Spoilers: True Blood Season 4 Update

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Fresh News About the Upcoming 4th Season of True Blood:

True Blood's Stephen Moyer & Alexander SkarsgårdSpoiler alert!  Alan Ball, creator of HBO‘s beloved mega-hit True Blood,  has confirmed to Michael Ausiello (The Ausiello Files on Entertainment Weekly and EW.com) that “The honeymoon’s over” for Hoyt and Jessica.  What exactly does that mean?  Are they over for good?  We’ll just have to wait and find out in June.

A big storyline this season: Secretly filmed vampire attacks will be going viral, by way of YouTube, effectively throwing yet another wrench into the already strained Vampire/Human relations.  Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Nan!  You know, Nan Flannigan (Jessica Tuck), the slicked-back hair, severe-looking (and acting) representative of the ever-mysterious “Authority”.  The one who leaves everyone shaking in their boots.  That one.

Regarding the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington (played by Denis O’Hare), he is expected back at some point, but whether it will be in Season 4 is uncertain.  He has no contract as of yet.

Our favorite kick-ass, no nonsense (yet very feminine and lady-like) vamp, Pam De Beaufort (Kristin Bauer van Straten) gets a new toy.  This one happens to like being bitten, is male, and “hot and stupid”.  Go Pam!

Sam Merlotte‘s little brother, Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) will be receiving “an intriguing offer from a prospector”, and we’ll be introduced to a new character: a Spanish-speaking tough girl, in episodes two through six.

It’s probably safe to say that Season 4 of True Blood is one of the most highly anticipated — Witches, Weres, Shifters, Vamps, Fae, a heated love triangle (possibly a quadrangle?!), and oodles & oodles more.  What are you looking forward to?

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  • I love True Blood and can hardly wait for season 4.. They have to have the Eric and Sookie storyline! That was my favorite book, but I love all the books!

  • Roberta

    This is my favorite show, hands down. I love the books, and I also am very happy with Alan Ball’s direction and enhancements! He is amazing at the major “tweaks” (hahahaha) he’s down with the books! The writing is always a joy but the ensemble that is in this show is AWESOME! Large or small parts all need to be there for the show to work and they are there in spades! With all the supernatural shows out in TV land, the tweens may have their Twilights and the Vampire Diaries, and True Blood is there for us adults. It’s an adventure and I hope it goes on for many years and is able to fulfill every one of the Books’ journey! And if you ask me…in the end I want to see Sookie with Sam. They both have the best adventures but they are the best of friends. Make it happen (someday) Alan Ball. My only complaint is that I wish True Blood appeared every 6 months and not once a year. Never-the-less, the wait is worth it and this is a fantasy that just keeps adding wonderful layers of everything….

  • jaxx

    I’m looking forward to it all. If S4 is as good as S3 was, I will be satisfied. We need to explore the Eric/Sookie storyline, even if AB doesn’t want them to work out in the end, their story needs to be explored and they need to be given their shot at romance. We also need to see the Alcide/Sookie storyline and the Quinn/Sookie storyline evolve as well. I agree concentrate more on the main characters and the less people in BT this year the better. We have enough to work with. Jess and Hoyt over??? That would be sad, I am rooting for those two. Sam’s storyline has to be better this year. Didn’t really care too much for his story last year, and I adore Sam’s character. Russell has to come back at the end of S4, he just has to. He was definitely a hightlight in S3 and I so loved his craziness. I would definitely be sad if he wasn’t included in S4.

    Witches galore. If AB follows the books with the amnesia plot and all, it should be a good season. Someone, either Sookie or Eric, has to get amnesia to make the storyline work. Sookie and Eric have to get together at some point. It will be interesting to see what they do with Bill since in the books he is in Peru on assignment. Bill will always be there to protect Sookie in some way, shape or form but they have to give him some sort of assignment to keep him in BT and S4. He does need to be part of S4.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am excited for this season. Witches and spells always make things more interesting.

    5 months and counting.

