree that AB will not entirely write Bill out ever but I do believe that Eric will continue to have a bigger and bigger presence in Season 3. I could see AB merging books 3 and 4 into Season three easily plus the additional plot lines of Jessica and Hoyt. Not that much goes on in book 3 (Club Dead) and book 4(Dead to the World), well we all know what happens there (pp122). My absolute favorite out of all of the books.

        Love trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Obviously, we are all guessing. But it is fun.

        • Helping Lafayette, at least in his mind he did,he put him there. That’s the equivalent of I’m sorry I ran over your cat let me buy you a new one. That’s not going to put him in good graces with her. I think with Lorena and him the idea was to tie(metaphorically and physically)Bill up so he can play the hero. Then of course at the appropriate time when she asks were Bill was he can say with Lorena..Sookie will pitch a fit not wait for an answer and there ya go. Note to Allen please give Sookie more of a brain! I mean if I had scene or experienced half of what this character has I would either be a hell of a lot more cautious toward any form of existence human or otherwise,Or hangin at Happy Acres juiced up on anti-psychotics

    • nia

      Hey pbartteacher, are you my long lost twin sister? We sure do think alike! You take the words out of my mouth.

      • pbartteacher

        No, not a twin sister, but all of the TB addicted are linked because of the”V”! You know blood ties like in the books. We all sense each others thoughts because of our common interest in all things, True Blood.

        • nia

          Then it is a good addiction. You can’t normally say that about most addictions. I am thankful for True Blood, it has been the most fun I have had in a long time.
          Stay “True”

  • nia

    I think Stephen is wonderful. Not only in his portrayal of Bill Compton but in all he has accomplished as an actor, a professional and a person. I would like to see his character continue in the series, after all it was his performance in the first season that made True Blood as popular as it is today. He is right though, if Bill and Sookie were happily in love all the time it would make for a boring story. As a professional he knows that it takes a good story line and plenty of drama to keep the show alive, his personal life aside. I trust Alan Ball will deliver, as he has been doing, a show worth watching. I know I’ll be watching. Thank you Stephen, and the rest of this amazing cast, for all the entertainment. My hats off to HBO for putting their faith in Alan Ball and this remarkable show. I am looking forward to season three and beyond