Spoilers! True Blood News on Episode 2 of Season 4 and more!

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true-blood-sam-trammell-shirtlessSeen on E!Online’s Watch with Kristin column:

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Episode two of season four (which premieres Sunday, June 12!), is set at Fangtasia and called “You Smell Like Dinner.” Fangbanger smorgasbord, anyone? A source on set also told me they are building some sort of bakery and/or pie shop for the upcoming season three. Oh God. Maybe Strawberry Shortcake’s nemesis is the new big bad?! They’re also building a “weird looking metal shack” and allowing Sam (Sam Trammell) to go more grey this season. You heard it here first, people! (Sorry if we just ruined the whole season for you.)

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  • Danielle

    Pie shop?! The first thing I thought was The Worst Pies in London from Sweeny Todd. PEOPLE! THEY’RE MADE OF PEOPLE!

    • I saw that movie for the first time in October. The singing wasn’t the best but still a gross yet good movie. Now that you mentioned it, there has to be somthing up with the pie shop in the show. This is True Blood after all. Danielle you might be on to something with that good observation.