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Jaxx,

      It’s sad to hear about Jess/Hoyt. I love those two and they just got back together. It would be nice if they kept them together for a little while. Is i such a crime for some characters to be happy even if for a short time. I just hope Tara gets a break. I don;t think I could stand to watch her being victimized for yet another season. I’m not surprised about Jess/Hoyt because of the omens in the finale. I still think that Hoyt might get shot by his Mama. He might become a vamp gone wrong.

      I’m sure Bill will be involved in the witch war. Also, the issue of his lineage might be revealed. If things go wrong with Jess/Hoyt, Bill will need to comfort her and deal with vamp Hoyt.

      I still hope Eric is the one to get amnesia. It will be a little sad to see though because he won’t remember Pam or Godric. Pam would be hurt if Eric didn’t remember her. Lets cross our fingers for a Pam/Eric flashback. I thought they would show one last year but oh well. I want to know how Pam convinced Eric to turn her. Also, how did she know he was a vamp? Vamps were still in the closet.

      Eric/Bill knew that Russell would get out of the cement someday. They didn’t think it would be for 100 years but still. They shouldn’t even be surprised when he shows up. It will serve them right when they get Russells wrath. I get that Eric wanted him to suffer though.

      I didn’t like the Sam flashback storyline. Even Sam isn’t a safe pick for Sookie in the show. All the men have pros and cons.

      Wonder who Pam knew toy is? Jason/Pam would be an interesting dynamic. I doubt it will ever happen though. It would be funny.

      Is Jesus just playing Lala? It sounds like an exciting season. Book 4 was one of my favorites. I’m excited to see what is to come with Eric/Sookie. Technically, Sookie sought Eric out and asked him to tell her the truth about Bill. The “Don’t kill the messenger” scenerio came into play. I think Eric knew Sookie would be livid with him.

      I can’t wait for book 11!

      • jaxx

        Good theories Caitlin!! Hoyt a vamp, that would teach his Mama to mess with them. LOL.

        You are right Bill’s lineage was never discussed and it has to surface soon. You are right, he will be involved in the witch war. As Bill is a regular character, they will have to devise a plot for him this year. Taking care of Jess and fending off witches would be a good place to start and he would be close to Sookie to try to mend fences.

        I so hope Russell will be back. I so adored his character.

        Jason would be funny as Pam’s toy. I could so hear all the Jasonisms with that coupling. LOL.
        Yes, I agree I hope Eric has amnesia. I would also love to see Pam’s and Eric’s back history. I think we are all curious about that one. LOL.

        I so hope they uncover Jesus real motive for being in BT. Poor Laf, I think he’s going to be heartbroken.

        I am so looking forward to Dead Reckoning. May can’t get here soon enough.

    • Antonio

      Hi Jaxx I agree with most of what you said in your post here!
      I Agree! Sookie/Eric..Sookie/Alcide and Sookie/Quinn All of these Must be dealt with..if Not This year then S5! Hope that Eric is the 1 to get amnesia…even though making Sookie or Bill get it might be a novel approach,huh? Dead to the World was such a great book! I wonder if Bill’s relationship with QSA will be discussed further…and maybe some More Lorena flashbacks?
      This year I want to see SOOKIE + ERIC!! As well as a Growing attraction with Alcide! The Cast does Such a Fine job!!
      In S3 Alcide spoke of his “Pack” but we Only got to see Coot and the “bad” Weres. And of course there will be the big face-off between Sookie and Debbie Pelt!! Will AB write her family in too Her sister Sandra gave her a hard time in the books too!
      This Year Im All about seeing Eric and Sookie and maybe Alcide Too! I wonder what the writers will give Bill to do since he wasnt in most of book 4?

      • jaxx

        *Waving hello to Antonio*. Nice to hear from you.

        Yes I am also rooting for and Eric/Sookie hook up as well as an Alcide/Sookie hook up. We need to find out more about Alcide, his family and pack too. You are right.

        So much going on in DTTW, don’t know where they’re going to fit it all in 12 episodes.

        I heard Russell is in negotiations for 2 more seasons??? Is this true Isis??? I really hope so. I so love his character.

        Keep reading Antonio, you get a whole different dimension added from the books. The vampire summit is coming up, another one of my favorites.

        • Jaxx, I wish I knew, but I honestly have no idea thus far! I’d LOVE to see Denis in 2 more seasons of True Blood, though. He’s such a great bad guy as Russell! 😀

  • Antonio

    There is SO Much to look forward to! Many of the the things that were mentioned above! If the Eric storyline from book 4 is Not followed,It will be hard to imagine Sookie becoming involved with him…Especially since she told him off at the end of S3!
    On 1 Hand,It would be nice if the show followed the books a bit more. On The Other,Maybe AB knows what he’s doing by diverting attention and writing storylines for secondary characters.
    The show is good and captivating…the writing is crisp and visceral,I hope it doesnt become “soapy” after or during This year. Season 3 was good in My opinion,However, There were too many new characters,Too many subplots and Too much going on at 1 time! Some things,I have thought were thrown “into the mix” for shock value? It Is HBO after all! I realize,Now That the Show and the Books are Different.Even Though Bill had become estranged from Sookie,He still hung around and tried to help her when he could…there Was some jealousy..But i get the idea somehow that he Still cares for her,Even though He was deceptive.
    Sam,Eric,Alcide..Quinn Even? In the books,These Interests were not resolved But Who Knows? Maybe in subsequent episodes of TB they May Be?? It would be Nice if in S4 The writers worked on More With Sookie and Eric,Alcide and Perhaps Even Quinn?
    This is just MHO

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Antonio,

      How far are you into the Sookie books now? I agree when a lot of character are added onto the show, some of the main characters storylines suffer. I think Jess could have been used a little more last year and Pam could have been on more. I enjoyed the new characters though but I’d rather see some of my favorite characters.. However, there were a lot of characters in the book to.

      • Antonio

        Hi Cait
        Ive just finished reading book #6 definitely dead. Its interesting to see things from Sookie’s point of view.It adds a different dimension to the story..for me. I think the books are really good. I realize now that the books and the show are quite different.I Do like Both of them. So far ive read books 4-6. It looks like the gloves are off now The Bill and Eric conflict will be cool to see! It will be cool to see more backstory on Alcide and the Pack. I hope That Sam can find some peace this year! He and Tara went thru a LOT last Year!!
        The Whole Arlene-Terry-baby thing is getting annoying and tired for me…as well as the Jason-Crystal thing!
        Id like to see More of the Hoyt-Jessica Storyline…1 of My Favorites on the show!
        Both Eric And Bill as well as Pam will be involved in the witch war. Im hoping for Eric+Sookie this year… Will Bill Fight for her….would he be willing to fight Eric for her?? Even tho Eric is stronger! Near the end of book 6, Bill tells Sookie that he still loves her and it seems that he wants her back. I felt bad for Bill. The Thing with Quinn looks promising! Quinn is just SO Cool..I think! Looks like there will be yet another Love traingle this Year!
        First it was bill-sookie-sam
        then bill-sookie-eric
        last year bill-sookie-eric-alcide
        Now it looks like This year it may be eric-sookie-alcide
        i wonder if they will introduce Quinn this year?
        Perhaps we will learn more about Claudine and the Fae?
        I suppose that AB was right in placing the focus on the Bill/Sookie relationship. Even in the books,I get the feeling that Bill Still Loves her! I think it may come down to Bill or Sam…All the others seem to be busy with their own lives and issues! This is just MY opinion! Sookie and Eric are on-and-off in the books and somehow I did not get a feel for how he really feels about her..hes smug and cocky but he seems to like her. I like how Quinn calls her “Babe” in the books!
        Eric calls her “Lover” from time to time too.
        The books have helped me to appreciate the show as well.

  • michelle

    i’m looking forward to eric loosing his memory! mmsst-ahhhh

  • Tabby1249

    I love TB. However, I am hoping for a little more coherent plotting, fewer new characters and something that ties the story lines together. While there was real excellence in some of the plotting, casting and acting last season, there was some real dreck as well. Just sayin’…

  • Danielle

    So excited! It’s going to be a great season! I know it.